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Article: Mood Board: Oyster Roast

Mood Board: Oyster Roast

Mood Board: Oyster Roast

Let's plan a gathering! 

Bring a bit of the coast to your next gathering with an Oyster Roast evening full of fresh seafood and even better company. As the summer season comes to a close, what better way to relax and enjoy the warmer days than with an Oyster Roast? We have put together your curated guide so you can easily gather your essentials to host your own roast.  

Sit back and soak up the evening with a coastal-inspired gathering that’s the perfect way to say “cheers” to the end of a perfect summer.  

The Inspiration 

With the bitter-sweet end of summer, we think the perfect way to commemorate the celebratory season is with a casual and festive gathering centered around a fresh oyster platter, delicious summer cocktails, and a warm ocean breeze.

As you prepare to host your Oyster Roast gathering, we recommend first planning your overall vision for the evening. Do you have the space for dining outside? What time of day? Summer sunset or warm afternoon? Once you have designed your overall layout, the next step is planning your menu and designing your tablescape...our favorite part.  

The Mood  

A coastal gathering calls for a laid-back mood full of fresh ingredients and lively conversation. When we imagine our perfect Oyster Roast, the first thing that comes to mind is a casual setting where guests arrive ready to relax and simply enjoy the shared company.  

There is nothing better than a seafood dinner shared among close friends and family in an outdoor gathering that reminds us of the reasons why we love summer oh so much.  

A few descriptors that come to mind: 

  • Casual  
  • Laid Back  
  • Coastal  

The Colors 

Now that the overall mood and menu are set, we encourage you to begin arranging your dream tablescape and start selecting your curated color palette that speaks to your gathering.  

When we imagine a coastal-themed gathering, a few distinctive hues that come to mind include deep navy blue and neutral shades of taupe. Pair with a natural wood texture, and you’ll have your perfectly set table.  

Hues of an Oyster Roast:  

  • Deep Ocean Blue  
  • Sandy Taupe  
  • Natural Brown  

The Textures 

As you set the scene for your Oyster Roast gathering, consider including a few natural elements that tie into the theme and add a bit of texture to your table. We felt inspired by the seaside setting and just knew that this would be the perfect gathering for layering our latest Fundamentals Collection along with a few gems from our Oyster Collection

The natural variation of the wood paired with the deep blue tones in the oyster-inspired serveware creates a complementary tablescape design for this coastal gathering.  

Get set to host your own Oyster Roast and celebrate the season with a casual evening gathered with those you love around an expertly prepared oyster trayCheers!  

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