Sit for a Spell

Sit for a Spell at a fine dining experience on All Hallows Eve. The elegant hostess, Sara Kate, invites you personally and insists you join. She'll set the mood with cool earthy tones. Goosebumps will rise on your arms when you see she has dusted off her best dishes and pressed her linen napkins just for you. The food is so good you’ll wonder if she used a cookbook or a spellbook. You'll be impressed and maybe just a little creeped out, cause…

did that fake spider just move?

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Side View of Signature White Ruffle Bowl

Coton Colors by Laura Johnson

Signature White Ruffle Bowl


A Ghostly

White Setting

Style your Halloween table with the neutral hues of our Signature White Collection and layer with bolder tones for your next spooky setting.

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The Inspiration

"Halloween is the best holiday of them all. It's my favorite holiday. I love how you can make it anything you want it to be. No color schemes to stick to, no traditional food, you have an excuse to wear something funny, or pretty or silly, or spooky. Go ahead and put on some thick black eyeliner. Be campy. Be chic."

- Sara Kate Johnson

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