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Article: 4 Types of Tableware for Your Home

4 Types of Tableware for Your Home

4 Types of Tableware for Your Home

We love a family gathering or impromptu lunch with friends. Any occasion to gather around the table and make memories is a beautiful occasion. Having a stunning tablescape to gather around makes the good food, pleasant conversation, and wonderful company even more memorable. 
We have masterfully curated dinnerware and serveware from simple designs to stylish patterns that will add texture to your tablescape. All our designs bring out your creative style – mix and match to style your table according to a theme, event, or mood.  

Whether you are hosting a gathering for two or 22, our dinnerware sets are the ultimate inspiration for the occasion. Our collections are designed for creating extraordinary entertaining tableware for special celebrations and instantly elevating a table set for an everyday meal. Our stylish and functional designs inspire the designer in you to create the perfect place setting. 


What Is Tableware? 

Tableware is the selection of dishes we choose to present at our largest celebrations or most intimate family gatherings. Our tableware communicates our vision for the occasion and makes any event effortless and every moment memorable. Our tableware is designed to be as beautiful as it is functional, making your guests feel special and creating an extraordinary experience for everyone. 

4 Types of Tableware 

  • Serveware 

  • Dinnerware 

  • Flatware 

  • Drinkware


Everyday Tableware vs. Entertaining Tableware 

You can feel inspired to elevate everyday moments with our classic and functional designs. Our dishes are made to bring stylish patterns, colors, and shapes to everyday dining. Our love of entertaining guides us to design tableware that appeals to every hostess, adding unique touches to your table on any occasion, even a party of two. 



Serveware includes all your serving essentials, like serving trays, serving boards, and your larger serving bowls. Serveware can also include the multifunctional items you use to prepare and serve your dishes in, like your bakeware.   


Our thoughtfully curated serveware makes serving and entertaining easy with designs that are as beautiful as they are functional. From signature solids to stylish designs, our curated array of patterns, colors, and shapes makes any gathering a moment to cherish. 


Serveware Essentials for Every Day 

Elevate everyday dining with a selection of serveware essentials. You will love making everyday meals extraordinary with these stylish pieces that add unique touches to your table. From serving trays to our best bowl, you will want these serveware essentials on hand for any occasion. 
Serving Bowls in various depths and sizes are serveware essentials we can’t live without in our family. Small bowls are ideal for presenting sauces and dips. Stock up on medium bowls, which are a must for hearty sides and perfect for daily use. You can also add a themed bowl to the table for added beauty and function, especially around the holidays. 

Our practical and beautiful Bakeware is an absolute essential for any hostess. From the oven to the table, our Signature White Ruffle Casserole dish creates a beautiful presentation for any occasion. Our pie dish and loaf pan will delight dinner guests with their stunning simplicity and casual elegance. Use them once, and we know you will agree – serving is a breeze with these stylish and practical pieces. They are sure to quickly become everyday favorites. 

Serveware Essentials for Entertaining 

Our friends and family are the heart of every small gathering or intimate dinner we host in our home. That is why our favorite pieces are the serveware essentials that make presenting a delicious meal easy. 
When you love to entertain as we do, you’ll soon realize there are serveware essentials for entertaining that you cannot live without.  
Our designs are striking yet practical and function easily for a weeknight meal or as a statement piece for hosting larger gatherings. They pair easily with anything in your current serveware collection or additions you will add in the future. 


The Iris Blue Sprout Mango Wood Small Rectangle Board is the perfect serving tray for displaying appetizers at an impromptu happy hour with friends. Your occasion instantly transforms from ordinary to extraordinary when you carry in drinks on a mango wood tray. 



Multifunctional Serving Platters 

Our serving platters will quickly become some of your favorite home décor pieces. Multifunctional and stunning, our serving platters are perfect for celebrating all of life’s moments, whether you are using them to dish up the main course or display as home décor. Our handcrafted pieces are designed to suit any style and will inspire the designer in you to create the perfect tablescape for your next family gathering. 

Your next dinner party theme is a breeze with our Oyster or Speckled Rabbit platters. The unique shape and details on our serving platters add sophistication and depth to your serveware collection.


What is Dinnerware? 

Dinnerware is the coordinated settings of plates and bowls that creates a tablescape that is welcoming to guests. We love when dinnerware evokes fond memories of gatherings every time we gather around the table. This category of tableware includes dinnerware set items, including: 

  • Dinner plates 

  • Salad plates 

  • Small bowls 

Whether our dinnerware adds to the theme of the occasion or a Signature White Ruffle Dinner Plate mixes with pops of color in coordinating designs, our dinnerware makes the perfect presentation for any gathering. 


What to Look for When Choosing a Dinnerware Set 

When considering a dinnerware set, you’ll want to consider the material of the dinnerware for the texture it brings to your tablescape. While bone China is a more classic dinnerware set, modern materials often include stoneware and even wood. Earthenware dinner sets go from table to dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze and your guests the center of attention. Ceramic dinnerware sets offer easy care and an elevated everyday dining experience. 

No longer must you keep your favorite dinnerware sets tucked away for special occasions; our love of entertaining guided us to design truly functional dinnerware pieces for everyday meals and memorable celebrations. 

Our dinnerware sets offer options that appeal to traditional and modern hostesses alike. Our designs and materials are thoughtfully created to maximize your tablescape options. Our curated array of stylish patterns, colors, and shapes turns everyday dining into special moments. 


How many Dinnerware Sets Do I Need? 

When you begin to think about creating the dinner table of your dreams, there are infinite styling possibilities. The first question to ask is, “how many guests am I typically serving?” If you are just starting to plan family gatherings, you may be more comfortable keeping the guest list small. After a few successful celebrations, you will find joy in creating special moments, and soon that list will quickly grow.  

