Selecting Your Ideal Christmas Tree Topper

Preparing for your annual tree-trimming tradition is a favorite of many families. It’s a time filled with loved ones, laughter, and fond memories. You’re likely getting ready for hot cocoa by the fire, freshly baked cookies on decorative holiday platters, and decorating the tree with personalized Christmas ornaments. Whether it’s your first time shopping for a tree topper, you’ve decided on a new Christmas tree topper this year, or you feel it’s time to retire yours, we’re here to help you select your ideal topper.  


What is a Christmas Tree Topper? 

A Christmas tree topper is the finishing touch on your lovingly decorated Christmas tree. In fact, many would say your tree is not complete until you have graced the top with this decorative piece that will bring the entire look together. 

Christmas tree toppers come in a variety of styles, while the most common include: 

  • Star tree topper 

  • Figurine tree topper 

  • Snowflake tree topper 

  • Bow or ribbon tree toppers 

Angel figurines and star tree toppers have traditionally been the most common choices. However, bows and ribbons adorning the tops of trees have made a huge comeback. A cascading gold tree topper ribbon is an elegant touch and quite easy to attach to your Christmas tree. 


How Did the Christmas Tree Topper Tradition Begin? 

While it’s not known exactly when Christmas tree toppers got their start, homemade ornaments and angel toppers can be dated as far back as several hundred years. The little angels were crafted from gathered natural materials, including twigs and straw. 

Around the 17th century, miniature glass angel ornaments began to pop up around Europe. As their popularity grew, so did the size of the angel figurines. The full-size angels were eventually carefully placed upon the treetops, just as we do today. 

Some say the first Christmas tree toppers began in the 18th century. In Germany, their tiny gold tree toppers were crafted in the form of an angel of shiny foil, known as Rauschgoldengel. Over time, the likeness of these beautiful gold tree toppers was decorating the tops of Christmas trees in many homes. And throughout Great Britain, the decorative accents became quite popular in the form of patriotic flags. 


How Do You Choose the Ideal Christmas Tree Topper? 

While preference will certainly weigh heavily in your ideal Christmas tree topper decision-making, there are a few considerations to keep in mind while shopping.   

Select your tree topper while considering: 

  • Height of your tree 

  • Weight of your Christmas tree topper 

  • Style of your tree 

  • Theme of your holiday décor 


The Height of Your Christmas Tree 

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by choosing a beautiful star tree topper that is too tall for your ceiling. First, measure the clearance between the ceiling and the top of your Christmas tree. 

Next, take into consideration the height of your tree stand. We recommend leaving yourself at least six additional inches of space to be safe. This will give you an idea of what size topper you can accommodate. 


The Weight of Your Christmas Tree Topper 

Christmas tree toppers are made from an array of beautiful materials, but they may not all be suitable for the tree you’ve chosen. Keep this in mind as you select your ideal topper. While many stunning star tree toppers and figurines may be made of lightweight materials, including plastic, paper, or fabric, some may be quite heavy and elaborate. 

You may have your heart set on a sparkling gold tree topper made from heavy metals, ceramic, or glass. If the size of your tree cannot support it, you could end up with a bowed treetop or, worse, a shattered mess. 

While there are tree topper securing kits available, it’s best to weigh your options and find a topper best suited for the tree you have. You’ll spend more time making new holiday memories and less time worried about the security of your lovely gold tree topper. 


The Style of Your Christmas Tree 

As you shop for your new Christmas tree topper, consider the style of your tree. Does the extravagant gold tree topper complement the style and symmetry of your Christmas tree? While a snowflake or star tree topper pairs well with a fully shaped tree, an elongated, sparse tree will pair better with a slender angel or another small figurine. 


Why Consider the Theme of Your Holiday Décor? 

Just as you want to consider the style of your tree, you should consider the overall style of your holiday décor, dinnerware, and serveware. This will help tie your entire tablescape and décor together into one cohesive holiday theme. 

Your Christmas tree topper should complement the stockings hanging from the mantel, the ornaments on your tree, and the beautiful Christmas tree skirt hugging the base of your tree. Before you select the traditional star tree topper or the first captivating gold tree topper that catches your eye, be sure it flows with the overall aesthetic you’ve carefully designed for your home. 



What Makes Our Christmas Tree Toppers Unique?   

Each of our tree toppers were designed to bring style to your holiday home. From our home décor collections to place settings for your tablescape, we’ve designed tree toppers that pair seamlessly with our seasonal designs. Whether you’re creating a festive, vintage aesthetic or filling your home with traditional holiday hues, we have a topper that will put the finishing touch on your entire holiday gathering. 

Our tree toppers also offer:   

  • Intricate, hand-beaded designs 

  • Three color options 

  • Small and new large sizes to accommodate different-sized Christmas trees 


Our Favorite Christmas Tree Toppers and Holiday Dinnerware Pairings 

Whether you already entertain with some of our dinnerware and serveware or are revamping your entire holiday theme this year, we have an assortment of stylish holiday collections ready for you to mix, match, layer, and swap. 


Our favorite holiday dinnerware collection pairings include: 

  • Multi Beaded Star Tree Toppers with the Christmas in the Village Collection 

  • Silver Beaded Star Tree Toppers with the Balsam and Berry Collection 

  • Gold Beaded Star Tree Toppers with the O Holy Night Collection 


Multi Beaded Star Tree Toppers & Christmas in the Village Collection 

Our Multi Beaded Large Star Tree Topper features colorful hues that complement the vintage-inspired Christmas in the Village Collection. Plus our Multi Beaded Small Star Tree Topper makes for the perfect addition to a smaller tree. 




Silver Beaded Star Tree Toppers & Balsam and Berry Collection 

Add holiday sparkle to your treetop while complementing the classic hues of Christmas with our Balsam and Berry Collection and Silver Beaded Large Star Tree Topper. 


Even your smaller trees are stunning with the Silver Beaded Small Star Tree Topper paired with vibrant green and red hues of our Balsam and Berry. 



Gold Beaded Star Tree Toppers & O Holy Night Collection 

Pair the Gold Beaded Large Star Tree Topper with our O Holy Night Collection to accentuate the gold accents and neutral hues throughout the set.     

O Holy Night is a neutral and serene collection that pairs perfectly with the intricate details of our gold tree topper. Our Gold Beaded Small Star Tree Topper creates a peaceful atmosphere with these lovely touches of gold. 



Get inspired and browse our Christmas tree toppers and holiday finds online or in a store near you. Our hand-crafted designs and festive collections will fill your home with holiday spirit and help your family create another year of wonderful Christmas memories. 


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