The Fundamentals of Dinnerware

From cozy family dinners to a house full of guests, we love to gather with our loved ones. While the mere thought of entertaining may seem daunting to some, we’re here to encourage and inspire you to find something to celebrate each day with those you love. Let’s take the excuses off the table and start hosting today.  

Entertaining doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be just as memorable at any effort level. It’s all about creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere and making memories together. 

We believe the little details help set the stage for your gatherings. From your dinner plates to table linens, the pieces you choose should reflect your style and personality while creating a meaningful experience each time your friends and family gather around the table. There's no better place to start than an exceptional foundation that allows you to build and grow as your family and entertaining needs expand. With our Fundamentals Collection, you’ll find the essential building blocks for all your entertaining and everyday dining needs, from dinnerware settings to unique wood platters. 

What Makes the Fundamentals Collection Essential? 

Our Fundamentals Collection features our signature ruffle edge design. A feature of our first design, the recognizable ruffle adds a unique touch to your dinner table, ideal for any occasion. The entire Fundamentals Collection is designed to be easily coordinated with anything in our dining and home lines. 
We invite you to mix, match, and layer to your heart’s content. Our vision was to design a collection that would offer everyone the core pieces of tabletop and entertaining essentials that would easily coordinate with what you already have and what you may add in the future. With the beautiful framework of the Fundamentals Collection in place, the options to create your unique style are limitless. 


As a staple in any home, Fundamentals can be used as a set or individually as your needs change. They are perfect for your everyday dinnerware setting, a girls’ night, or milestone celebrations like a game day. For example, pull out a small wood bowl for kids’ snacks or set out a salad plate or wood serving board of cheese and crackers. 
Our linen napkins, paired with durable and sustainable wood elements, make this collection perfect for poolside use or dining on the patio. Never worry about broken dishes or being wasteful with paper goods while entertaining outside.  

What Unique Features Does the Fundamentals Collection Offer? 

We want to inspire everyone to enjoy gathering and entertaining as much as we do. So whether it’s an intimate family gathering or a large group of friends, the visual setting you create with your dinnerware settings should always feel warm and inviting. We’re thrilled to present you with a collection that does just that! 
Our Fundamentals Collection brings the beauty and texture of acacia wood right to your dinner table. Paired with our signature ruffle shape, the unique hand-carved pieces are sure to be conversation starters. The wood’s rich tone and distinctive grain give it such charm, while its strength makes it ideal for all your serving platter and dinnerware collection needs. The natural variations of the wood will enhance your tablescape, no matter what your style, theme, or seasonal décor may be. 


We’ve also added an assortment of colors and textures to the line through our selection of linens and utensils. Mix and match to create a variety of looks as you see fit. We offer the colors you’ve come to know and love while providing a few fresh shades to add to your collection. As your entertaining needs change, you’ll love how versatile these staple designs will become as you layer and incorporate additional items from our various collections. 

Dinnerware Settings 

We recommend starting your collection with your dinnerware setting needs. We’ve kept it simple with our Fundamentals. 

Fundamental dinnerware settings include: 

  • Fundamental Wood Ruffle Dinner Plate 

  • Fundamental Wood Ruffle Salad Plate 

Fundamental Wood Ruffle Dinner Plate 

Start by making the dinner plate the focus of your table. The dinner plate helps set the tone for your gathering and will help you choose the pieces that best complement it. 

At 11 inches, our ruffle dinner plate can be beautifully layered with its matching salad plate or a variety of our salad plate designs to create your desired look.   

Fundamental Wood Ruffle Salad Plate 

Our Ruffle Salad Plate is as gorgeous as it is versatile. You’ll enjoy this 8-inch beauty for more than just your salad needs. 

We love placing a stack of our salad plates near the entryway with a delicious display of appetizers. Paired with our colorful matching appetizer utensils, they are just the right size and may just be the talk of the party. 

You’ll also find these lovely textured salad plates are ideal for serving your desserts. The unique shape adds to the presentation and is the perfect way to finish any gathering in style.  


When it comes to entertaining, they say presentation is everything. From your serving platter to your creatively garnished dishes, you want each element to be appealing to the eye. So, we’ve designed our core serveware pieces to meet your needs while seamlessly complementing the existing serveware in your collection and the items you have yet to add.  

Our Fundamental Wood Ruffle Serveware includes: 

  • Fundamental Wood Ruffle Serving Platter 

  • Fundamental Wood Ruffle Small Bowl 

  • Fundamental Wood Large Ruffle Bowl 

Fundamental Wood Ruffle Serving Platter 

Our 13-inch Fundamental Wood Ruffle Serving Platter will elevate your tablescape. Our signature ruffle adds just the right touch to your presentation, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or having a casual gathering. Pair your serving platter with our Small Ruffle Bowl to make it even more functional as a serving piece. 

And when your serving platter is not presenting your appetizers or main dish in style, it makes a stunning home décor piece. From coffee table centerpiece to bookshelf display, this unique element shouldn’t be hidden away with your dinnerware settings once the party’s over! 

