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Article: How to Curate Your Own Unique Dinnerware Collection

How to Curate Your Own Unique Dinnerware Collection
How-To Guide

How to Curate Your Own Unique Dinnerware Collection

If you’ve ever gone to someone’s home and seen a perfectly eclectic collection of dinnerware settings and dishes and wondered how they’ve collected such stunning pieces, you’re not alone. But did you know how easy it is to start your own curated dinnerware collection in your home? Our family has spent years finding just the right dishes to add to each of our collections, and we can assure you that it’s simpler than you’d think! 
From the everyday dinnerware settings in your kitchen cabinets to the carefully chosen Thanksgiving dinnerware you display every season, curating elevates every home. With tips on where to start your coveted collection and inspiration on why you should, we’re sharing all we can to inspire you to get into the world of curating a collection of dinnerware.  


What Does Curating Mean? 

Curating means selecting, organizing, and looking after the items in a collection. When you choose to curate something, whatever that may be, you dedicate time to organizing and presenting it. Curating something means that you are collecting different items together in a personal and beautiful way, whether that’s an art exhibition or the Christmas dinnerware in your China cabinets.  



What is a Curated Collection? 

A curated collection is made from an assortment of items that you choose to bring into your home and into your life. Every item is carefully chosen to reflect your personality, style, home décor, and interest in a way that can’t be replicated by anyone else! Only you can choose to put items together that make you smile, and that makes curating a collection a deeply personal endeavor. 
Of course, a curated collection can technically include any object you choose, like furniture, a capsule wardrobe, or art, but we’re here to share the importance of curating your entertaining and kitchen essentials. A person’s collection says a lot about them, whether that’s the item they’re collecting or the styles and designs. 


Can Anyone Curate a Collection? 

Anyone can curate a collection. Many of our family members have caught the curating bug and begun their own personalized collections of dinnerware settings, and you may, too. Start your own collection to relish in all of life’s little moments, from hunting down the perfect set of Christmas dishes to mindfully choosing the everyday wood dishes you’ll use for your breakfast. Soon, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous dinnerware settings in your home décor and kitchen that inspire you to bring your personality to the space. 


Why You Should Curate Your Own Dinnerware Collection 

Your curated collection will tell a story—the story of you. There’s no rush to find everything at once: the assortment will be found slowly, over time, and across seasons for years to come. We believe that your home should be full of meaningful moments, and each of your curated dishes will have a special meaning and fond memories attached. Mindfully choose each dish, and you’ll soon have curated dinnerware settings built just for you and your needs. 
Curating the perfect dinnerware setting allows you to ensure every single dish has a real purpose. Take the time to make sure you love every item you bring home and determine if they coordinate with your other dishes. This will leave you with a complete dinnerware setting that can be mixed and matched for life. You’ll be excited to use the dishes in your home every day, and as you build your collection, you can find the perfect dinnerware to host any gathering. 
Elevate every meal with items from your carefully curated collection, from a morning coffee to a weeknight dinner and everything in between. Live inspired every day using original designs and dinnerware settings you won’t see anywhere else.  


Why Curate Entertaining Essentials? 

Entertaining essentials are the go-to functional items around your home that are crucial when hosting both small and large events. In the world of hosting, there are a few necessary entertaining essentials for a successful gathering, so why not curate a collection that shows off you and your style? 
With a curated collection, there’s no more scrambling at the last minute to find dishes when you’re hosting because the dinnerware settings you own are designed for your needs and events. Remember that not all dinnerware settings have to match; in fact, we love when our dishes are a combination of mix-and-match colors, patterns, and styles, making them versatile for endless tablescape choices.  


Favorite Entertaining Essential Items to Curate:  

Take stock of what you already have and what you need to elevate your curated household collection.    

  • Dishes 

  • Glasses 

  • Flatware 

  • Serving platters 

  • Table linens 

  • Serving utensils 

  • Commemorative keepsakes


What to Look for When Curating a Dinnerware Collection 

Consider the types of events you host and your personal style when fleshing out your curated collection. Learn about dinnerware styles and uses, and make sure the dishes are all chosen with these in mind: 


Mix-and-match ability 

Colors and textures 

Types of dishes 

Amounts of dishes 

Seasonal options 


Curating Your Everyday Dinnerware Settings 

It’s important to choose the right serveware for your everyday collection. These designs make up your home and become a part of your daily life, so put thought into choosing each one, from dishes to dinnerware settings. Though your seasonal dishes can be interchangeable, you need a solid collection of everyday dinnerware items you adore.  
Choose dishes that you would love to see and use every day. These items could be a matching collection, like the creamy Signature White Collection, or colorful mix-and-match items that perfectly coordinate for added color, texture, and personality. Once you get passionate about curating dinnerware settings, you may choose to have a few different everyday collections to rotate for each season to refresh the look of your home. Spark joy in your home every day with dinnerware you just can’t get enough of.  


