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Article: Complete Your Tablescape with Table Accessories

Complete Your Tablescape with Table Accessories

Complete Your Tablescape with Table Accessories

Does your tablescape have all the right finishing touches it needs to complete the look you’ve envisioned? Or does it feel like it still needs something special, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Well, it may be as simple as adding a few coordinating table accessories to tie everything together. From the cloth placemats to the salt and pepper shakers you select, you can design a breathtaking display down to the tiniest detail your guests are sure to notice. 
We hope to inspire you to create memorable gatherings for every occasion. Our goal is to make entertaining easier for you by providing all our best tips and unique, high-quality designs. We’ll help you get inspired to gather with table accessories that provide beauty and functionality. You can easily transform and complete a tabletop at any effort level by simply adding the right finishing touches.  
Whether you’re one to mix or match your patterns and colors, we’ll share some of our favorite ways to pull it all together with ease. We want to inspire you to explore your creativity by choosing pieces that complement not only your dining theme but your home décor as well. You’ll be able to complete any tablescape with the ideal table accessories from our collections. 


What Makes Our Table Accessories Unique? 

As you plan your intimate dinner or grand celebration for your guests, you will certainly have a lot on your plate. From drafting the menu to arranging seating for your guests, we know better than anyone what it takes to be the host and entertain a successful gathering. And with our years of experience creating and exploring various looks, we’ve designed all of our collection to help take the guesswork out of the equation. 

At Coton Colors, we believe in thoughtful design with your needs and creative desires in mind. You will find all of our dinnerware, serveware, and home décor lines are created to be seamlessly mixed, matched, layered, and swapped to accommodate any gathering’s needs. And this includes all of our table accessories. Even down to the butter dish, our table accessories will coordinate with any of your current or future collections. 

We believe in designing pieces that help you coordinate according to: 

  • Theme 

  • Holiday 

  • Season 

  • Event 

  • Personal style 


What Can Our Everyday Swap Table Designs Do for You? 

Our Swap Table Designs inspire you to think outside the box, merging your creative style with functionality. Each and every piece complements one another, so you can always welcome your guests with the fresh looks you’ve created. With a simple swap of a salad plate or serving platter, you can change up the entire look and style of your gathering. 

Our easily paired designs allow you to add table accessories in an array of combinations. Complete the look of your tabletop with a classic white cream and sugar set, or add a playful element with our decorative salt and pepper shakers. We’ve ensured our collections offer you endless possibilities to tie in your tableware and home décor designs with ease. From coordinating color palettes to layering patterns and solids, let your personality shine through your tablescape creations. 

Incorporate Our Holiday Designs 

Even our colorful holiday collections pair perfectly with our table accessories. One should never be without classic white accessories that can blend seamlessly with a vintage Christmas scene or a festive fall Thanksgiving collection. We encourage you to set a festive table, pairing your holiday pieces with any of our Swap Tabletop designs. Transition from your everyday dining to holiday with bold and neutral hues to suit your style, knowing you’ll always have the essential table accessories on hand. 

Which Table Accessories Help Complete the Ideal Tablescape? 

Let’s discuss the table accessories you can’t do without. These little staples are a necessity, playing an essential role in meeting the needs of your guests as well as your daily family dining needs. From the cocktail napkins you lay out to the small cake stands that display your tempting desserts, we have a handful of items you’ll want to have on your list. 

All of our table accessories offer a stylish and practical use. From your small family dining needs and regular family get-togethers to holidays and special celebrations, our accessories are vital to your tablescape planning. We enjoy designing shapes, patterns, and color palettes that can be swapped, layered, mixed, and matched to create new and unique collections that truly represent your style. 

Table accessories every host should have include: 

  • Napkins 

  • Placemats 

  • Cake stands 

  • Salt and pepper shakers, 

  • Cream and sugar sets 

  • Butter dishes 


Add A Pop of Color with Cloth Napkins 

Our latest line of cloth napkins is ideal for absolutely any look you want to create. From vibrant hues to lovely neutrals, we have an array of colors for you to select from. Our Fundamentals Collection Color Block Napkins are meant to help you complement or contrast the pieces in your dinnerware, serveware, and home décor collections with ease, whether you’re hosting four or 24. 

No matter what mood, look, holiday, or season you’re decorating for, you can create limitless variations with the swap of a cloth napkin. Each napkin and color were strategically designed with seasonal and everyday living in mind. Go from a lively spring green lunch on the patio to classic neutrals for tea with the ladies. The mere switch of colors can take your gathering’s aesthetic from formal to festive. 


