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Article: Halloween Gatherings to Host This October

Halloween Gatherings to Host This October

Halloween Gatherings to Host This October

As October comes to a close with the spookiest day of the year, it’s time to gather your closest ghosts and goblins for an inspired party. We have put together the best of the best to inspire your next Halloween gathering, whether you want to put together a casual but elevated evening, a not-so-scary night of laughs, or a fun but sophisticated sit-down meal. 

Sit for a Spell 

Sit for a Spell makes for a spooky, casual, and spirited mood with gauzy ghosts, black accents, fine dining recipes, the neutral hues of our Signature White Collection, and playful touches. - Laura's daughter, Sara Kate, shares elegant and aspirational advice, a delicious White Chicken Chili family recipe, and easy-to-shop pieces to pull it all together. 

Read more and get inspired for your Sit for a Spell evening on Toast, the Blog. 


Char-BOO-terie mixes tradition with new ways to celebrate the fun of this holiday. Laura herself shares delightful recipes, a playlist, shop-able ideas for decorating your home, family memories and even instructions for a Dark & Stormy signature cocktail that'll delight your grown-up guests. 

Read more and get inspired for your Char-BOO-terie party on Toast, the Blog.  

Monster Mash 

Monster Mash is the ideal gathering for a not-so-traditional spooky season soiree. Instead of celebrating All Hallows Eve with traditional fearful tropes, learn how to incorporate vibrant décor and neon skulls into the {not so} scariest night of the year. We share our cheerful and punchy color palette, traditional but elevated décor, and more – guaranteed to be a graveyard smash.  

Read more and get inspired for your Monster Mash gathering on Toast, the Blog.  

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