Set a table you’ll love on every occasion with one of our thoughtfully curated dish sets. Each dinnerware set makes a stunning addition to any home and is designed to be mixed and matched or carefully coordinated to create your best tablescape yet. Bring people together and celebrate all of life’s moments with dish sets that are comfortable enough for every day yet make everyday dining special.

Elevate any gathering with a perfectly coordinated table set exclusively in Signature White. Add pops of color with Deco Gold, Black Arabesque, or Buffalo Ruffle to create a bold tablescape, or layer with Fundamental Wood Ruffle dish sets to effortlessly blend texture into a tablescape that showcases your obsession. All our dish sets create a space that encourages people to gather.

Everyday Dish Sets

Our dish sets are designed to bring people together. Set a table you love every day with styles that elevate the look of your tablescape for everything from casual family meals to special occasions. Finding an everyday dish set you enjoy is effortless with the selection available from Coton Colors.

Iris Blue Dish Sets

Bring color to your kitchen with the elevated designs in our Iris Blue Collection. You will be inspired to create your best tablescape yet and celebrate the stylish look this dish set brings to the table. Savor time gathered around the table with a coordinated set of Iris Blue or mix and match with other Coton Colors designs to layer your table in timeless style.

Fundamental Wood Dish Sets

Gather your guests around a gorgeous tablescape perfectly presented with the warmth and texture of our Fundamental Wood dish sets. These gorgeous designs offer a unique detail that seamlessly blends with our Signature White and other collections. Build a tablescape to remember with handcrafted acacia wood dishes and our signature ruffle design.

The dinner table is the heart of the home. Let yours bring people together with comfortable styles and elevated designs that offer a warm welcome, making every meal a special moment and every gathering memorable. Each dish set design is effortlessly giftable, seamlessly blending with any décor and creating a new way to set an elevated table.

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