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Article: Grilled Seasoned Artichokes with Lemon Sauce Recipe

Grilled Seasoned Artichokes with Lemon Sauce Recipe

Grilled Seasoned Artichokes with Lemon Sauce Recipe

With a smoky flavor combined with a citrus-infused dipping sauce, this Grilled Seasoned Artichokes with Lemon Sauce recipe is a quick and delicious appetizer that will leave you craving more. Whether you are serving at your next cocktail hour or family dinner, this recipe makes for a perfect appetizer that everyone is sure to enjoy.  

The tender artichokes pair well with the delicious lemon sauce and only takes a few minutes on the grill so guests can enjoy this flavorful appetizer while sipping on their favorite cocktails.  


The best part (in our opinion) about this delicious recipe is that it can be prepped, cooked, and served in under an hour. There is nothing better than having a quick recipe on hand for when hosting guests.  

A Few Key Ingredients:  

  • Artichokes: Look for artichokes that are heavy and feel firm. This ensures they are packed with flavor!  

  • Fresh Lemons 

  • Italian Dressing: Feel free to select your favorite here – we love Good Seasons.  


When preparing to serve this flavorful recipe, we recommend boiling your artichokes well before guests arrive so that way all you have to worry about is throwing them on the grill right before serving. This ensures your appetizer is served warm and full of the perfect amount of smoky flavor.   

Immediately after grilling, present your artichokes on a serving platter so guests can easily help themselves during the gathering. Try placing the artichoke hearts on an Ecru Quatrefoil Handled Tray for a complementary color palette. Along with a Blush Arabesque Trim Small Bowl for serving the lemon dipping sauce.  


With a balance of smoky, savory, and zesty citrus, this recipe is perfect for serving as an appetizer or served alongside one of our other grill-inspired recipes featured in our recent All-Grill Menu blog post.  

Host your own happy hour or spice up your weeknight dinner with our hearty and flavorful Grilled Seasoned Artichokes recipe. 


Grilled Seasoned Artichokes with Lemon Sauce  


4 medium-sized artichokes, stems trimmed and hard outer leaves removed  

Italian dressing {our favorite is Good Seasons}  

salt and pepper to taste  



¾ cup mayonnaise  

Juice of 2 lemons  

Freshly ground pepper  

Kosher salt  


In a large pot, heat three quarts of water on the stove. Add artichokes and bring to a boil, then cook for 20 - 40 minutes until just tender. Remove artichokes from water and, once cool, cut in half lengthwise, scooping out the center (the fuzzy part) with a spoon. Heat grill and evenly coat artichoke halves in Italian dressing, adding salt and pepper to taste. Place artichokes face down on grill, turn to medium and cover, cooking for 5-6 minutes - just enough to char them.

For sauce, combine mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt, and pepper in a small bowl. Remove artichokes from grill and serve warm with lemon sauce for dipping.   


Serve It Up


Serve up the grilled artichokes on a stylish Ecru Quatrefoil Handled Tray for the perfect passing dish at any gathering.


Don't forget the dipping sauce! Use this stylish small bowl for serving the delicious lemon sauce.

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