Bring the Coast to Your Kitchen with the Oyster Collection

When the days get longer and the sun burns brighter, we crave a nautical refresh of our dinnerware. Whether you're a fan of that salty, delicious taste oysters have to offer or want to bring beachy themes into your home, our Oyster Collection is perfect. So, bring a bit of the coast to your next gathering and update your plates, platters, and bowls with the Oyster Collection. 
Are you thinking about planning a seafood dinner and needing a dish for serving oysters? Maybe you enjoy welcoming that ocean breeze into your kitchen with new dinnerware when summer rolls around. Whatever your reason, our Oyster Collection is one of our favorite everyday collections to bring into a home.  
But where did the tradition of the oyster platter originate? What’s the best method for serving oysters? Can oyster platters double as home décor? Let us guide you through all this and more and help you elevate your home and table with this coastal collection.  


About Our Oyster Collection 

Featuring hand-painted and hand-carved elements, every artfully designed style in our Oyster Collection lends a sophisticated air to special occasions and daily dining. Whether you're looking for a new, striking dinnerware collection for everyday use or one to rotate annually during oyster season, this collection will bring a coastal component to any home. 

Each style, from the hand towels to the oyster platter and more, features artful designs and rich blues, whites, and greys. Hand-painted brush strokes create the lifelike colors and textures of a shucked oyster shell. 
If you're looking for a collection for a themed event, our Oyster Collection carries the same art throughout, helping you create a cohesive tablescape. We didn't just stop at designing our famous oyster platter—we decided to carry out the theme with other products to use throughout your home. Even when you aren’t serving oysters, each serveware, dinnerware, and linen product brings a nautical vibe into any room in the house. Welcome that summertime feeling with one of our favorite everyday collections. 


Why Our Oyster Collection is Best-Selling 

Our Oyster Collection has sold out time and time again, making it one of our best-selling collections. While we consider it one of our bold, everyday dinnerware collections, it's also great for rotating seasonally throughout the year. As soon as the sun comes out, everyone who enjoys serving oysters and hosting summertime celebrations starts collecting our Oyster dishes! 
We find that oyster platters are a staple item in many people's curated collections, and ours remains popular every season. In addition, coastal table linens and oyster dishes are always in high demand, so whether you're looking for a staple design for your everyday kitchen or are preparing to host your first oyster roast, our collection is timeless.  


When To Use The Oyster Collection 

We've found that oyster platters, bowls, plates, and more can be perfect for some of our favorite celebrations. So, whether you're planning on serving oysters at a themed gathering or just putting together a beautiful tablescape for an intimate evening with your friends, our Oyster Collection styles can be used whenever you wish. 
Pro tip: don't limit yourself to only using the oyster platter for serving oysters. Feel free to use the dish for chips, dips, deviled eggs, appetizers, and more. If it fits your creative table design, the world is your oyster (pun intended).  


Our 5 Favorite Occasions to Use the Oyster Collection Designs 

Feel inspired to use oyster platters and the rest of the collection whenever possible. While we enjoy the Oyster Collection as everyday dinnerware, featuring them at different celebrations is our favorite way to elevate a summer table. Our top five favorite occasions include some classic warmer weather gatherings:    

Oyster roasts 

  • Backyard dinner parties 

  • Summer birthdays 

  • Small get-togethers 

  • Picnics 


The Tradition of the Oyster Platter 

The first use of the oyster plate can be dated back to the Victorian Era when the half-shell oyster became a delicacy. If you search for oyster platters from the 1800s, they were lightweight, featuring beautiful designs and hues. While oysters were at one point a favorite of the working class, monarchs and the social elite began enjoying them, and requests for oyster platters skyrocketed. It was not uncommon for hostesses to pride themselves on their gorgeous platters filled with sought-after half-shell oysters for their guests.  

After World War I, the production of oyster plates slowed down—but that hasn't stopped people from cherishing these vintage oyster platters and seeking out new ones to add to their collections. When you bring your own oyster platter home, you, too, can take pride in serving oysters to your loved ones.  


Products in the Oyster Collection 

We enjoy setting the entire table in a matching coastal look with different designs in the Oyster Collection, but you can use any of these on their own or mixed in with your everyday dinnerware sets. From the traditional oyster platter to the sophisticated cocktail napkins, these products lend a seaside tone to any table you design: 

  • Serveware 

  • Dinnerware 

  • Napkins 

  • Towels 

  • Keepsakes


Set the Table with Oyster Collection Serveware 

Serving oysters with style just got easier with our unique serveware. When planning your gathering, choosing the right serveware items like platters, boards, and bowls is essential for any host. Depending on your menu and the size of your gathering, the serveware in this collection can be used as a bold staple or mixed with other foundational products from your collection, such as the Signature White Collection or Fundamentals Collection. 


Our Oyster Serveware Includes: 

  • Platters 

  • Boards 

  • Bowls 


Oyster Platters 

Oyster platters are the best method for serving oysters and other delicious seafood to your loved ones, as they feature attention-grabbing designs, colors, and shapes. While our oyster platters can be used for any dish you'd like, they're artistically shaped for holding and serving oysters for your guests to easily enjoy. Our Oyster Half Dozen Platter is designed with six shell spots for serving oysters, perfect for smaller gatherings or spreading amongst the tablescape. Our Oyster Platter is shaped like one large oyster shell, making it a staple for a larger guest list and main course on your menu. 


