Raw Oysters with Mignonette Sauce Recipe

Take a cue from our family-favorite recipes and celebrate a sunny afternoon with fresh raw oysters and the perfect pairing of mignonette sauce. One of our favorite summer activities includes spending a relaxing weekend in Alligator Point and soaking up the warm, coastal air with the family. We visit the beach a few weekends during the summer and each time we savor the time when the whole family is gathered under one roof.  

The summer season is the perfect opportunity to prepare delicious seafood meals and when we have the family together, we find the best way to truly celebrate the season is with a delicious oyster dinner.  
Gather and enjoy the time spent with those you love with a seafood celebration full of fresh oysters and good company.  


Although raw oysters can often be an acquired taste, our favorite way to prepare oysters is with a few sides and accompanying flavors that really make the dish stand out. 

The perfect pairing for raw oysters:  

  • Fresh lemon wedges  

  • Homemade cocktail sauce - The more horseradish the better! 

  • Classic saltine crackers  

  • Mignonette Sauce  

The trick to the perfect mignonette sauce is through the type of vinegar you choose to feature. Whether you prefer a red-wine vinegar or white-wine vinegar, the choice is yours, but the flavor may alter just a tad.  

When we think of a classic mignonette sauce, we typically use red-wine vinegar as the base to bring in a stronger and savory flavor profile. The bolder red-wine vinegar paired with the freshly minced shallot and coarse ground pepper combines for a flavorful addition to the delicious raw oysters.  
As you get set to prepare your mignonette sauce, feel free to add or adjust the classic recipe to make it your own. Try malt vinegar or even a raspberry-based vinegar instead to highlight a sweeter note. Toss in finely sliced chives to add more flavor and texture. The opportunities are truly endless. So have fun and customize your preferred mignonette sauce.  


Raw Oysters with Mignonette Sauce 
Serves a dozen oysters  



½ cup red-wine vinegar  

3 tablespoons minced shallot  

Pinch of coarse ground pepper 

12 fresh large oysters 


Shuck your oysters and serve in the half shelf over ice. Add the red-wine vinegar, minced shallot, and pepper in a shallow bowl. Stir until combined well. Serve on the side or drizzle over top of shucked oysters.  

 Serve up the taste of summer with a batch of freshly shucked oysters and a smooth and savory mignonette sauce. This recipe is perfect for your next coastal getaway.  

Pair this delicious dish with a refreshing cocktail and you’ll have the perfect combination for a great evening.  



For those additional accompaniments that truly make the raw oysters shine. Add your fresh lemon wedges to a few Oyster Trinket Bowls for the perfect display.   

A stylish setting to display your freshly shucked oysters. Serve your guests family-style with an Oyster Half Dozen Platter. 

Set a stunning table for your feast with an Oyster Plate at each setting.  

Proudly present your homemade mignonette sauce in a Signature White Ruffle Flare Small Bowl for a complementary look to your spread.   


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