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Article: Mood Board: Christmas Cheer

Mood Board: Christmas Cheer

Mood Board: Christmas Cheer

Let’s Plan a Gathering 

Join me for my Christmas Cheer cocktail party. An evening full of festive tunes, colorful, vintage Christmas-inspired décor, and a classic cocktail to welcome the official holiday season with a boastful ‘cheers! with friends. 

The Inspiration  

My cocktail party will be full of holiday décor that highlights the burst of festive hues inspired by our Christmas in the Village Collection. Think rows of vintage Christmas homes lining the shelves along with a nearby tinsel tree (or two) adorned with punchy ornaments to really make it pop. 

The Mood  

My vision is for guests to walk into a festive Christmas home full of shiny tinsel, colorful pom pom garlands, and icons of the season that will instantly put them in the holiday spirit! Plus, throw in a few delicious cocktails into the mix and everyone will be feeling extra jolly.  

A few descriptors of the gathering: 

  • Upbeat  

  • Festive  

  • Spirited 



The Colors  

The bolder the better. My Christmas Cheer gathering will focus on vintage-inspired décor that is full of the not-so-common Christmas colors. Light blues and punchy pinks will definitely make an appearance.  

Featured Hues: 

  • Gold 

  • Pink  

  • Turquoise  

  • Red  

  • Emerald 

So, what’s left to plan for this gathering?  

Now that I have my overall vision for the evening, the next step is planning the menu and of course, texting the girls. I’m also scheming to include a little Ornament Exchange to make the evening even more festive...more on that to come 



Mary Parker  


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