Complete Your Kitchen Collection of Cookware and Bakeware

One of the ways to make entertaining a little easier is ensuring you're equipped with what you need so you aren't left scrambling and searching as your guests are arriving. When it comes to preparing the meal, that means owning a wide collection of versatile kitchen items. Whether you consider yourself a cookie-baking pro or are the family go-to for holiday pies, you can’t deny the importance of quality cookware and bakeware.

Why We Love Our Bakeware and Cookware

Our beautiful collection of cookware and bakeware is designed to not only enhance your cooking experience but also elevate your dining presentation. Our family swears by our beautiful collection of cookware because you can take your perfectly prepared creation straight from the oven to your delightfully dressed table. With our signature ruffle edges and mix-and-match designs, our selection will help you create the sophisticated kitchen you crave.

Bakeware is also incredibly giftable. Wrap up a beautiful pie dish for the baker in your family, or give a set of entertaining essentials to the new homeowners in your life. Everyone loves serving their favorite treats and family recipes in these collectable designs, so you might as well stock up on a few for easy grab-and-go gifts. 

We believe that every host should have a plethora of cookware styles on hand to feel prepared to make any recipe. Find your ideal pattern and collect casserole dishes, loaf pans, pie dishes, and more that can be used for any dish or gathering.

What's the Difference Between Cookware and Bakeware?

In our family, we understand the importance of versatility, style, and functionality in the kitchen, and that starts with what we use to cook and bake. Bakeware is mainly designed for oven use, providing the perfect vessels for baking delightful treats such as cakes, pies, cobblers, cookies, casseroles, and more. While the two traditionally serve specific purposes, our products blur the lines, offering a seamlessly stylish transition from stove to oven and beyond.

5 Important Elements of Our Cookware and Bakeware Designs

From sturdy casserole dishes to ruffled-edge pie dishes, we take pride in designing long-lasting and beautiful cookware. Our bakeware and cookware are created with these five benefits in mind:

1. Versatility

    From baking a breakfast egg casserole in our Signature White Ruffle Casserole Dish to decorating an apple pie and serving it right out of the pie dish, we can make every occasion effortless from start to finish with bakeware that is as functional as it is beautiful. To streamline the party prep process, we’ve made pans and dishes that work for many recipes, both sweet and savory. Feel inspired by the dishes you use and experiment with the versatile shapes of our cookware.

    2. Oven-to-Table Style

      While it may not be traditional, we design our cookware and bakeware for cooking and presentation. Achieve effortless style at any gathering with signature styles from our versatile and multifunctional collection. Each one is made to transfer from oven to table {and anywhere in between}. When the timer goes off, you can take your loaf pan off the rack and place it right onto your tablescape.

      3. Ruffled Edge 

        Our bakeware features the timeless and sophisticated ruffle edge Coton Colors is known for. Not only does this add a visual texture that's key to a unique table setting, but it can also affect the overall baked shape of your recipe. For instance, the ruffled edge of our pie dish designs gives your pie the perfect silhouette every time. 

        4. Long-Lasting Materials

          Save the cheap grocery store pans for rare necessary occasions where convenience and single-use is the priority, and invest in durable, stylish loaf pans and dishes that will last you a lifetime of hosting. Our pans and dishes are made with high-quality stoneware, so you never have to worry about burnt sides or easy damage. Our sturdy products are safe for the oven, dishwasher, freezer, and, of course, your table. Building your life-long collection of cookware is simple with our designs.

          5. Beautiful Designs

            Unlike other companies, these pie and casserole dishes are also created to be seen. We offer our bakeware in various colors, patterns, and designs to suit any table setting, whether you love the classic look of the Signature White Collection or the brand-new loaf pans and pie dishes from the serene and patterned Iris Blue Collection. No matter the occasion, our sophisticated bakeware makes it easy to celebrate every day.

            What's the Best Material for Bakeware?

            The best material for bakeware {in our humble opinion}, is stoneware — which is exactly what we use to craft our cookware and bakeware collection. Stoneware offers excellent heat retention properties, distributing heat evenly throughout the cooking and baking process to ensure consistent results every time. Whether you're roasting vegetables or baking bread, your recipe will cook to perfection in these built-for-heat dishes. 

            Stoneware is also known for being incredibly durable and resistant to thermal shock, meaning it can withstand fast temperature changes without cracking, making it safe for use in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher. 

            Our Coton Colors Cookware Is:

            • Oven safe
            • Durable
            • Freezer safe
            • Dishwasher safe
            • Easy to clean

            Our 3 Main Must-Have Cookware Styles

            When it comes to curating a cookware collection, it's important to have options in all shapes and sizes. We believe every home needs these three cookware essentials in their cabinets: 

            1. Ruffle Casserole Dish

              Whether you're serving a delicious roast chicken for Sunday dinner or plan to gift your favorite lasagna to a friend in need, our ruffle casserole dish will get the job done beautifully. With a wide rectangle shape and a sweeping ruffle edge, this silhouette is perfect for generous portions. 

              With our casserole dish, you eliminate the need to replate when your guests show up. Just take your favorite roasted or baked entrée out of the oven and place it on your dining table and enjoy it while it's hot. Pair our go-to Signature White Ruffle Casserole dish with any colorful dinnerware collections for a timeless table setting, or feature our new Iris Blue Drop 13 Casserole dish and watch the bold and beautiful drop pattern border appear with every helping. 

