How Does Your Garden Grow?

Join Marcie as she hosts a garden-inspired outdoor celebration in her very own orchid house. With a bright, airy setting and a delicious homegrown menu featuring her freshly grown lettuce, this outdoor celebration was the perfect way to welcome a new season.

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Iris Blue Burst Pip Mix Pasta Bowls, Set of 2


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Hands Dirty

Our linen-cotton blend hand towels make clean up a breeze and go from garden basket to kitchen drawer to bathroom rod.

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Nude Glassware

Each piece features an Ion Shielding Technology, the world’s toughest, yet finest, lead-free crystal glass. These glasses are tough and difficult to break, which makes for the perfect option for outdoor dining and robust toasting!  

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The Inspiration

"An abundance of homegrown lettuce inspired this gathering. I knew I wanted a table full of fresh, seasonal ingredients in a bright, airy space featuring greenery and Iris Blue place settings."

- Marcie

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