How To Use Your Celebrate Book

An ordinary day isn't just ordinary. It is a succession of moments. Your life is made up of these everyday moments.  
So often we find ourselves following the same routine each day - wake up, go to work, go home, go to sleep, repeat. During the hustle, it's easy to let these seemingly ordinary moments pass mindlessly by. 
The difference in ordinary and extraordinary is making that little extra bit of effort to pause and savor the little things that brought you joy throughout the day.  

Whether it’s a good grade earned on a tough exam, a new favorite coffee from a local shop, an impromptu happy hour with friends, or a beautiful bouquet you picked up just because, there are so many reasons to celebrate. In fact, we have just the thing to help you remember them forever. 

We designed our Celebrate Books to encourage you to do just that – intentionally look for those moments that often go unnoticed. Whether you write one sentence or fill an entire page, each journal helps you stop and enjoy life’s big and small moments amid your daily chaos for memories you can look back on in the years to come. 

"A few years ago, I designed our Celebrate Every Day Book, not just to capture life's worthy moments, but also to train us to find the noteworthy moments in the midst of a chaotic life. Don't worry about having a fancy pen or perfect penmanship. The pressure is off."  
- Laura Johnson, Coton Colors Founding Artist and CEO  


Celebrate Every Day 

Jot a little or a lot...the choice is yours. Our Celebrate Every Day books were crafted for everyday use as a way to simply remember the extraordinary or even ordinary moments. Use one line a day to compile several years of memories in one place or use an entire page per day to designate one year of celebrations to a single book.  


Celebrate Us

Perfect for newly engaged, newlyweds, or those celebrating a milestone anniversary. Our Celebrate Us books are the perfect way to record memories with your significant other and remember the many celebrations and everyday moments in between. Share the details of your adventures together and look back at each anniversary to reminisce on your unforgettable year. 


Celebrate Me 

Whether you’re becoming a parent for the first time or the fifth, you’ll still find yourself savoring every moment. Our Celebrate Me books have the daily prompts you need to remember every little milestone, from their first laugh to first steps and beyond. The days go by quickly when they're little. Every day, take a few moments to remember the excitement of sharing life with your baby. 


Get Started Today 

  1. Open the book to today’s date and fill in the year on the page’s first entry in the designated space.  

  2. What do you want to remember about today? Jot that down.  

  3. Tomorrow, turn the page and do the same thing, and so on.  

  4. Before you know it, year after year, you’ll have a book of celebrations for all of your days. 


Begin documenting your journey now, and before you know it, you’ll have the story of your life right at your fingertips. Never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day. 


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