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Join me as I host my family for a garden-inspired celebration in my very own backyard. With a bright, airy setting and a delicious homegrown menu, this outdoor celebration was the perfect way to welcome in the new warm-weather season.

The Mood

My garden was in full bloom, and I needed to use up the last of my lettuce crop so, I set the tone for the rest of the mood using that single ingredient as my main inspiration:


The Gathering

A new season brings new reasons to celebrate. What better way to soak up the warm, fresh air than to gather with friends and family in your own backyard? I chose to host my garden-inspired lunch in my orchid house. With a fresh, light menu featuring my homegrown lettuce, this garden party was an afternoon to remember. 



The Table

I featured our Iris Blue Collection for the table setting to add a cohesive look to the garden theme. Paired with a centerpiece full of thriving green ferns in various terracotta pots to create a fresh garden feel with layers of texture.  

Lunch was served family-style so guests could enjoy their time at the table and linger in conversation without feeling like they needed to go to the kitchen to prepare their plate. 


The Menu

  • Wild Rice and Chicken Salad served on a bed of freshly harvested homegrown lettuce  
  • Berry Medley  
  • Yeast Rolls  
  • Carrot Cake  


I wanted the menu to be simple and fresh while also hearty and delicious. A recipe I chose for Wild Rice and Chicken Salad featured seasonal ingredients that I knew would pair well with my homegrown lettuce. Pair with an assortment of fresh berries for a flavorful Berry Medley side dish, plus everyone’s favorite yeast rolls and you’ll have the perfect garden party menu. For dessert I chose a store-bought Carrot Cake from Tasty Pastry, one of our favorite local bakeries.  

The Music

My go-to music for almost any gathering is the Celebrate Everyday curated playlist on Coton Colors' Spotify. 


The Details

I set the table with Nude Glassware to add a neutral element. Each piece features an Ion Shielding Technology, the world’s toughest, yet finest, lead-free crystal glass. These glasses are tough and difficult to break, which makes for the perfect option for outdoor dining and robust toasting! 

Contact our Coton Colors Atlanta, Tampa, or Tallahassee Flagship Stores to score a set of your own!


Host Your Own Garden-Inspired Gathering

Host your own garden-inspired celebration by following these simple steps to setting the table outside and preparing a fresh, seasonal menu that everyone will enjoy.

1. Gather your table components: 

  • Whether you are featuring Iris Blue or Signature White as your focal point, make sure to tie in a natural element to create a curated look inspired by the freshness of nature. I recommend layering a variety of green ferns to add texture to your centerpiece.  
2. Craft the perfect menu: 
  • Pair seasonal ingredients to create a fresh and light menu that is still full of flavor. A classic Wild Rice and Chicken Salad recipe is absolutely delicious and easy to prepare in advance before your garden party.  
3. Create a lively centerpiece: 
  • Every garden party needs plenty of fresh greenery as the focal point. Place your favorite ferns alongside your dinnerware to bring in a natural element to your tablescape design.  
4. Serve lunch family-style: 
  • Guests will enjoy having the opportunity to stay at the table and chat over lunch rather than running to the kitchen to fill their plates 

Take it from me, a simple excuse like an abundance of a single ingredient can lead to something really special! Take our cue, and host your own outdoor gathering, too. 


 - Marcie


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