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Article: Mood Board: Al Fresco by the Grill

Mood Board: Al Fresco by the Grill

Mood Board: Al Fresco by the Grill

Let's plan a gathering! 

Set the scene with an outdoor gathering surrounded by good company and a delicious grilled menu. There is nothing better than relaxing with friends and family over a shared meal and what better way to soak up the warmer days than with an evening of dining Al Fresco by the Grill.

We gathered our tried-and-true steps to creating your very own al fresco gathering. From tablescape inspiration to a menu full of fresh flavors, take a cue from our book and get set to host your outdoor feast today.  


The Inspiration

To prepare for your gathering, we recommend first setting the theme for the event. Consider the size of your space, time of year, and the number of guests. What type of gathering makes the most sense for your space? Do you prefer a long table for everyone to sit at or a few smaller tables spread throughout the gathering?

After you’ve ruled out the logistics, it’s now time for the fun part. Designing your tablescape and décor. When we think of an outdoor gathering, we immediately picture a relaxing evening of lively conversation under twinkly lights and a set table.

Sounds like a magical evening, doesn’t it? 


The Mood 

One of our favorite ways to gather is with a casual and cozy dinner hosted in our very own backyard. It’s a great way to bring a relaxing atmosphere to your gathering while offering a unique setting.  

When we think of dining Al Fresco by the Grill, we imagine a space full of warm string lights, a cozy table full of neutrals, and a touch of colored glassware to bring in a unique color palette.  

A few descriptors that come to mind: 

  • Cozy 

  • Relaxing  

  • Lively  

The Colors

When selecting your color palette, first consider the dinnerware and serveware pieces you want to feature. As we selected our tableware designs, we leaned towards a more neutral setting with a touch of softer hues to complement the place settings.  

Our eyes gravitated towards these complementary hues:  

  • Olive green 

  • Rose 

  • White  

  • Wood 


The Textures

When we get set for an outdoor gathering, one of our favorite ways to incorporate a unique design for our table is through adding a bit of natural texture to the table. Whether this is through the dinnerware pieces or a touch of greenery, the choice is yours when curating your own table.  

An evening by the grill calls for a bit of wood texture paired with softer white dinnerware designs. As we were arranging our table the first piece we knew we had to include was our latest Fundamental Wood Ruffle Platter paired with a Signature White Ruffle Dinner Plate. The natural hues paired with a ruffle design created a perfect setting for this gathering. 


The Menu

Now it’s time to set the menu. This outdoor gathering provides the perfect setting for gathering friends, prepping the grill, and creating a menu that is simple yet full of delicious flavors.  

One of our favorite ways to gather is through a grill-inspired menu and we have just the thing in mind. Our very own All Grill Menu features an array of dishes that can be prepped ahead of time to ensure you are set for your gathering. One of our personal favorites is the Grilled Flank Steak Recipe. It’s full of fresh, seasonal ingredients and hearty enough to feed a crowd. 


Now that your menu is set, your tablescape has been designed, and you’ve curated your own style and theme, the only thing left is to celebrate! Enjoy the evening gathered with friends and family for a dinner set Al Fresco by the Grill...cheers!  


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