A Classic Gin and Tonic Recipe

There is nothing more refreshing than a classic Gin and Tonic cocktail. Picture sitting on the patio with a freshly made G&T full of crushed ice and a touch of sliced cucumbers. The fizz of the soda water combined with the aromatic gin pairs for a crisp and oh-so-satisfying beverage. 
One of our favorite ways to serve this signature drink is while hosting guests for an impromptu happy hour or even while relaxing on the porch just soaking up the warm evening air. See how Mary Parker paired this delicious recipe along with a few savory small bites in her Tapas and a Toast gathering. 


Although there are minimal ingredients, this classic cocktail features a few unexpected key ingredients that makes this a standout recipe.  

A Few Key Ingredients: 
  • Gin 

  • Tonic Syrup: If you can’t find syrup you can use tonic water instead and omit the additional soda water.   

  • Cucumbers 

  • Lime: Squeeze a wedge of lime right before serving for a subtle citrus note. 

Tip: Have fun with the garnishes! We paired the refreshing cucumber with a few sprigs of mint to spice it up a bit.   

When getting prepped to serve, have your ice bucket filled and cucumbers sliced so you and your guests can replenish their beverages at the build-your-own-cocktail station. If you are planning on serving guests yourself throughout the night, we recommend presenting the cocktails on festive serving board or platter for a unique serving display. Don’t forget to have a few cocktail napkins on hand so guests can comfortably enjoy their chilled drinks.  


Your new favorite Gin and Tonic recipe is here and it’s time to say “cheers” with this crisp and refreshing classic cocktail that only gets better with time. Enjoy! 


Classic Gin and Tonic 

Serves 1  



1 ½ ounces Gin  

½ ounce Artisan Tonic Syrup  

3 - 4 dashes of Lime Bitters  

Handful of Ice Cubes  

3 ounces Soda Water  

3 or 4 Cucumber Slices for Garnish  


To a rocks glass, add the ice. Add the cut cucumber slices to the inside wall of the glass. Toss in the gin, syrup and bitters and top with soda water. Add a few springs of mint herbs for extra flavors. Squeeze the lime and serve.  


Serve It Up


Pass around the refreshing cocktails on this must-have serving tray at your next happy hour.

Pair each drink with an Iris Blue Burst Round Cocktail Napkin for stylish serving.

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