Journals & Gift Wrap

From gift-giving to memory books, there’s something for everyone at Coton Colors. Our collection of journals and gift wrap offers the final touches you need for every occasion. Whether you need wrapping supplies for birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas, our Celebrate style comes in three bag sizes and sheets of wrapping paper to help you make the best presentation.

Writing is a gift that should be celebrated! Celebrate everyday moments of reflection with beautiful paper that shows exactly how to gift wrap a book that you want to be treasured. Gift bags in small, medium, or large provide an effortless book wrap for these perfectly giftable products. Coton Colors has the essential gift-giving products that help you give delight on every occasion and create the celebratory life you love!

This collection also includes our favorite memory books designed to capture your treasured moments. Write down memorable moments one line at a time for years to come, or fill an entire page for 365 days. These books make a perfect gift for anyone starting a new job, leaving for college, or embarking on a new adventure. Coton Colors believes you live a life worth celebrating and designs the gifts that share your celebrations!

Celebrate every day with our collection of journals and gift wrap!

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