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Article: Coordinating your Dinnerware for Any Occasion

Coordinating your Dinnerware for Any Occasion

Coordinating your Dinnerware for Any Occasion

Hosting a gathering used to entail a grand tablescape lined with fine China in a dining room almost too perfect to enter. Today, an ideal tablescape is more about expressing your creativity by infusing your personality into the collection of dinnerware settings you present. By layering plates, mixing and matching patterns, and experimenting with color, you can create a unique dining experience for your guests on any occasion. 
Now, instead of ditching your entire “old” dinnerware sets for something new, you can simply refresh your essentials by adding to your collection with coordinating patterns and complementary hues. We encourage you to start with your foundational dinnerware pieces and build upon what you have. A few coordinating plate settings here, linens in various colors there, and you begin to slowly expand your collection with colorful dinnerware for any gathering you plan to host. 

No matter how you decide to mix and match your neutral or colorful dinnerware, just remember to enjoy the process! Have some fun experimenting and add your style and personality for all to enjoy. Besides, the very best part about a gathering is the chance to create lasting memories with your friends and loved ones in a welcoming atmosphere. We’d like to share a few tried and true dinnerware coordinating tips to help you create your collection.


Styling Your Dinnerware with Ease 

Styling your dinnerware setting doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Let your creativity guide you as you express your personality in the unique pairings you create. One of our favorite dinnerware styling tips for incorporating colors and patterns and infusing your personal style into your dinnerware is to add fresh pieces to your existing collection. By layering your neutral dinner plates with beautifully hand-painted salad plates, you can bring a brand new look to your tabletop. 

We encourage you to explore by layering pieces that catch your eye and alternating coordinating patterns. Pair your ruffled white set of plates and bowls with Iris Blue dinnerware for a sophisticated look while expanding your core dinnerware sets. Just remember, you can refresh any look by adding little additions to your collection. From seasonal hues to holiday illustrations, you can style your dinnerware with ease. 
The little details and additional touches you add will help create a new and memorable experience for your guests. As you begin to host more gatherings and easily coordinate, your friends and family will begin to anticipate each meal to get a glimpse of the inviting atmosphere you’ve created for them! 


Why Start with an Everyday Essential Dinnerware Setting? 

Building a solid foundation of dinnerware settings and serveware is essential, and a classic dinnerware setting is always ideal. Your foundational pieces set the tone for any tablescape and can transition your dinnerware from everyday family meals to hosting special events. The essential dinnerware setting pieces are the core items you will be able to build your dining collection around for years to come. 


Our Favorite Everyday Dinnerware Settings 

When it comes to everyday dinnerware essentials, neutrals are always our first choice. A classic white, for instance, will never go out of style. White dinnerware offers you unlimited pairing possibilities to build upon while maintaining your staple place settings.  

We took great care in designing our two essential everyday collections to allow you to mix and match as you expand your collection over the years. We chose neutral hues and a sophisticated design that will pair well with anything you envision. 

Our favorite everyday dinnerware settings include: 


Why Should You Choose Our Signature White Collection? 

Our Signature White Dinnerware settings are not your typical white set of plates and bowls. The modern collection features our distinct ruffle edge. The unique design feature brings depth and elegance to any tablescape. The recognizable ruffle that originally appeared in this staple collection was specifically designed to be a foundational dinnerware setting. Easily paired with any item throughout our serveware, dinnerware, and home décor lines, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with our Signature White Collection and the endless possibilities it will present for years to come. 

A timeless white plate setting is the perfect foundation to layer colors and patterns to create new tabletops for each event or holiday you host. The neutral shade can be effortlessly coordinated with any look or style you desire. From your everyday family meals to those celebratory occasions, our Signature White dinnerware sets will always be a staple in our homes, as we hope they are in yours. 


Why Choose Our Fundamentals Dinnerware Collection? 

Our vision with our Fundamentals Collection was to bring warmth and add texture to your tablescape for any event you may host. Featuring our signature ruffle edge, the entire Fundamentals Collection is designed to seamlessly coordinate with all of our dinnerware, serveware, and home décor collections. The rich Acacia Wood creates a stunning framework for endless coordinating possibilities. From everyday place settings to seasonal and celebratory gatherings, we hope to inspire you to mix and match to your heart’s desire. 


Creating Seasonal Tablescapes with Ease 

Add new colors and patterns to your essential dinnerware collection to celebrate each season. With an assortment of linens and utensils in various shades to accessorize, you can create a refreshing Citrus Ruffle tablescape to welcome summer, or our Speckled Rabbit Easter Dinnerware settings in the spring.   

We encourage you to mix and match your pieces while sprinkling in a few fresh shades to accent. Add little touches with your serveware or home décor to tie everything together with your thoughtfully planned dinner table. As your love for entertaining grows, you’ll begin to easily incorporate new items and appreciate just how versatile your staple pieces are. 


Create A Table Filled with Christmas Cheer and Our Signature White 

We incorporate our classic white dinnerware for all of our Christmas season gatherings. They pair perfectly with our Buffalo Ruffle Dinner Plate and layer effortlessly with the matching Buffalo Ruffle Salad PlateThe crisp, bright white is stunning when paired with the punchy red pattern, and the bold, vibrant tablescape always fills the room with Christmas cheer. 