A good starting number in your dinnerware set collection is 12. If you prefer to start your collection with neutral tones, our Signature White Collection was designed with versatility in mind. You have the freedom to accessorize with color from other collections and with linens and placemats. Or you can split the 12 into two sets of 6 and mix and match your Signature White with Buffalo Collection or Iris Blue designs. 


Holiday Dinnerware 

Make your tablescape unique for the season with holiday dinnerware sets. Choose an entire Christmas dinnerware set or consider replacing only one part of the table setting to change up the theme. Enhance your family gatherings with festive tablescapes uniquely and perfectly designed by you. Our thoughtful holiday patterns and designs are created to make serving and entertaining through the holiday season effortless. 


Dinnerware for Every Day 

Each piece of carefully curated dinnerware collection is made to be seen and enjoyed. Every occasion is a special occasion, and each moment is worth celebrating with our most stylish and functional pieces at the center of your tablescape. 

We encourage you to make every day extraordinary. Our stylish and functional designs are sure to become your everyday favorites. If you enjoy matching sets, we have several options of dinnerware sets that are thoughtfully curated for your tablescape. Our Blush Collection has a subtle color palette with eye-catching design and detail that is easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion.  


Mix and Match Dinnerware Sets 



A cool combination of blues mixed with whites creates a calm, breezy feeling, while bright red checks elevate a backyard meal into an occasion to remember. 



We love to mix colors and textures to create a perfectly curated gathering. A favorite mix-and-match that leans into the unexpected is our Iris Blue Drop Ruffle Dinner Plate paired with a Citrus Ruffle Salad Plate for added color and dimension. The neutral white plate serves as a blank palette to highlight the more vibrant citrus design.



Mix and match softer designs to keep your tablescape light and airy. Using our Iris Blue Collection as a foundation, switch out every other plate with a Signature White Dinner Plate and layer coordinating Iris Blue Burst Ruffle Salad Plates. Finish your tabletop with light greenery, like small potted ferns, to keep the look airy and fresh. 


What is Flatware? 

Flatware is a functional accessory that pulls your whole tablescape theme together. Whether made of silver or natural wood, the flatware on your table serves to further communicate the mood of your gathering. Your choice of delicately scrolled handles or a simple, minimalist design complements your dinnerware and adds to your table design. 


Flatware Styles 

While flatware may be traditionally considered to be a stainless steel set, we encourage you to think outside of that. For a modern look, browse black serveware sets with a matte finish. For a more traditional look, beyond your typical silver, try adding gold flatware.  


Serving Flatware for Entertaining 

You can add more color and texture to your tablescape with your serving utensils. Appetizer forks, appetizer spoons, and spreaders are a must for your appetizer table. Choose a wood fork to add a new material, or use a polka dot appetizer spreader to bring in a unique pattern. You don’t have to feel confined to matching your serving utensils with your traditional flatware, either. 


Choose serving flatware that can mix and match well with your serveware. If you have a wood serving platter you use often, try pairing it with a White Knob Serving Fork. Feel inspired and add Mango Wood Salad Servers with a stainless steel bowl. 


Selecting Drinkware 

Drinkware is another opportunity for you to bring your tablescape to life. From mugs to glassware, you can mix and match drinkware to fit your style, creating a new look with every combination. Incorporate various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns of drinkware to add unique touches to your overall aesthetic.    



Our favorite mugs feature a comfortable handle for gripping and stylish designs to elevate morning coffee, afternoon tea, or hot cocoa by the fire. Mix it up during the holidays with a seasonal mug that will coordinate with your tableware when you offer coffee with dessert. Mugs are a subtle way to show others we care. Serve up morning coffee with a side of hugs and kisses, and start your day with a playful design that pairs perfectly with any tablescape. 


Glassware Brands We Love 

While we don’t currently offer our own selection of glassware, we do have an assortment from the brands we love located in our flagship stores. We also go into detail about our favorite glassware brands in Toast, The Blog 

Why We Love Estelle Colored Glass 

The founder of Estelle Colored Glass was inspired to design glassware that she was unable to find in the glass market and wanted to bring the joy of colors and beauty to her tablescape.  


Each design from Estelle Colored Glass is hand-blown for a vintage-inspired look and includes pastel colors and jewel tones that add charm to every table. We love that these designs coordinate with the collections offered by Coton Colors. Estelle Colored Glass instantly adds style to any gathering. We know that our favorite glassware will soon be yours. 


Why We Love NUDE Glass 

We love NUDE’s glass because the unique designs and quality craftsmanship go hand in hand with the designs and style of Coton Colors. Their simple yet refined glassware captures the sophistication you want on your tablescape without overwhelming your design. The lead-free crystal appears thin and delicate but has the strength to stand up to all the celebratory toasts your occasions inspire. 

From espresso glasses to a water carafe, NUDE has the glassware to elevate your occasion while respecting the casual setting of every gathering. NUDE shares several concepts that are foundational for Coton Colors as well – design is at the heart of every gathering, and if we can imagine it, we can create it. There is beauty in bringing people together, and NUDE glassware is an ideal complement to any occasion. 


Bringing It Full Circle 

When we gather around a table with family and friends, each place setting brings a bit of our own unique style to each gathering. From coordinated dinnerware to carefully selected glassware and a curated menu, we have prepared to set the mood for the celebration. We design each gathering to be an occasion everyone will remember. But the most important thing to bring to the table at any gathering is yourself – so equip yourself with all the essentials to make every occasion memorable! 


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