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Article: Christmas Eve by Candlelight Gathering

Christmas Eve by Candlelight Gathering

Christmas Eve by Candlelight Gathering

Join me as I plan to gather my family for the first time in my new home to commemorate new traditions and celebrate a peaceful evening of rejoicing on Christmas Eve. This time of year always brings joyous celebrations and I am excited to switch up the pace of “typical” festive gatherings and celebrate a more peaceful and tranquil setting to remember the true meaning of Christmas.  
Moving into a new home sparks new traditions to be made. My hope for this Christmas Eve by Candlelight gathering is that my family feels welcomed and excited to be joining over a shared meal in a warm and serene space.  


The Gathering  

I plan to send out the invite to the entire family a week before and begin planning the menu and selecting dinnerware. The evening will begin with a cozy cocktail to kick off the festivities, followed by a sit-down dinner served in the dining room.  

I’ll arrange each place setting with a few of my favorite O Holy Night dinnerware pieces along with an arrangement of candle votives to illuminate the peaceful setting. 


The Inspiration  

For my Christmas Eve gathering I plan to feature warm and neutral hues paired with gold accents to bring a peaceful ambiance to the setting. I was inspired by the designs in our O Holy Night Collection and love the storytelling of the Nativity scene found throughout the illustrations. These pieces will pair perfectly with a candlelit space to truly set a scene of peace.


The Table  

I’ll arrange our O Holy Night dinnerware pieces and coordinating linen napkins at each place setting along with a centerpiece of dozens of illuminating candles. My grandmother gifted me a stunning set of silverware that I am excited to use for the first celebration in my new home. 


The Décor  

The dining room will be filled with lit candles to create a cozy mood paired with a velvet tablecloth and sterling silver pieces to accent the more formal setting. I’ll stage my Christmas tree nearby to really add to the merry setting. Plus, this will provide more cozy lighting for the sit-down meal.


The Menu

Since it is a special occasion, I plan to feature a more traditional menu. I found a recipe for a Sage Crusted Standing Rib Roast with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce that looks like the perfect main dish for this special gathering. I’ll pair with Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Crispy Potato Stacks for a comforting and delicious dinner.  

A Vanilla Espresso Martini will be the signature drink of the evening because what’s a Christmas celebration without a festive cocktail thrown in? 
To end the night, I’ll serve a yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie fresh out of the oven so it’s still warm and just the right amount of gooey. 


I hope you feel inspired to gather and join in the excitement and peace that surrounds this joyous occasion. Find the time to create new traditions for your family. The memories made and time spent together are worth the preparation, trust me on this one!  




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