How To Host a Garden Party

After a Winter of indoor coziness and cold weather gatherings, the arrival of the first Spring blooms provides the perfect opportunity to host a little differently. With it, a renewed energy and excitement for hosting also arrives. Whether you're responsible for preparing a bridal brunch or organizing the first outdoor dinner party of the year, there are countless reasons to bring your loved ones together during for a garden party.

Spring introduces a fresh array of entertaining must-haves, from vibrant dinnerware to colorful serveware, to fresh floral centerpieces. It also lets you incorporate seasonal flavors into your menu and take advantage of what’s growing in your garden. As Winter thaws and Spring makes its comeback, embrace the essence of spring, revel in the warmer weather, and host your very own garden party like Marcie did a few years back. 

How To Host a Garden Party

Follow these steps to get started and begin planning your Spring garden party.  

1. Pick a theme – You already know you want to host a garden soirée, but determining if you want to add a theme to the gathering can help you plan a party you love. Picking a theme for your gathering can make it memorable for guests; learn how to do so here. 

2. Determine your timeline – Creating a timeline for planning your garden party can help you get ahead and ensure the gathering goes as smoothly as possible. View our party prep timeline here and start planning ahead.  

3. Send invites – You can’t have a garden party without guests, so it’s important to give notice to guests ahead of time. If you’re hosting a more formal party, try to give two weeks’ notice in a printed invitation. If you’re hosting a casual but elevated party, try to send a printed invitation or text message with two weeks’ notice. 

4. Create a menu – Having a top-notch menu can help make your garden party unforgettable. Use fresh and seasonal ingredients from your own garden as you can. After all, you are hosting a garden party!

Consider what seasonal items you can add to your menu, what you and your guests like, and any food allergies that may be present when you start planning your garden party menu. Discover how to make a memorable menu here, and check out these recipes as menu inspiration.

    Garden party menu:





    4. Choose a serving style – Next up, you’ll want to choose a serving style for your garden party. Buffet, family style, plated meals – the options are endless! While we love using a family style serving style for our garden parties, you can choose whichever fits your unique serving style. Learn about the various serving styles there are here. 

    5. Gather your table pieces - Prior to arranging your table, organize all the dishes and serveware that you plan to use. Consider the options such as salad plates, bowls, dinner plates, or serving dishes based on your menu. Ensure you have the accurate quantity for each individual place setting.  

    6. Set your table – Once the time has come to set your table, you can begin to set a garden party tablescape you love. Learn how to set a casual table here, how to set a formal table here, and how to set any table here. You’ll need to have these pieces on hand: 

      7. Create a centerpiece – What's a garden party without a delightful, nature-inspired centerpiece on the table? Ensure abundant fresh greenery takes center stage. Arrange your preferred ferns alongside your dinnerware to infuse a natural element into your tablescape design. 

      8. Savor time spent around the table – Now that your garden party is set up for success, savor time spent around your beautifully set table and enjoy your seasonal-inspired meal. Encourage guests to linger around the table over a cup of tea – and enjoy.  

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