How To Make a Kokedama

There's something about planting and gardening that is so comforting and relaxing, especially considering the fact that we have the opportunity to make something unique and beautiful in the process. We've always loved incorporating plants into our décor and tablescapes, which is why we adore kokedamas.  

Now – what exactly is a kokedama, you ask? Translated as "moss ball" from Japanese and made of fresh, live moss and tightly packed soil, kokedamas are a traditional Japanese art form that will bring an airy touch to any gathering. Making one presents a unique and elegant way to display your favorite plants, combining elements of bonsai and marimo moss balls into one delightful creation for your home. Plus, they're quite simple to make {which we love}. 

What Do You Need To Make a Kokedama?

To make a kokedama, you need a few materials that you can find at your local nursery or garden center and your favorite craft store.   

  • Plant of your choosing 
  • Bonsai mix 
  • Potting compost 
  • Carpet moss 
  • Fishing line 
  • Pins 
  • Scissors 
  • Twigs 
  • Twine 

How To Make a Kokedama  

Now, let's dive into the steps of creating these captivating botanical wonders! 

  1. Place carpet moss in bowl and dampen with water. 
  2. Put a mixture of potting compost and bonsai mix in a big bowl 
  3. Wet the mixture until it is sticky 
  4. Take your purchased plant out of its pot and remove the original compost 
  5. Optional: Choose multiple plants for your kokedama and nestle their root ball together before on to next step. 
  6. Take the mixure of compost and bonsai mix and form it around the existing compost on your plant to make a ball. 
  7. Once the shape is made, take a sheet of wet carpet moss and wrap it around it.  
  8. Fasten the shape with the fishing line. 
  9. Use pins to secure the fishing line if needed. 
  10. Voila! You have your very own kokedama! 

Watch a step-by-step guide created by yours truly by clicking here. 

How to Display Kokedamas 

Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to showcasing the natural elegance of a kokedama! Transforming your dining table into a verdant oasis is effortless by placing your kokedama in a small bowl or salad plate. We love displaying our kokedamas these ways throughout our homes:  

In small bowls Elevate your kokedama display by nestling it in one of our stylish small bowls, allowing its vibrant greenery to take center stage.  

  • To keep with the natural and organic nature of the piece, display your kokedama in a Fundamental Wood 9in Ruffle Bowl 
  • For a glamorous and elegant occasion, craft your kokedama in a Deco Gold Scallop Small Bowl 
  • For an effortlessly stylish and clean look, the Signature White Ruffle Bowl is the perfect vessel for a kokedama.  

Atop a salad plate - Adorn your table with a captivating arrangement of kokedama on a salad plate, creating a fusion of culinary artistry and botanical beauty.  

Where To Display Kokedamas 

We love displaying kokedamas in our homes because they add a fresh and natural touch to any living or dining space. Try adding yours to one of these spaces: 

  • Dining room table as a centerpiece {and conversation piece as they often encourage guests to linger around the table and learn about them!} 
  • Foyer as a welcoming detail to your home  
  • Coffee table as an organic decorative piece 
  • Kitchen counter as a pop of green décor  

Tips For Caring for Kokedamas 

Now that you’ve created your very own kokedama, ensure it thrives by following these tips: 

  • Watering: Submerge your kokedama in water for 5-10 minutes, allowing the moss and soil to absorb moisture thoroughly. Ensure it's not submerged for too long, as this can lead to overwatering! 
  • Light: Place your kokedama in a location with bright, indirect light, like on your dining room table or kitchen counter. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, as this can scorch the delicate moss.  
  • Maintenance: Monitor the moisture level of your kokedama regularly. Water when the moss feels dry to the touch, but avoid letting it become completely parched.  
  • Pruning: Trim any yellowing or dead foliage to promote the plant's health and maintain its aesthetic appeal.  

    Where to Find Kokedamas 

    If you’d prefer to pick up a ready-made kokedama instead of making one yourself, think local! It’s common for locally owned garden centers and nurseries to carry artsinal kokedamas. If you’re local to Tallahassee like we are, we love picking up beautiful and unique kokedamas from Brookwood Designs 

    Kokedamas instantly add a unique element to any space or table. If you're eager to add a touch of green artistry to your home, creating your own kokedama is the perfect opportunity to do so!  

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