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Article: Take Excuses Off the Table

Take Excuses Off the Table
Laura On...

Take Excuses Off the Table

Life moves so quickly and when we feel like we must have it all together before we can enjoy it, it's easy to let the little moments pass mindlessly by.  

And when we find ourselves 

hesitant to invite friends over because our house isn’t ready  


keeping our fine things tucked away for fear of breaking them  


simply running from one thing to the next on autopilot 

we may be missing out.  

But what can we do, add more to our already full plate?  


What does it mean to “have it all together” anyway?

It feels like this dream goal, that is just that... a dream.  

Perhaps it isn’t a dream, but it already exists. Maybe it means simply pausing to notice what we do have together, already there.  

Carve out celebrations where we may not currently see them – happy things people say that make us stop and smile, a new dish we experience, funny things our children say, a morning moment sipping delicious coffee from our favorite mug. 

Find the noteworthy moments amid what may be a busy day. 


Everyday Living Matters, Let’s Do It in Style 

A lot of these moments happen in our everyday life and when we’re with those we love. Therefore, the pieces we choose to live with everyday matter. They make up our home and become part of our daily life.  


From a morning coffee to a weeknight dinner and everything in between, we deserve to live inspired every day using special pieces we have curated along the way. Carefully chosen to express our personal style and to create an exceptional experience simply for ourselves to enjoy or with those we invite to join us.

Entertaining is Rewarding 

We know that enjoying hosting a gathering or feeling comfortable doing so is not the case for everyone. Feeling overwhelmed by what to do, what to serve and how to prepare or even where to begin is normal. But staying stuck results in avoiding doing it altogether and missing out on experiencing the joy of hosting friends or family. 

Making people feel special and creating memories is rewarding. And it doesn’t have to be hard. 

So, what stops us?  

Top 10 reasons {excuses} we have for not hosting a gathering:

  • My house or my table is too small 
  • My home isn't ready 
  • My decor isn't impressive 
  • My home is not clean 
  • It's too much work 
  • I don't know what to serve or how to cook 
  • I won't be able to enjoy it because I'll be working too hard 
  • I’m worried my guests won’t have fun   
  • I’m intimidated, I don't know how  
  • I don't know where to start  

Stop the Excuses to Not Entertain Because... It’s Worth It 

Let’s think back to the last time we received an invitation to a gathering. Wasn’t it flattering? Was our curiosity piqued? Leading up to the event, did our mind wander to the upcoming gathering causing us to feel excited? 

That’s called anticipation. The anticipation of the experience ahead is part of the experience. We have something we know will be there, something we can count on.  

Anticipation is a good thing to feel. 

Once we arrived at the event, and as we were greeted by the host, we looked around at what they’d prepared for us. Didn’t we feel special? The time and effort to prepare was done for us! 


Think of the time spent around the table. Time away from the day-to-day hustle. Time and permission to linger a little longer.  

Relaxation and true connection are so hard to come by and by hosting, we’re providing this feeling to others.  

It’s fulfilling. 

To know that they’ll leave feeling special, more closely connected, and with a memory they can relive again. We've come to realize that makes every bit of the extra effort we put into it worth it. 

How We Made Them Feel 

Remember, the host sets the tone. Who cares if the appetizers are store bought or we run out of ice? Or if our home desperately needs painting. Just bring people together – a celebration will surely unfold.  


They may not remember that we added fresh flowers to the table, or that we went over the top with a hard-to-make meal, but they will never forget how we made them feel. 

Take your excuses off the table, be the host you always dreamed you could be. 




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