              What Makes a Good Recipe for a Casserole Dish?

              Contrary to the name, casserole dishes can be used for more than your favorite casserole recipe from your grandmother's recipe box {though they have their time and place}. Just about anything can be baked in a casserole dish, but the best recipes are something that is made in large portions, can be easily reheated, and can potentially be served buffet style, encouraging guests to help themselves to seconds — or even thirds. 

              Casserole Dish Recipe Inspo

              Our ruffle edge casserole dishes are some of the most used items in our kitchen cabinets. Whether we're hosting friends and family over for a holiday buffet or bringing a recipe to a potluck-style event, we love to make these recipes in a casserole dish whenever we can: 

              2. Ruffle Pie Dish

                Whether there's a cause to celebrate or you're just looking to satisfy a little sweet tooth craving, you can always pull out a pie dish to whip up a sweet treat. Pie dishes are round bakeware dishes typically used to bake pies and quiches. And, with our ruffled edge, your pie will turn out perfect every time—no need to stress about hand shaping the edges before popping it in the oven. 

                Our ruffle pie dishes come in multiple sizes. The 8-inch Ruffle Pie Dishes are guaranteed to make a statement on your table, scaled perfectly to fit the standard-size pie crust. Our 9-in Ruffle Pie Dish is just a tad bigger, featuring higher sides for deeper-dish serving, perfect for generously sized savory and sweet treats. We recommend nestling the 8-in inside of the 9-in for convenient and accessible storage. 

                Bring function and elevated style to your kitchen with our ruffle edge pie dishes, available in Signature White or bright Iris Blue. Featuring our beloved burst pattern, the Iris Blue 8 in Pie Dish reveals its nature-inspired design with every slice, easily doubling as bakeware and beautiful serveware at the table. The Iris Blue 9 In Pie Dish is slightly oversized, perfect for serving large portions to your hungry guests—and they can enjoy the blue petal-shaped pattern as they eat. 

                Pie Dish Recipe Inspo

                Whether we're preparing dessert for our annual Thanksgiving menu or baking on a spontaneous whim, we use our ruffle edge pie dishes for recipes such as: 

                3. Ruffle Loaf Pan

                  Make baking in style easy with our go-to ruffle loaf pans. Our ruffle loaf pans are standard size, perfectly portioned to fit a boxed mix or your favorite homemade recipe. But it wouldn't be one of our products without a little extra flair. The ruffle edge lends style to a dinner table while giving a subtle shape to your loaf pan recipe. 

                  With three styles to choose from, there's a loaf pan for every cookware collector. Whether you're baking your favorite banana bread in the Signature White Ruffle Loaf Pan for early morning breakfasts or bringing a historically classic fruitcake to a holiday gathering in the Red Stripe Ruffle Loaf Pan, this darling shape makes every recipe look delicious. Don't forget the new cheery Iris Blue Ruffle Loaf Pan, with a tone-on-tone design that shines through on any table setting. 

                  Loaf Pan Recipe Inspo

                  Perfect for hearty recipes and sweet treats alike, you can cook anything in a loaf pan, from brownies mixes to homemade sourdough and more: 

                  Other Helpful Cookware and Bakeware Designs

                  While we have three main designs for oven-to-table baking, there are a few other items we consider bakeware and cookware essentials. Have these on hand to help you serve your delicious dishes: 

                  • Spoon rests — if guests are serving themselves, remember to set a spoon rest next to each pie dish or loaf pan, so the serving utensil has somewhere to go when it's not in use.
                  • Trivets — trivets are essential for protecting your table linens and furniture from the potentially hot bottom of a fresh-from-the-oven casserole dish
                  • Canisters — from storing flour, sugar, and more, canisters are perfect for holding any kitchen counter essentials necessary for baking.

                  How to Properly Hand-Clean Bakeware

                  To avoid damaging your precious bakeware, allow it to cool down completely before cleaning. For any stubborn residue or baked-on food, soak in warm, soapy water for an extended period of time, using a non-abrasive sponge or soft brush to scrub the surface clean. Stay away from any harsh abrasives or metal utensils that could scratch or damage the stoneware coating.

                  After cleaning, make sure that the bakeware is completely dried to avoid any pesky water spots. Simply use a soft cloth or clean towel to dry the surface by hand, or let it air dry for a couple of hours before storing. 

                  Reminder: our bakeware is dishwasher safe, ensuring an easy cleanup that allows you to spend more time lingering around the table with your loved ones. 

                  How to Store Bakeware and Cookware

                  In terms of safety, there are a few tips for storing casserole dishes, loaf pans, and pie dishes. If you're stacking them all vertically or packing to move, you can layer a dish towel between each one to protect the surface from any wear and tear. Experiment with which ones can nestle together, such as the two pie dish sizes or casserole dishes and loaf pans, to save storage room.

                  We also recommend keeping your cookware in an accessible and safe spot, whether that be your kitchen cabinets or a separate China cabinet. That way, when you're feeling inspired to cook your favorite recipes, you can grab them and go.

                  With oven-to-table beauty and versatile shapes, these bakeware and cookware styles are must-haves in the homes of anyone who enjoys baking or cooking. Complete your curated collection with our beautiful designs and get to baking, or making, just about any recipe you’d like.

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