Mood Board: Sit for a Spell Curated Gathering

Sit for a Spell at a fine dining experience on All Hallows Eve. I, personally, invite you and insist you join. I plan to set the mood with cool earthy tones. Goosebumps will rise on your arms when you see I have dusted off my best dishes and pressed my linen napkins just for you. The food is so good you’ll wonder if I used a cookbook or a spell book. You'll laugh, you’ll sip, you’ll munch, and you’ll feel maybe just a little creeped out, cause…did that fake spider just move? 


The Mood  

This Halloween, I plan to host a dinner featuring all my favorite elements of the holiday. From skeletons to spiders, to ghoulish surprises, it will be an evening my guests will never forget. A candle-lit dinner full of earthy tones and ghoulish features. Don’t forget your finest herbs and dried sage. 

The Gathering 

Halloween is arguably the best holiday, so why not spend it around the table with your friends and family? For my gathering, I want guests to feel the festive and spooky Halloween mood while also enjoying a casual and delicious dinner surrounded by friends and maybe a few welcoming spirits.  


The Table  

Have fun with your table, but make it easier on yourself by sticking lightly to a theme. Mine was Sit for a Spell, with an emphasis on ghouls, spells, and potions. 

I wanted to include a lot of natural elements with a variety of plants, ferns, herbs, and dried sage to focus on a dark green theme. Candlelight adds a spooky ambiance while making the dinner still seem formal.  

I chose to feature our Signature White Collection for the dinnerware pieces to add a neutral balance to the full tablescape. 


The Menu 

A charcuterie board to start with chorizo, gouda cheese, berried (buried) goat cheese, fruits, and candied nuts. Oh, and deviled Eggs. I mean, come on, why isn't deviled eggs a Halloween food?? Make a Crudité board Morticia Addams would be proud of. 

For the main course, I’m featuring a delicious White Chicken Chili that is a family-favorite, and one of my signature recipes. 

I kept dessert simple by going to a local bakery to pick out some of the fancier desserts I never let myself buy.  


Host Your Own 

Halloween is the greatest holiday of them all {in my humble opinion}. Host your own celebration with these simple steps!  

1. Choose a theme 

  • Halloween allows you to be creative and really choose the best theme that fits your mood. Whether it is more spooky and ghoulish or campy and silly, choose whatever fits your home and have fun with it!

2. Pick your poison {create your menu}

  • I chose to include some autumnal favorites that also included an element of the spirit of Halloween, hint the spiders on the charcuterie board. 

3. Choose your place setting

  • Mix your dinnerware for a unique look that fits the theme. Layer in napkins, utensils, and glasses and voila! 

4. Set the table

  • I’ve added some candles to create a warm table inviting guests to stay longer. Then I brought in some natural elements; think plants and dried sage. Last, but not least, I threw in my favorite spooky elements and invited my guests to Sit for a Spell. 


Sara Kate

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