Oyster Half Dozen Platter



Let coastal style wash over your table to create an oceanside feel for your guests with our Oyster Half Dozen Platter. Draw extra attention to your summer table with a sophisticated platter that invites a nautical feeling to an intimate gathering of friends. You will proudly display your mollusks with decadent artistry and delight your guests.

Our serving platter features oyster shells stylized with blue and earthy tones, adding realistic coordination to your table. This oyster platter can serve as home décor or an addition to your tablescape that will instantly boost the coastal component.

Evoke the sight and sounds of the sea at your next gathering of friends and family with our Oyster Half Dozen Platter.

Material:  Ceramic
Dimensions: 9.5in W x 9.25in H
Volume: n/a
Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe, not microwave safe (due to gold metallic feature)

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