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Article: Summer Cocktail Round-Up

Summer Cocktail Round-Up

Summer Cocktail Round-Up

Sit back and savor the end of a beautiful summer season with a refreshing cocktail that will instantly take you back to good times and cheerful memories. From a perfectly crafted citrusy paloma to a classic and herb-infused gin and tonic, we have curated an assortment of cocktail recipes that every great host needs.  


Featured Cocktails:  

  • Perfect Paloma  

  • Aperol Spritz  

  • Gin and Tonic  

  • Tom Collins  

  • Whiskey Sour  

Hosting friends over for a game night? Gathering the family for a weeknight dinner? Showering a newly engaged bride? We have just the recipes that will instantly elevate your next gathering.


Perfect Paloma 

With tart and crisp grapefruit and a splash of lime juice, this sweet citrusy recipe combines all your favorite summertime flavors into one delicious drink. Just don’t forget the tequila...our favorite is Casamigos Blanco. 


Aperol Spritz 

A timeless cocktail that features a bright and bubbly prosecco and slightly bitter Aperol that brings a mellow finish to this classic concoction. The bright burst of colorful red hues brings a celebratory look to this flavorful cocktail. Perfect for a well-deserved “cheers” after a long week.  


A Classic Gin and Tonic 

A classic for a reason. There is nothing more refreshing than a bright and flavorful Gin and Tonic to sip on while relaxing at the beach or dining with friends. This recipe features a unique twist with a pairing of lime and cucumbers – take a look. 


Tom Collins 

Now, this is our kind of grown-up lemonade. Craft your classic Tom Collins cocktail today and embark on a bubbly citrusy ride that takes you to a happy place. We love to throw in a fresh slice of grapefruit for an added touch of zest.


Whiskey Sour  

A smoky-sweet favorite that only makes sense to sip on while relaxing on the back porch. With a touch of angostura bitters and bold bourbon finish, this Whiskey Sour recipe is a must-have for your next evening happy hour or game night.  


The season of celebrating summer may be coming to a close, but the gatherings never have to end. Whip up one of these delicious cocktails and you’ll have a refreshing reminder of the season. 

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