Curate Seasonal Dinnerware Settings in Your Collection 

To curate seasonal dinnerware settings, think about the gatherings you normally host and the feelings of each holiday within the season. Think of the colors and themes you love to decorate with time and time again, like turkeys on our Thanksgiving dinnerware or pastels and bunnies for spring, and focus on finding those styles. 

Are you the one who insists on hosting Christmas Eve dinner every year? Then you should focus on finding standout Christmas dinnerware the family will look forward to seeing each holiday season. Try the Balsam and Berry Round Platter for a showstopping Christmas dish that you’ll love to make memories around. Think about what neutral dishes could go with the event from your everyday collection, like wood dishes or white dishes, and create a curated tablescape of meaningful dinnerware settings for you and your loved ones.  


Where to Find Curated Items for Your Collection 

You’ve heard us rave about why you should start your curated dinnerware settings, but how do you start hunting down dishes for yourself? 

  1. Family 

  2. Favorite brands

  3. Vintage stores

  4. Registries

  5. Wish lists 


1. Shop Within the Family to Build a Dinnerware Collection 

Not all dinnerware settings have to be bought new, not when your family members have treasure troves in their storage boxes and cabinets. There’s no better feeling than picking up dishes you remember your grandmother using when you were a child or setting the table with Christmas dishes passed down from your mother. 
Find hand-me-down dishes that bring back those warm memories and continue the traditions your family members began. Owning that sliver of family history will bring a personal touch to your collection that you can’t find anywhere else. 


2. Find New Dinnerware for Your Collection from Your Favorite Brands 

If you’ve had your eye on a dinnerware brand for a while and need basics, go with your designer instinct and fill in the holes in your curated collection. Shop different basics, like the Fundamental Wood Ruffle Platter or the Iris Blue Drop Small Bowls, to make the unique dishes in your collection pop. Try joining the tradition of buying Commemorative Ornaments to honor important moments in your life and build a home décor collection your family will enjoy for years to come.  


3. Discover Vintage Dinnerware for a Unique Collection 

To find unique, one-of-a-kind, vintage dinnerware, we love rummaging through consignment and antique stores or hitting up the weekend estate sales in our towns. Durable materials are not easy to find these days, but vintage dishes that are built well are designed to stand the test of time: why not give them a new life in your curated dinnerware settings? 
There will always be new and exciting trends, but finding rare dishes will make your collection completely unique. Give these pre-loved dishes a new home and add your own memories to each one.  


4. Put Your Dream Dinnerware Settings on a Registry 

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are getting hitched, a registry is a great time to think about the dinnerware settings you know you’d love. Maybe that’s the Thanksgiving dinnerware sets you haven’t saved up for yet or wood dishes to go along with your kitchen theme. Maybe you need to find an engagement gift for a friend! Registries like ours are the perfect way to let your loved ones know exactly what styles and dinnerware settings you love. 


5. Keep a Dinnerware Wish List for Your Curated Collection 

One way to keep track of what dinnerware settings you still need is with a wish list. Every time you think of an essential you need in your collection, you can add it to your wish list. The next time a special occasion comes up, finding a curated gift will be easy! 
Maybe your spouse can grab you that gorgeous Christmas dinnerware tray for your birthday, or you can treat yourself to those rare, vintage wood dishes. Keeping a list of your wants and dreams is an easy way to build your curated collection over time.  


Using the Dishes in Your Curated Collection 

After all that hard work, you deserve to enjoy your dishes as you and your loved ones make your best memories around the table. We firmly believe that all your dishes should be used as much as possible, so no more “saving” the items in your collection for another time or a more formal occasion. Dinnerware settings are meant to be used and loved every single day. 
Elevate your every day by bringing out what others would call the “good” dishes for weeknight dinners with the family. Enjoy your curated coffee mugs every morning. Celebrate the holidays with your Christmas dinnerware every year. You and your loved ones deserve to reap the benefits of your gorgeous collection. Don’t be afraid to make memories over your dinnerware settings—just think of the stories they will tell.  


The Best Way to Store Your Curated Collection 

Storing your dinnerware settings is one of our favorite parts of the whole ordeal. After choosing each dish in your kitchen and dining room with care, they should be displayed with pride. Store your everyday dinnerware in your cabinets for convenience and daily use. There will always be those dishes you, your family, and your guests will reach for first, so make sure to switch them up periodically to refresh your space.  
We love to double our dinnerware as décor around the house, whether that’s our favorite everyday dishes or Christmas dinnerware. Your curated collection doesn’t have to be confined to the kitchen: why not enjoy the sight of them 24/7? Displaying decorative plates is a simple way to elevate any space in the home, whether that’s statement platters and dishes on the coffee table, stacking plates on shelves, or using trays as trinket dishes around the home.  
Your curated collection reflects you, your style, and your personality. You’ll love making memories over dinnerware settings that mean the world to you, and whether they’re passed down from beloved family members or purchased from your favorite brands, your dishes make all the difference in your home. Begin your unique curated collection now and find the best dishes for you and your home. 

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