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Article: Let's Make a Toast

Let's Make a Toast
Laura On...

Let's Make a Toast

Gathered Around the Table... Together.  

That’s our favorite place to be.  
Whether that’s around a dinner table at home celebrating a special occasion or around a meeting room table at our office perusing a new collection, it is where we find ourselves often, and often the happiest. 

A Family + A Business 

I am told our family dynamic is quite unique. Not only do we work together every day in our family business, we also often find ourselves trickling the workday together-ness into a happy hour, dinner party, or weekend away.  
So, the question is, how does all this living and working with so many family members mix so well? We attribute this not only to our similarities as a collective family, but also our individual differences. And it seems after the years spent together, growing together, growing a business together we naturally gravitate... well, together.  

Inspiration + Hard Work 

When I first started Coton Colors, (what feels like a million years ago!) I was expecting my first daughter. Life was busy and I relied on these strong family ties to make the company a successful endeavor from the start.  
Every product I designed and created was inspired by all three of my young daughters, Kyle, Sara Kate, and Mary Parker and my husband, Milton. In those early days my parents, Dee and Bud, and my brother, Jay loaded kilns, packed boxes, helped customers, and encouraged me with the cherished ‘atta girl when I found I needed it most.  
I share the love of art, cooking and entertaining with my sister, Marcie. Her daughters, Courtney, Taylor, and Logan grew up alongside my daughters and we often found ourselves together in the kitchen creating new things. Whether it be a new recipe one day or a new shape for a dish to serve it in best the next, our time together always resulted in something good and, happily, continues to fuel our designs today. 

Nine Women, One Passion

Our company has grown with all of us and developed into what it is today – a lifestyle brand based on the aspirations and interests of not only me, but those of my whole family. 
From left: Taylor, Courtney, Marcie, Laura, Kyle, Mary Parker,  Sara Kate 
Each of us sits in a different phase of life and has unique sets of skills, different talents, styles, preferences, and contributions to the company and to our family. Yet, our shared passion for entertaining and elevated everyday living is what brings us closer, and what drives our “why.”  

Celebrate the Moments, Don’t Let Them Pass By 

We believe even the most ordinary moments of everyday living can be made extraordinary with only a little extra effort, ensuring they don't pass mindlessly by. We exist to celebrate and commemorate those moments, especially those spent gathered around the table with family and friends.   
Because to us, there is nothing better, nothing more rewarding than inviting family and friends – new and old – for a gathering in our home. 
As I said, we simply love to entertain, and by doing so often, we know what is needed to pull it all together at any effort level. Using the learnings and experiences from our day-to-day lifestyle as inspiration, we hone this shared knowledge and apply it to every product, design, and story we create and share. 

Meet our lifestyle blog, Toast

Unfortunately, we can’t invite each of you over for an impromptu dinner or a quick morning coffee to celebrate another beautiful sunrise, so we’ve created this space to share with you instead, hoping to inspire and encourage you to create those memories with your friends and loved ones, too.
Each week, we’ll fill this space with tips, our best practices, go-to recipes and all the things we’ve learned along the way to help put ease into entertaining and to prevent us from making all those excuses not to. 
Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, take a seat at our table, so to speak, and indulge as we *toast* to togetherness! 


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I absolutely love your shop!! I was just in today, bought way too! But we are moving back to the area, so I’ll be able to stop in and shop some more. I found so many things that are so beautiful! Can’t wait! By the way your sister purchased my in-laws home several years ago. She has excellent taste. See you soon.
Also , Nicole who called me when the oyster platters came in, she was so sweet & pleasant, which made it even more of a pleasure to shop @ Cotton Colors.


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