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Article: Modern Dinnerware Sets: Our Signature White Collection

Modern Dinnerware Sets: Our Signature White Collection

Modern Dinnerware Sets: Our Signature White Collection

Whether you’re planning an intimate family dinner or hosting a house full of guests, gathering with friends and loved ones provides opportunity for good food, engaging conversation, and lasting memories. From guest lists and food preparation to creating the perfect tablescape, there’s just so much to prepare as a host. 
We’re here to share our years of experience and help you build a modern dinnerware set that creates a timeless foundation you can build upon. We’ll share our favorite modern dinnerware set, the coordinating essentials you need to get started, and how to continue to expand your collection for any occasion. 


What Makes a Gathering Memorable? 

Your entertaining efforts don’t need to be extravagant. Sometimes, those cozy dinners with the immediate family are just what you need at the end of the day. Gatherings of any size are memorable at any effort level, as long as you’re surrounded by loved ones. 
We believe what makes a gathering most memorable are the tiny details that go into creating a welcoming atmosphere. From your classic white dinner plates to vibrantly colored table linens, we believe the pieces you choose reflect your personal style while creating a theme and a memorable experience.   

A successful gathering is all about creating a warm, inviting aesthetic and making lasting memories. We encourage everyone to find something to celebrate every day with the ones you love. 
When your friends and family gather around your dinner table, think about the feelings you wish to evoke. What better place to start than with a beautifully crafted modern dinnerware set? The right foundation can set the tone for gatherings small and large. It allows you to mix, match, build, and expand as your entertaining needs grow. 


Begin with a Solid Foundation 

Whether on your bridal registry or as a housewarming gift, a classic dinnerware set is always ideal. As you begin to build your dinnerware sets, white will never disappoint. Our Signature White Dinnerware Collection offers the essential building blocks for everyday dining and entertaining needs. From our Signature Ruffle White Dinner Plate to serveware and accessories, allow us to show you why this collection can set the foundation for your table.  


What Makes Our Signature White Dinnerware Collection Essential? 

Of all our dinnerware sets, white offers you the most creative freedom with limitless possibilities to grow. But this is not your average white dinnerware. Our Signature White Collection features our elegant ruffle edge design. It’s a unique feature that makes us stand out. Our recognizable ruffle brings a lively touch to your tablescape and is ideal for any gathering. Our Signature White Dinnerware Collection is designed to be a foundational set, easily coordinated with everything in our dinnerware, serveware, and home décor collections. 

Unlike most dinnerware sets, white invites you to mix, match, layer, and explore. From various pattern and color choices to holiday themes and milestone celebrations, white will always be the classic neutral shade. 
When our founder, Laura Johnson, designed our Signature White Collection, her vision was to offer a collection that could provide the core pieces for every tabletop in any entertaining situation. Of all the dinnerware sets, white provides the essentials you need that can be easily coordinated with anything in your current collection! 
Our modern dinnerware set is essential because it is ideal for your everyday meals and special occasions. Of all our dinnerware sets, white has always been a staple in our homes for its practicality and versatility. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary, a ladies’ night, or hosting Christmas dinner, the crisp white dinner plate and coordinating dishes are designed to be your go-to foundational pieces. 

From our Signature White Ruffle Bowl to our ruffle-edged white dinner plate sets, you can layer and pair dishes you already own while easily adding limitless options in the future. With our ruffle dinnerware set, white provides you with a classic framework for all your gathering needs.  


What’s Unique About Our Signature White Collection? 

Our collection has quite a unique backstory. Originally, Laura lovingly hand-crafted each ruffle herself. Today, each beautifully formed piece is embellished with Laura's signature on the back – hence the name "Signature White."  

Our Signature White Collection combines beauty and versatility while adding a timeless touch to your dinner table. Our signature ruffle shape graces each hand-carved piece, while the collection features hand-painted white on white brush strokes for subtle texture. 
The modern dinnerware set adds a breath of fresh air to any tabletop. Experience the white color story as a striking neutral setting alone, or pair it with rich hues and bold patterns to create your own styles. 


What’s Included in Our Signature White Dinnerware Collection?  

Our signature ruffle-edged dinnerware is a timeless seasonal entertaining choice. This modern dinnerware set offers the staple pieces you need to begin your core collection. 

Our Signature White Dinnerware Collection includes essentials such as: 


What’s Included in Our Signature White Serveware Collection? 

