Signature White Dinnerware 12 Piece Set



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Add a timeless touch to any meal with our Signature White Dinnerware, 12 Piece Set.

This set includes Signature White Ruffle Dinner Plates, Signature White Ruffle Salad Plates, and Signature White Ruffle Small Bowls.

Providing service for 4, this set features a crisp white color palette with hand-painted brushstrokes, our classic ruffled edges, and Laura’s signature on the back of every piece.

From family meals to impromptu entertaining, finding a stylish dinner plate setting is easier than ever with our Signature White Dinnerware, 12 Piece Set.

Dimensions: Item: Plate - 11in Diameter x 1.25in H,Item: Plate - 8in Diameter,Item: Bowl - 7.5in Diameter x 2in H
Volume: Bowl: 8oz
Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe, microwave safe

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