As Christmas nears, we set out our favorite festive plates. Whether we dine with our Christmas in the Village dinnerware settings or gather around a table filled with Balsam and Berry Ruffles, or bright, shining stars, our Signature White is still the ideal pairing for a holiday tabletop. 

Our Christmas Dinnerware Settings include: 


Coordinating Thanksgiving Dinner with Our Fundamental Dinnerware Sets 

There’s nothing more inviting than a tabletop lined with rich fall hues and the gorgeous texture of our Fundamentals dinnerware settings. Elevate your Thanksgiving meal with dinnerware settings that fill the room with the spirit of the holiday. Our decorative Thanksgiving dinnerware patterns and designs are created with you in mind; to make entertaining and serving your meal effortless. 

Pair and layer our festive fall-toned stripes and gold-detailed Thanksgiving plates with a Fundamental Wood Ruffle dinnerware setting. As you blend your essentials and festive holiday patterns, you’ll create a welcoming atmosphere that your loved ones will all be thankful for.   


Coordinating Your Serveware for a Beautiful Tabletop 

No matter how intimate or large your gatherings may be, a wise host will prepare the table with plenty of food and the proper serveware to accommodate your guests. From holiday platters to multi-sized serving bowls, investing in a collection of serveware essentials will ensure your meals are presented in style, bringing a cohesive look and feel to your tablescape. 
We’ve intentionally designed our serveware pieces to mix and match with all our dinnerware settings. Add a bold statement to your classic white dinnerware with our coordinating red and white Buffalo Ruffle Oval Platter. A splash of red in a familiar pattern is perfect for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or an outdoor meal on a warm summer day. Add side dishes in matching serving bowls and pair them with serveware from our Signature White Collection for a bold, contrasted look. 


What are Everyday Swap Table Designs? 

At Coton Colors, we thoughtfully design all of our dinnerware sets and serveware pieces to be seamlessly swapped to suit any host’s needs. Our Swap Table Designs merge creative style and function as one.   

We encourage you to coordinate your pieces according to: 

  • Personal style 

  • Theme 

  • Holiday 

  • Celebratory event 

All of our collections are uniquely created to work together seamlessly to design a complete tablescape while complementing each other. You’ll learn to create fresh, new looks with a simple swap of a plate or bowl that was specifically designed to pair with anything from our brand. 

We love designing serveware and dinnerware settings that offer stylish yet practical uses. In fact, our designs are ideal for your tabletop as well as functional décor throughout your home. We come together to design each pattern and color palette so they can be layered, swapped, mixed, and matched to create a unique collection that represents you. 

When your coordinating serveware isn’t being utilized, you can arrange each design as home décor. From a platter on the coffee table to a beautiful serving bowl holding fruit in the kitchen, each piece can serve a purpose beyond serving your dinner guests.  
Even our holidays include setting a festive table with ease with Swap Tabletop pieces. You can transition from every day to holiday with both bright and neutral options to suit any style. Mix and match with everyday Swap Tabletop Designs to create new looks and delight your guests throughout the holiday season. 


What are the Benefits of Dinnerware Sets?  

Dinnerware sets make entertaining effortless. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner for two or a house full of 40, your dinnerware sets are already conveniently bundled together and ready for your gathering. Dinnerware settings help you create and set a table you love, grow your collection, and incorporate a variety of themes and styles. 

We like to think of our dinnerware settings in terms of place settings that offer two beneficial options. You can select your dinnerware setting in sets of 4 of the same style and color. This is an excellent route when building a foundation for everyday meals that can also be utilized for your hosted events. Or you may wish to purchase several 4-piece dinnerware sets in coordinating colors or patterns. 
Whether you purchase pre-bundled dinnerware sets or create your own with an individual set of plates, bowls, and salad plates, both offer an easy way to build a collection that will grow with your family and entertaining needs. 


Why Mix and Match Your Dinnerware Settings? 

Mixing and matching your dinnerware settings is the most cost-effective way to enhance your current dish collections. From our beautiful Iris Blue Dinnerware Collection to our Neutral Nouveau Cobble Woven pattern, you can change the theme or ambiance when you add new colors and patterns to your dinnerware collection. 
Adding coordinating dinnerware sets to your foundational pieces is also the easiest way to grow your collection. Whether you build gradually, by season or holiday, selecting coordinating dinnerware settings allows you to expand your collection, so you are always prepared to host large gatherings. Mixing, matching, and layering your sets brings endless possibilities to your tablescape. 

We encourage you to explore by infusing your creativity and personality into your tablescape. From the colors you choose to the patterns you select, each mix, match, and swap brings new life to your gatherings. Before long, your guests will be anticipating your next event as they try to envision what your tablescape design will be. 
From our Signature White Ruffle Bowl to our ruffle-edged white dinner plates, you can layer and pair dishes you already own while easily adding limitless options in the future. With our ruffle dinnerware set, white provides you with a classic framework for all your gathering needs.  


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