We’ve created everything to provide you with a strong serveware foundation in our Signature White Collection. Serve up a delicious grilled artichoke with lemon sauce in style, or add your favorite desserts. From gravy boats to butter dishes, you’ll find all the matching accessories to complete your ruffled collection. 

Our Signature White Serveware Collection includes essentials, such as: 


How Can You Enhance Our Signature White Collection? 

A tremendous amount of thought and love went into our white ruffle modern dinnerware set. Staple dinnerware sets, white in particular, are essential for your day-to-day meals as well as gatherings. With this in mind, the crisp white dinner plate provides endless opportunities for you to expand your color palette in various ways. 

We encourage you to mix and match sets, layer your white dinner plates with patterned salad plates, and swap any of our seasonal-themed dinnerware and serveware to add your personal touch. With our ruffle dinnerware set, white helps you create unforgettable experiences for all of your guests. 


Add visual elements by incorporating items, including:   


Incorporate Utensils  

We love to be adventurous with little details like our utensils. They can add a hint of color or bit of texture to any setting. There’s no need to serve your guests with ordinary silverware when you can add a bit of fun with Gold Dot Appetizer Spreaders and adorable Knob Serving Forks. 
We even offer an array of colorful hues in our Fundamentals Collection, which boasts our signature ruffle design in stunning acacia wood. Incorporate these wooden appetizer utensils to add color and texture to your tabletop with ease. 


Add Color with Linens 

Even a touch of color on your table linens can change the entire aesthetic of your tabletop. Our Color Block Napkin Sets are ideal for setting the atmosphere for all your gatherings. From formal to festive, the simple switch of a linen makes all the difference. 

From our Color Block Navy Napkin to our perfect pine for the holidays, each set of four signature linen napkins features expertly handcrafted embroidery and a rolled hem. 

We recommend using your napkins for all your family meals and special gatherings. Besides, they only get softer with every wash, so don’t be afraid to dine in color. We also recommend starting your collection with five or six colors. This allows plenty of options to mix and match, so your tablescape is always new, exciting, and updated for each season throughout the year. 


Complement with Home Décor 

If you haven’t peeked at our home décor line, you’re simply missing out. We created each piece with your dining and entertaining needs in mind. You can easily complement your summer white dinner plates with a beautiful vase as a centerpiece. Or, add color and texture to the dining room with our collection of frames. The subtle pops of color pair perfectly with a table set with classic white dinner plates. 

Your friends and family are sure to notice the cohesive look you’ve worked so hard to achieve. From decorative canisters that line the bookshelves to decorative kitchen towels, your home décor selections are the perfect way to complement your modern dinnerware set


Add Additional Modern Dinnerware Sets

One of our best tips to help you incorporate color, patterns, and personal style into your dinnerware is by adding additional pieces. By layering your white dinner plates with your favorite decorative salad plate, you bring a whole new look and feel to your tabletop. 
Layering and alternating your ruffled white dinner plates and bowls is the perfect way to expand your core dinnerware set. You can refresh any look or change according to season or by holiday. 
You can design a new experience for every gathering by adding additional sets to your classic white dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls. Your guests will be anxiously awaiting your next event to see the creative atmosphere you’ve created. 

Whether you add our vibrant Buffalo Ruffle Dinner Plate and matching Buffalo Ruffle Salad Plate for Christmas or spring, they’re ideal for layering with your white dinner plates.
For those who prefer soft, neutral tones, we encourage you to take a look at our Blush Layered Diamond Dinner Plates. The subtle design and light tones are perfect for outdoor lunching with the ladies, bridal showers, or summer meals by the pool. 


Mix and Match Our Serveware 

If you find yourself hosting gatherings quite often, you can never have enough serveware. Add color and personality to your Signature White Collection with our Buffalo Ruffle Oval Platter in a stunning red and white pattern. Or serve up your favorite charcuterie spread on our Iris Blue Burst Mango Wood Rectangle Board. Either option will bring color and style to your table while providing additional serving options for your larger gatherings. 


As you begin to create beautiful tablescapes for your events, we encourage you to continue finding inspiration and adding your personal style into your collection. Our hope is that our Signature White Collection will provide you with the core pieces you need to take you from every day to elegance for any gathering. Made for you with limitless styling opportunities, we want our collection to help you create the tabletops of your dreams for all your celebrations. 


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