Our Family's Go-To Easter Menu

As Winter fades into Spring, we simply cannot wait for one of our family’s favorite holidays: Easter. Between gathering for Easter lunch and setting up the annual egg hunt for the famous Johnson Family Golden Egg, our favorite Easter tradition, we’re gearing up for the day by planning ahead.  

While we love designing a festive Easter tablescape – like the dreamy, floral-filled tablescape from our Easter in Bloom Curated Gathering or the serene Spring Awakening Curated Gathering – we know that the menu is the star of the show.

Similar to how we have our classic go-to Thanksgiving menu, each year, we have a go-to Easter menu full of non-negotiatable appetizers, mains, and sides. For this reason, we always have a potluck-style party, with each family member bringing a dish {or two} of their choice. 

We are oh-so-excited to share our go-to Easter lunch menu with you {and a few delectable options for you to add to your own}. Ready to get inspired? 

Why We Love Creating an Easter Menu 

Creating memorable gatherings for our loved ones is our utmost priority, and Easter is a pinnacle event of the spring season! Gathering our nearest and dearest into our home is a cherished blessing, inspiring us to curate every aspect of our Easter menu, from appetizers to desserts. Crafting an Easter menu filled with beloved family recipes and traditional dishes fills us with gratitude for the precious moments shared together. 

Choosing a Serving Style For Easter

When deciding on a serving style for Easter dinner, it's important to consider both the size of your gathering and the variety of dishes on the menu. For a smaller group, like a family of two to four, a family-style approach might work well.

However, if you have a larger spread of Easter dishes, serving buffet-style could be more practical than trying to serve everything family-style or in a sit-down setting. So, when planning our Easter menu, we keep in mind that buffet-style service works best for our large family {there’s usually more than 12 people at our Easter table!)  

Johnson Family Go-To Easter Menu  

As soon as Spring arrives, we begin to curate our Easter menu. We typically try blend traditional dishes, family favorites, and sometimes contemporary recipes to cater to all tastes, so our Easter menu boasts a roster of classic dishes like baked ham, potato salad, and all the trimmings. We incorporate beloved family recipes such as pineapple casserole and Dee's coleslaw, which are non-negotiable additions that stir up excitement. 





  • Coconut Cake  

Easter Menu Ideas 

While there are a few set traditional dishes on our annual Easter menu, we don’t mind changing it up from time to time and including a fun, new dish on our Easter table. Try these options if you’re looking for Easter menu ideas:  





Designing your Easter menu might feel overwhelming at first, but by organizing it into distinct courses, delegating recipes to your guests, allocating serving platters to dishes, and drawing inspiration from menus like ours, you'll discover that it's manageable for anyone! Prepare to host your Easter gatherings this year and consider incorporating some of our family favorites into your menu. Happy Easter! 

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