Light Up Your Life with Candle Holders

Picture this: your table is set with your favorite plates, flatware, and linens, the smell of a delightful dish wafts from the kitchen, and beautiful ruffled white and blue candle holders serve as the tablescape centerpiece as they light up the room. 

Each ruffled candlestick in our line of candle holders is a stunning piece made to elevate your home décor style and help you create your best tablescape yet. Combining both style and functionality, and perfect for elevating any dining or entertaining experience, let’s explore candle holders. 

Let Us Introduce You To...Our Candle Holders! 

Our new line of Candle Holders comes as an extension of our Signature White and Iris Blue Collections as part of our ever-evolving line of table décor. We haven’t created new candle holder designs in {quite} a while, and these new pieces are refreshed versions of some of our original beloved classics. A few features of our new candle holders: 

  • As part of the Iris Blue and Signature White Collections, these candle holders come in ivory/white and three hues of blue: Iris blue, French Blue, and Smoke.  
  • Our candle holders fit two different types of candles: pillars and taper candles. 
  • Each candle holder features our signature ruffle edge detailing. 
  • These candle holders are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Why We Love Candle Holders 

Our love for candle holders stems from their ability to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary places. In our experience, they have the power to add “a little something” to a space and make it special. It's not just about lighting up the area; it's about ambiance and setting the mood for intimate weeknight dinners, cozy gatherings, or even quiet moments of reflection while journaling in a Celebrate Book 

When To Use Candle Holders 

Candle holders are versatile additions to any home, perfect for a variety of occasions and settings. Use them to create a cozy atmosphere during intimate dinners as centerpieces, add a touch of elegance to formal gatherings, or illuminate outdoor table spaces for magical evenings under the stars.  

They also serve as tableside accents for everyday relaxation or to enhance special moments like bubble baths or quiet evenings spent reading on the couch. Some of our favorite occasions for using candle holders include: 

Where to Use Candle Holders 

Because our candle holders come in an assortment of sizes and colors, it’s easy to incorporate them throughout your home. We recommend using candle holders in these spaces around the house:  

  • Formal dining table 
  • Mantle 
  • Informal dining table 
  • Side tables 
  • Entryway/foyer furniture  

Candle Holders by Color 

Our Signature White Ruffled Candle Holders feature solid ivory and white brushstrokes, while our Iris Blue ruffled candle holders feature a two-tone French blue, Iris blue, or Smoke blue design. We offer these colors: 

Candle Holders By Size  

Because our candle holders fit two different types of candles, they’re extra versatile. Plus, since they’re available in a variety of sizes, you’re able to perfectly complement any table setting and ambiance. We offer candle holders in these sizes:  

  • Small These stand 4 inches in height and are great to create an upward glow.  
  • Medium – These stand 7.5 inches in height and create a lower glow to illuminate guests’ faces. 
  • Large – These stand 10.75 inches in height and create a higher glow that is closer to guests’ faces. 

Candle Holder Sets 

To make decorating and hosting as effortless as possible, we offer pre-bundled candle holder sets that quickly and easily allow you to create unique designs in your home. We encourage you to have a set {or two!} of each size and color of candle holders. We also recommend keeping a small stash on hand to gift a hostess, surprise a friend, or celebrate a birthday. We offer these sets: 

2 Piece Sets: 

These two piece sets transform small living places into extraordinary entertaining spaces! Set out the two matching candles on your informal dining table to add a touch of specialness to the everyday area, or light up an entryway table or coffee table with blue or white accents.  

3 Piece Sets: 

The 3 piece candle holder sets are perfect for creating visual interest on your dining table or in your living area. The 3 candle holders set can be used as an elevated centerpiece or help to add volume to a minimalistic mantle next to the TV.  

6 Piece Sets:  

Our 6 piece sets are ideal for creating a maximalist tablescape centerpiece, especially when you pair the Signature White 6 Piece Set and the Iris Blue 6 Piece Set together. Alternatively, these sets are perfect for ensuring you have at least two sets of matching candle holders to place throughout your home in different areas.  

Why We Love Candle Holder Sets  

Candle holder sets provide the versatility and convenience needed to elevate any memorable occasion. We specifically curated these bundles for your convenience to use as a statement centerpiece on your formal dining table, or as a little suite on a shelf, sideboard, or buffet throughout your home.  

We love candle holder sets because they allow us to effortlessly create maximalist table settings for formal dinner parties, bridal showers, and more. Plus, having sets of candle holders allows us to extend our design theme and color palette throughout our home and kitchen due to the quantity we have on hand.  

Brands We Love: Candles 

We love selecting beautiful candles to mix and match with our candle holders. When selecting candles for our candle holders, we love to switch out punchy patterned candles for clean and simplistic solid colors – the options are endless! A couple of brands we love:  

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