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Article: Brand We Love: The Chai Box

Brand We Love: The Chai Box
A Brand We Love

Brand We Love: The Chai Box

Meet, The Chai Box  

A company focused on providing sustainable and naturally sourced spices and ingredients to bring you everything you need for the perfect cup of Chai tea.  
The brand was founded by Monica Sunny and was inspired by her childhood memories of simmering a fresh batch of Chai tea on the stove each morning with her parents. This tradition cultivated her desire to bring the unique and flavorful ingredients behind Chai to her local community and beyond. 

The Chai Box quickly became a Brand We Love due to the family ties and traditions that the founder, Monica Sunny has shared with her community. Each product brings an aromatic and flavorful spice to a morning routine or afternoon tea break, and we knew it would become a must-have in every home. 


About The Chai Box 

Monica Sunny is #thechaiboss and founder of the sustainably focused brand, The Chai Box that brings the flavors and unique traditions of Chai to homes around her community and throughout the nation.  

“I have a passion for Chai. Growing up in an Indian household, I started drinking Chai at the age of two and blending teas at the age of twelve.  For me, Chai is more than just a drink, it is a part of my culture and heritage. Ever since I was a little girl, Chai was an integral part of my family's daily ritual.  Each morning, we fill our home with its’ warm and spicy aroma, connecting us to our roots, giving us a sense of calmness, and at the same time, energizing us to take on the day. Whether it is the first warm cup of Chai we dream about having in the morning or sharing it with family and friends while catching up on life, it is our moment and we indulge in it fully.” 
- Monica Sunny 

From pure Chai concentrates to dried spices that were handpicked from Kerala, India, each product brings a robust and aromatic ingredient for you to craft your perfect cup of tea. 

Whether you prefer a warm and cozy Chai latte in the morning or you blend the perfect mix of spices for your custom cup of tea, each ingredient brings a flavorful and relaxing aroma to your home.  

“I have taken my passion for Chai with my mother’s recipes, along with generations before, and created blends inspired by different regions in India. I hope you enjoy them as much as my family does.” 

- Monica Sunny  

The close family ties and inspiring traditions are key principles to the story behind The Chai Box. Monica Sunny wanted to create a sustainably sourced and high-quality assortment of spices and Chai ingredients so that she could share her family traditions with others. 


A Few Ways to Enjoy The Chai Box: 

  • Warm up your preferred choice of milk with an equal amount of Chai concentrate for a simple and delicious Chai latte at any moment of the day! 

  • Brew your own traditional chai tea on the stove top with the perfect blend of spices and milk with this simple recipe from The Chai Box today.  

  • Think outside of the box and add a few teaspoons of the All Chai’d Up spice mixture to your favorite baked treat recipe for a unique and flavorful approach to your next dessert.  


Enjoy your next cup of warm and cozy Chai and celebrate the delicious flavors of hand-picked spices and treasures from The Chai Box. We recommend enjoying your next cup of tea in one of our classic mugs for the perfect pairing for your slow morning.  


Where to Shop 

We are thrilled to include an assortment of our favorite finds from The Chai Box in our Flagship Stores. Visit our stores or contact us to shop our favorite Chai Concentrates and the All Chai’d Up spice mixture to craft your perfect cup of tea today.  


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