All-Grill Menu

Gather around the grill and celebrate the warm summer season with a feast fit for your family! Whether you are giving Dad a break from the grill this Father’s Day or preparing a weekend cookout with your neighbors, this delicious menu is just the trick for a hearty summertime meal.  



  • Grilled Flank Steak, Charred Corn, and Avocado with Simple Herb Sauce 
  • Grilled Seasoned Artichokes with Lemon Sauce 
  • Caesar Salad (hint it’s grilled) 
  • Grilled Lemonade 
  • Grilled Pound Cake 

Phew! Who’s ready to eat? 

Not only is this delicious menu full of hearty seasonal ingredients, but you can easily prep all the ingredients ahead of time and simply fire up the grill when ready to cook. Savor the time outside with guests and enjoy the summer setting with a shared meal that everyone is sure to remember. 


Some ideas on how to best celebrate this delicious feast

  • Father’s Day: Take over grill duty and allow Dad to sit back and relax on his special day.  
  • Waterside on the weekend  
  • Block Party: Whether it's your cul-de-sac or entire street, host a festive summer party with this hearty meal.   
  • Sunday Dinner: Gather the whole family! 


We all love a meal that can be prepped ahead of time – and this one is it! 

Whether you want to serve the entire meal together or present each dish as its own course, the beauty of this All-Grill Menu is that it is completely up to you. 


Each recipe is available on our 2019 Spring/Summer edition of our magazine, Toast. You can browse every edition here and get inspired to celebrate the seasons.  


For Cocktail Hour: Grilled Lemonade 

Kick off the celebrations with a smoky-citrusy beverage that can also be topped with bourbon for a special twist.  


For Appetizers: Grilled Seasoned Artichokes with Lemon Sauce

The tender artichokes pair well with the delicious lemon sauce and only take a few minutes on the grill so guests can enjoy this flavorful appetizer while sipping on their refreshing lemonade.  


For the Main Course: Grilled Flank Steak, Charred Corn and Avocado with Simple Herb Sauce

This main course dish is filling, hearty, yet full of fresh flavors. Take a look at our most recent Toast, the Blog post with the full recipe and notes on how to prepare this yummy dish.  


For the Side: Grilled Caesar Salad

Who knew grilled lettuce could be so good? Trust us when we say this a recipe you do not want to skip. The secret to this flavorful salad is the diced pancetta and over-easy egg to top it all off. 


For Dessert: Grilled Pound Cake 

Although this cake isn’t technically prepared entirely on the grill, the finishing touch is the key to its delicious flavors. The heat of the grill caramelizes the sweet flavors of this crowd-pleasing dessert. Topped with cream and fresh berries for the perfect finale.  


When preparing to serve your summertime feast, we recommend serving family-style so that your guests can enjoy the outdoor gathering and spend more time around the table.  


Prepare your Grilled Lemonade in a Signature White Ruffle Pitcher so guests can serve themselves at the bar cart. After drinks are served, add your Artichoke ingredients to the grill to really get the party started. Combine your prepared dish on an Iris Blue Sprout Square Platter for simple serving and let the feast begin! 


Gather with those you love for an outdoor feast that celebrates the fresh flavors of summer. There is nothing like a meal that can be entirely prepared on the grill. Enjoy the time outdoors and celebrate summer with this All-Grill Menu that will leave you craving more!  


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