Oyster Serving Boards 

Serving boards are one of the most versatile serveware items a host can own, and with two different sizes and styles to choose from, our Oyster boards are essential for any gathering. Whether you're planning a casual charcuterie board or need a simple way to display a course, try our blue, white, and gold shell-patterned Oyster Wood Small Rectangle Board or Oyster Print Wood Medium Round Board. These nautical serving boards are a beautiful way to elevate your next gathering and menu. 


Oyster Serving Bowls 

Whether you're serving up your favorite springtime salad or need something to hold napkins and utensils at your gathering, we enjoy using our Oyster Print Wood Dough Bowl whenever we can. With a wood exterior and a beautiful oyster print interior, this long serving bowl can be mixed with other dishes for endless combinations.  


Create a Place Setting with Oyster Dinnerware 

Place settings are one of the most important parts of setting the table: they set the tone for the formality of your gathering when you’re serving oysters and make your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Our nautical dinnerware styles make wonderful accent designs on your tablescape and can easily be mixed with other staples from your collection. 

Whether serving oysters or using the Oyster Collection as your everyday dinnerware, you can elevate everyone's experience with the Oyster Plate. As beautiful as it is multifunctional, this oyster plate is designed to look like a larger-than-life shell, bringing that whimsical coastal feeling to every place setting. Use them to collect shells during your oyster roast or to enhance any meal year-round.  


Elevate Your Table Linens with Oyster Cocktail Napkins 

When hosting, no table is complete without cocktail napkins that match your theme and atmosphere. Table linens are essential for hosting different serving styles, and you should always have options on hand. Why not choose oceanic and hand-illustrated patterns that elevate your gathering every time?  
Feature this collection's blues, whites, and golds, and add a traditional yet modern touch to your gathering with the Oyster Print Cocktail Napkins. For a more subtly themed look, set out the Oyster Cocktail Napkins. Whether you're sipping cocktails by the pool or serving oysters at an evening soirée, our coastal cocktail napkins bring an air of sophistication to every meal.  


Decorate Your Home with Oyster Towels 

We believe that your favorite designs and styles can carry through the rest of your house, not just stay confined to the dining spaces. Using matching hand towels as decoration throughout your home gives your space a more cohesive look for you and your guests to enjoy around the clock.  

When you set the table with the Oyster Collection, hang the matching hand towels in your kitchen and bathroom. Celebrate the artistic oyster design with the Oyster Large Hand Towel, or go bold with the rich blues of the Oyster Medium Hand Towel. Set out the matching set of Oyster Towels all season long and bask in the seaside feel throughout your house.  


Commemorate Your Oyster Roast with Keepsakes 

Our Oyster Collection doesn't stop at products for your dining table—you can feature the nautical designs around the house with keepsakes. The vibrant blues and gold of the Oyster designs deserve to be seen as much as possible, so why not celebrate the season with commemorative styles around your home?

Decorate entryways and bedside tables with our small Oyster Trinket Bowl to collect keys, jewelry, and more. Hang the Oyster Glass Ornament on your Christmas tree and add a unique, coastal component to your holiday décor. Our keepsake designs are perfect for commemorating unforgettable gatherings with friends and family.  


How to Serve with Oyster Platter 

We enjoy using every product featured in our Oyster Collection, but the star of the show is the oyster platter. While you could use other dishes when creating your seafood menu, serving oysters becomes simple and stylish with either of our oyster platters.  
Our Oyster Half Dozen Platter is as beautiful as it is functional, with each divot in the plate perfect for holding a shucked oyster shell – perfect for serving oysters the traditional way, which is in the half shell on a bed of ice to keep them cool and from tipping over. Serving oysters fresh for your guests is an unforgettable experience, and our platters make it easy.   

Take advantage of the next sunny afternoon and enjoy serving oysters with one of our family-favorite recipes. Set your table with the complete Oyster Collection, crack open your oysters, and mix up our Raw Oysters with Mignonette Sauce Recipe for a delicious dining experience.


Oyster Platters as Home Décor 

When your oyster platters aren't being used for serving oysters, they can double as sophisticated coastal home décor. Why keep your favorite dishes stored away when they can be seen and enjoyed 24/7 by your friends and family?  
Oyster platters make beautiful and versatile trinket dishes and trays in different rooms of the house. Set one on your coffee table to corral miscellaneous items or by your bedside as a jewelry dish. With a striking blue design, your oyster platter could become your new favorite décor. When you need to set the table, grab it from its spot, rinse it off, and it's ready for action.  
We enjoy using plate hangers and DISC hangers to hang oyster platters as wall art. Whether we're creating a modern gallery wall or featuring them around a large art piece or mirror, oyster platters make for bold statement décor. Learn how to display decorative plates, so you can feature your favorite dinnerware around your house and embrace the coastal vibes. 


If you've been searching for unique and nautical dinnerware, the Oyster Collection is for you. From serving oysters like a pro with an oyster platter to decorating around the house with oceanic patterns and table linens, our Oyster Collection is versatile and striking. So, send out invitations for your next oyster roast, set the table with oyster-themed plates, bowls, and napkins, and celebrate the warm weather surrounded by your loved ones.  

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