Grilled Lemonade Recipe

Ahhhh... lemonade! A simple lemon, sugar, and water beverage that has stood the test of time since it made its original appearance over 1,000 years ago in Egypt. A classic that has gone through many iterations whether it be made pink in color, garnished with herbs like basil or rosemary, or spiked with vodka or bourbon. 

We’re excited to share a next-level take on this classic drink just in time for the warmer months to arrive: Grilled Lemonade. 

This surprising spin is a creative idea for upcoming summer gatherings {think Father’s Day!} and can be served both with and without an alcoholic addition. 

A Few Key Ingredients:  

  • Fresh Lemons – The key ingredient, of course! 
  • Rosemary – An herby hint that kicks each sip up a notch. 
  • Bourbon – Optional, but highly recommended if that’s your thing! 

This recipe also pairs well with our other grilled favorites and is the perfect way to complete an outdoor gathering or family dinner. Enjoy!  

Grilled Lemonade  


16 medium lemons, halved 

2 cups simple syrup - combine 1 cup hot water with 1 cup sugar 

Rosemary sprigs - basil or mint would work as well 

2 cups honey 

Dip cut sides of lemon into sugar and place over hot grill grates for roughly 10 minutes or until golden and caramelized. 

In a disposable aluminum foil pan, combine simple syrup, honey, and a few fresh rosemary sprigs and place on grill until thoroughly heated. 

Allow the grilled lemons to cool slightly, then use a wire-mesh strainer to juice lemons into a pitcher, adding water and rosemary simple syrup to taste. Serve over ice and garnish with excess lemon slices. 

Pro Tip: add a splash of bourbon for a mellow finish. 

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Serve It Up 

This batch cocktail just screams for a festive serving vessel. Our Signature White Ruffle Pitcher is quite oversized, making it a perfect way to pour for a large party!  
For a punchier pitcher option, reach for our Iris Blue Drop Pedestal Pitcher.
Serve up individual glasses with our festive embroidered Lemon Citrus Cocktail Napkins as a nod to the ingredients in this cocktail (they conveniently come in a set of 4!) 

Or, mix in a set of our Citrus Print Cocktail Napkins to add a punch of zesty pattern. 


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