Expanding Your Tableware Collection with Napkins 

No matter which collection you have, mixing and matching your beautifully embroidered napkins provides variety and optimal impact. Each set of our signature napkins features a rolled hem and expertly handcrafted detail to take your look to the next level. 
Use your napkins for family meals or special occasions. You’ll love how soft they get with every wash. Or place decorative cocktail napkins around your gathering areas for your guests to use as they mingle. They’ll continue your cohesive look while providing stylish functionality for your guests. 


Add Color and Texture with Cloth Placemats 

Enhance the style of your tablescape with our beautiful linen placemats. Placemats seamlessly complete the look of each place setting and can match or complement your dinnerware. 

Our Iris Blue Drop Round Placemats pair perfectly with our Iris Blue Dinnerware, Serveware, and Home Décor lines. Enjoy the modern stylings of the Iris Blue cloth placemats in a classic color combination any host can appreciate. Prepare your tablescape for any gathering with these sustainable beauties and delight your guests in the process. 

Prefer a neutral color palette for your first set of placemats? Our Blush Quatrefoil Trim Square Placemats are the ideal choice for your needs. The traditional look will go with any dinnerware set. From our rich acacia wood Fundamentals Collection to our delicate Blush Collection, this placemat set will be an incredible addition to any look you create. 


Accessorize Your Table with Cake Stands 

cake stand with dome makes a stylish serving solution for all your special celebrations and casual gatherings. Pair our neutral Signature White Ruffle 14-in Cake Stand with any of our dinnerware and serveware collections. The classic white cake stand adds a touch of beauty to any of your little treats and delicacies. 
For your smaller get-togethers, family desserts, or after-school goodies, we have our Signature White 11-in Cake Stand to accommodate your needs. You’ll enjoy the same beautiful ruffle design in a smaller cake stand with dome. It’s the ideal size for compact countertops, intimate gatherings, and leftover sweet treats you’d like to keep fresh until morning. 
Use your cake stand as an elegant yet fun tabletop accessory that beautifully displays a variety of desserts. Our cake stands were designed with a layering option to impress your guests when they dine. 

Create a stunning tower of treats for your guests to swoon over as they gather around the table. They make the ideal tiered serving piece, and the classic white will make a charming table accent with all your collections. Whatever your needs may be, you can keep your items fresh and on display. 


Our favorite treats to display on our layered cake stands include: 

  • Cupcakes 

  • Mini bundt cakes 

  • Macaroons 

  • Cake balls 


Salt and Pepper Shakers with Tabletop Appeal 

Our unique assortment of salt and pepper shakers makes the perfect addition to complement your dinnerware and serveware collections. Allow these tabletop necessities to add color, texture, and décor to your tablescape. As your guests pass the shakers around the table, they’re sure to admire the extra efforts you’ve put into the tiniest details to make their meal memorable. 

You can never go wrong pairing our Signature White Ruffle Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with any Coton Colors collection you own. From casual get-togethers to your formal dining events, our signature white ruffles pair beautifully and seamlessly with any theme you’ve arranged. 
Add our playful Iris Blue Pip Pedestal Salt and Pepper Shakers Set to your table for a touch of color as well as artistic texture. The beautiful blue hue is perfect for any season and pairs well with many of our dinnerware and serveware designs.


Add Flair to Your Tabletop with Decorative Butter Dishes 

You can create a wide variety of looks with any piece from our Signature White Ruffle Collection, and our Signature White Ruffle Domed Butter Dish is certainly no exception. This dinner table necessity adds a sophisticated touch to any tablescape. The expertly hand-painted brushstrokes add to its unique ruffle feature. And we invite you to personalize your butter dish with a name or monogram for yourself or as a unique gift. 

Our Iris Blue Burst Round Butter Dish will have your guests in awe when they lay their eyes upon this adorable butter dish. The charming round design and playful hand-painted patterns are quite the conversation piece. And when it’s not gracing the tabletop, display it as home décor alongside our Iris Blue Drop Large Handled Oval Platter. 
You can also add a little glam to your tabletop with our Deco Round Butter Dish. We wanted a fun, contemporary design that offered you limitless pairing possibilities no matter what your gatherings entailed. The modern silhouette and eye-catching hand-brushed strokes bring texture and life to your table design. From birthday parties and graduation parties to the next baby shower you host, add this delightful table accessory to your design. 


Cream and Sugar Set for Every Tablescape 

From your early morning cups of coffee to a freshly brewed pot with dessert, there’s always a need for a cream and sugar set. So why not set the tone with our classic Signature White Ruffle Cream and Sugar Set? The precious duo will pair seamlessly with every piece you have, from your dinnerware and serveware to kitchen and home décor. It’s simply a set your tabletop can’t be without. 


We encourage you to explore all your options by creating tabletop designs that infuse your creativity and personality. As long as you have the essential table accessories to accommodate your guests, your gatherings are sure to be a success. We invite you to browse through our collection of essentials and create a unique look of your own. 


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