Fundamental Wood Ruffle Small Bowl 

Our 13-inch Fundamental Wood Ruffle Serving Platter will elevate your tablescape. Our signature ruffle adds just the right touch to your presentation, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or having a casual gathering. Pair your wood platter with our Small Ruffle Bowl to make it even more functional as a serving piece. 

And when your serving platter is not presenting your appetizers or main dish in style, it makes a stunning home décor piece. From coffee table centerpiece to bookshelf display, this unique element shouldn’t be hidden away with your dinnerware settings once the party’s over! Displaying your dinnerware is a wonderful way to get more life out of your favorite pieces.

Fundamental Wood Large Ruffle Bowl 

Our 21-inch Ruffle Bowl is an absolute dream when it comes to larger serving bowls! Fill it with piping-hot dinner rolls to complement your meal. Or place it on the kitchen counter and keep it filled with your family’s favorite fresh fruits. 

When we plan to host 8-12 guests for a meal, this large wood bowl is just the right size to toss and serve our favorite salad without worrying about making a mess. Pair it with our Fundamental Wood Ruffle Salad Server Set and favorite salad plates from our dinnerware settings, and create a collection unique to your style, celebration, or holiday. 

It’s also another serveware favorite from our meticulously hand-carved collection that can add charm to your home décor. Add it to your dinette hutch or fill it with holiday décor as a table centerpiece. You can always find a reason to have your ruffle wood bowl on display. 

How Can I Add Visual Elements to My Fundamentals Collection?    

We put a lot of thought into the design of our Fundamentals Collection. We wanted to create staples for all your gathering needs, with limitless creative options to expand. So mix, match, layer, and swap any of our patterns and colors to add personal touches to your dinnerware settings and create an unforgettable experience for your guests. 


Add visual elements through some of our favorite items, including: 



Even the simplest touch, like the color of your table linens, can help you create your desired dining atmosphere. Part of our Fundamentals Collection, our Color Block Napkin Sets are made with you in mind. Use them for your daily family meals and set them out for special gatherings. They only get softer with each wash.

From our rich Color Block Navy Napkin to our elegant Ecru, each set of four signature linen napkins features a rolled hem and expertly handcrafted embroidery. 

We carefully selected colors that complement the rich, natural acacia wood so that your tablescape is always captivating. We like to recommend starting with five to six colors to keep your tablescape looking new and refreshed throughout the year. Collect all your favorite colors for each holiday, setting, or mood you anticipate. 


We invite you to be adventurous with your utensils and let them add a little pop of color to your dining table. Have you ever felt the struggle when you’re setting out your entire spread of appetizers, and your utensils are either too big, too boring, or simply not right? That minor detail can quickly feel like it will make or break your desired look.

Our Fundamentals Collection offers adorable wooden appetizer utensils you can’t entertain without. With an array of colors to choose from, you can mix and match your color schemes and create a setting completely unique to your style or occasion. We suggest starting with the color that best suits your everyday dinnerware setting, then slowly adding to your collection to match holiday and themed gatherings. 

Dinnerware Settings 

One of our favorite ways to incorporate color, patterns, style, and personality is by layering our favorite dinnerware settings with our Fundamentals line. It’s the perfect way to expand on your core pieces, refresh the look and feel of your table, or change with the seasons. 

By collecting dinner plates, salad plates, or entire settings in various designs, you create endless opportunities to make your gathering feel like a brand-new experience for your guests. They’ll never want to miss a dinner party and the chance to see how you’ve styled the latest event. 

Making a Dinnerware Set with Fundamentals 

Our vibrant Buffalo Ruffle Dinner Plate and matching Buffalo Ruffle Salad Plate are an ideal choice if you’re just beginning to add to your Fundamentals Collection. The festive pattern layered with our Acacia Wood Ruffle Salad Plates will make a bold splash across your dinner table. From spring décor to Christmas cheer, the red tone provides endless possibilities to coordinate your dinnerware for any occasion

If you prefer to start your expansion with neutral tones, we recommend adding our Signature White Ruffle Dinner Plates and matching Ruffle Salad Plates. You’ll enjoy family meals and your most extravagant events with this casual yet elegant line, designed with versatility in mind. The natural tones give you complete freedom to accessorize with color as you choose, from our linen napkins to placemat sets. 

Ready to Plan Your Buy?  

If you’re ready to start creating the dinner table of your dreams, the Fundamentals Collection was made for you. With each piece offering unique variation and limitless styling possibilities, the collection will grow with your family through years of celebrations to come! 

Now, the fun part begins. We’ve made it easy for you to plan your buy so you can start gathering your Fundamentals dinnerware and serveware essentials.   

We recommend first browsing the entire collection and taking note of the items you immediately love! Then, take a look at your current collection to see if there are any shapes or colors that are missing. Next, think through any upcoming gatherings or even holidays you are hosting. What would make the perfect addition to these events?  

After you’ve made your list of have-to-haves, it’s time to start building your dream collection of Fundamentals and let the celebrations begin.  

With endless opportunities to make your table or gathering feel new, investing in this collection is for you. Keep the same core pieces you have, and bring in different elements such as table linens, serving pieces, or dinnerware to layer into your personal assortment and have more opportunities for designing different looks. Create the tablescape of your dreams with our latest Fundamentals Collection.  

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