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Article: Mood Board: Tapas and a Toast

Mood Board: Tapas and a Toast

Mood Board: Tapas and a Toast

Let's plan a gathering! 

There is nothing better than gathering with close friends and family and enjoying each other’s company over delicious appetizers and cocktails.   

Join me as I host my Tapas and a Toast gathering with my family to celebrate a summer Friday night and savor small bites, a light charcuterie spread, and a refreshing seasonal cocktail.    

The Inspiration  

I wanted the gathering to feel like a relaxing evening for my guests. I chose to feature a selection of seasonal small bites and charcuterie to serve as a casual meal to share with family that just arrived in town. It was simple to prep but still full of hearty ingredients that everyone enjoyed.  

The Mood  

One of my favorite gatherings to host is a tapas-inspired happy hour. Although I may venture off from the traditional style of tapas cuisine, I find that serving an array of small bites is a great way to include a variety of dishes that everyone is sure to enjoy.   

For this gathering, I wanted to create a casual setting where the family could congregate around the kitchen island over shared bites and relax as we celebrate the end of the week.  

A few descriptors that came to mind: 

  • Casual 

  • Intimate 

  • Festive 

The Colors  

When creating the overall theme for the gathering, I wanted to feature a color palette that would be cohesive with the spread and complement the accompanying dishes.   

My eye gravitated towards neutrals and subtle blue tones. This allowed me to layer in our Signature White designs alongside a few Iris Blue Serving Boards to create a complementary look for the spread.   


Featured Hues:  

  • Basil Green  

  • Wood  

  • Blue  

  • Deep Red 


The Textures  

For our gathering, the white marble kitchen island created the ultimate place setting to complement the natural wood textures and neutral white serveware.   

So what's left to plan this gathering? 

Now that the overall mood and setting for my Tapas and a Toast gathering is set, it’s time to start prepping a menu and inviting guests.  

I’m thinking a variety of Italian-themed small bites with a curated charcuterie spread alongside a vibrant and refreshing gin and tonic should do the trick! Who’s with me?  


Mary Parker 


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