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Article: Selecting the Perfect Christmas Tree Skirt

Selecting the Perfect Christmas Tree Skirt

Selecting the Perfect Christmas Tree Skirt

The holiday season welcomes excitement and anticipation for Christmas day. Our family loves to commemorate traditions, and one of our favorites is decorating our homes for the festive season. Each year we look forward to the preparations and envisioning how we are going to style our homes with Christmas décor. The visions of new festive décor blended with family traditions are running through our minds, and we can’t wait to pull out the personalized Christmas ornaments and holiday décor. 
Although Christmas tree skirts are a décor piece that may go unnoticed, we find that these handcrafted designs are essential in making your home feel complete for the holiday season, and we’re here to share a few of our favorite tree-trimming traditions to get you inspired for the Christmas season.  


What are Christmas Tree Skirts? 

A Christmas tree skirt is typically used to conceal your tree stand, whether real or faux. They are stylish additions known for complementing the aesthetic of your holiday home décor. The decorative material hugs the base of your tree, creating a festive backdrop to enhance your Christmas décor. 
Christmas tree skirts are also a festive addition to your tree that can be coordinated to match the look and feel of your tablescape and home décor, from the traditional red Christmas tree skirt to a plush velvet tree skirt in vibrant colors. 



Christmas tree skirts can also be used for: 

  • Catching the tree’s fallen needles 

  • Hiding the unpleasant look of a tree stand 

  • Adding to the Christmas décor when presents are not yet placed beneath the tree 

  • Creating a beautiful and clean area to display your Christmas presents 


How Do You Use a Christmas Tree Skirt? 

After setting up your faux Christmas tree or placing your live tree into its stand, you will place the skirt around the base, typically tying or buttoning the ends together where they meet. The rounded decorative covering is made with an opening slit cut through to its center for easy placement and allows quick access to the stand for watering your live Christmas tree. 


How to Choose the Right Size and Style for Your Christmas Tree Skirt 

If you are new to the idea of Christmas tree skirts, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting the ideal size for your tree. Since tree skirts were originally placed around the tree to catch the falling needles and avoid a mess, a skirt that casts a wide reach was ideal. 
While this may still be the case in some homes, artificial tree options have grown increasingly more common over the years. With no watering to fuss over or needles to pick up, faux trees are quite the ideal option for many families, making a Christmas tree skirt more of a decorative piece. 
So, how do you decide on the correct size of the stylish gold Christmas tree skirt you’ve had your eye on? The ideal size is one that is the same diameter as your Christmas tree. At Coton Colors, we have a festive collection of Christmas tree skirts in 42- and 52-inch diameters and an array of designs to suit your style. 



Additional considerations to make when selecting your tree skirt size include: 

  • Extends well past the base, yet not much further than the widest layer of branches. 

  • Consider a wider skirt if you’d like the material to peek out from under the gifts. 

  • Ensure the festive Christmas tree skirt is not peeking out far enough to cause accidents as you walk by. 

  • Choose your design based on its role; is this a functional piece or a decorative piece intended to be a focal point of your tree? 


What Makes Our Christmas Tree Skirts Unique? 

Our tree skirt styles feature designs ranging from traditional green and red Christmas tree skirts to festive stripes and pom poms. As with all the collections we design, we’ve purposefully created our tree skirts to complement all of our holiday dinnerware, serveware, and home décor.  



Our Christmas tree skirts even pair well with our everyday pieces, including: 


Our favorite Christmas tree skirt and dinnerware collection pairings include: 

  • Flying Santa Tree Skirt with the Christmas in the Village Collection 

  • Red Stripe Tree Skirt with Pom Poms with the Christmas in the Village Collection 

  • Gold Star Tree Skirt with the O Holy Night Collection 

  • Red Stripe Tree Skirt with the Balsam and Berry Collection 

  • Red Velvet Tree Skirt with Trim with the Balsam and Berry Collection 

  • Pine Velvet Tree Skirt with Trim with the Balsam and Berry Collection  


Flying Santa Tree Skirt 

Our Flying Santa Tree Skirt is an adorable, vintage-inspired skirt that pairs well with our Christmas in the Village Collection. The colorful illustrations are a playful nod to the ‘50s and ‘60s décor that will fill your home with the holiday spirit. Add your favorite pieces around your home and tie it all together with this decorative tree skirt each year. 



Red Stripe Tree Skirt with Pom Poms 

Our velvet tree skirt with colorful pom poms is another stylish choice to pair with our Christmas in the Village dinnerware and serveware. The playful hues of the Red Stripe Tree Skirt with Pom Poms complement each other and tie the entire theme together effortlessly. 




Gold Star Tree Skirt 

Pair our lovely gold tree skirt with our O Holy Night Collection to bring out the gold accents and neutral hues. From serving trays to tree toppers, your Gold Star Tree Skirt will be the ideal finishing touch paired with your sparkling gold pieces. 


Red Stripe Tree Skirt 

You’ll love the Red Stripe Tree Skirt. This vibrant red Christmas tree skirt complements the classic hues of Christmas. What better way to highlight your choice than with our Balsam and Berry Collection? The bold, festive colors will add a pop of color under your tree and bring a cheerful spirit to your tablescape.  


Red Velvet Tree Skirt with Trim 

Your new plush velvet tree skirt will pair with our Balsam and Berry Collection just as nicely. Wrap your tree stand in this stunning Red Velvet Tree Skirt with Trim and celebrate with the classic hues of the holiday. 


Pine Velvet Tree Skirt with Trim 

If you prefer to have your skirt blend in a bit more, don’t worry; we’ve thought of you, too! Our Pine Velvet Tree Skirt with Trim reverses the Christmas hues to add just a hint of red fringe under your tree while the green velvet spans the width of the branches. Pair it with our Balsam and Berry for a classic, put-together look. 



Whether your Christmas tree skirt needs to conceal an unsightly stand, preventing a mess of fallen needles, or adding a decorative holiday touch, we have just the skirt you’re searching for. We invite you to visit us in-store or online and browse our beautifully designed and crafted holiday collections, meant to help you make lasting Christmas memories. 

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