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Article: Brand We Love: Estelle Colored Glass

Brand We Love: Estelle Colored Glass
A Brand We Love

Brand We Love: Estelle Colored Glass

Meet, Estelle Colored Glass

A brand we discovered a few years ago and quickly became a glassware favorite in many of our homes. 

When we were first introduced to Estelle Colored Glass, we found that each glassware piece paired so well in designing our table settings that we knew we had to share this new favorite brand with our shoppers as well.  
Perfect for gifting, gathering, and setting a festive table for any celebration, Estelle Colored Glass brings an elevated aesthetic to an everyday dining experience. By layering with neutral dinnerware designs, each glassware piece makes a statement on your dinner table.  

“Estelle Colored Glass is a luxury brand of hand-blown and specialty-made colored glass cake stands and stemware in a mix of jewel tones and soft pastels.” 

About Estelle Colored Glass  

A common thread you’ll see among each of our personal curated collections is an assortment of antiques, family heirlooms, and unique finds we hunt for at antique stores, estate sales, or thrift shops. We share this interest with the founder, Stephanie’s grandmother who carefully curated her own collection of colored glass, which led to the brand’s existence! 

“Estelle Colored Glass is inspired by my grandmother, Estelle, who loved antiquing and had a special day of the week where she visited her favorite shops looking for new treasures in small neighboring South Carolina towns. During the summer months, I had the pleasure of coming along on many of these treasure hunts from my early childhood up through my college years. My favorite collection that she was always adding to was her colored glass collection. This marked the start of my love for colored glass.”  
- Stephanie Summerson Hall, Founder of Estelle Colored Glass

From cake stands to classic stemware, each design is hand-blown for a vintage-inspired look that adds charm to every table. 

We love that founder, Stephanie was inspired by a member of her family and her habits and style preferences. We share the same method for designing our products – creating those that we find we need when we entertain or want in our homes. 
"Estelle Colored Glass quickly became a favorite due to the fun and stylish aesthetic the glasses bring. I am never afraid of color and when adding these to any tablescape or simply using them for happy hour, they always bring a level of that little something I never knew I needed."  
- Mary Parker Johnson 

Pairing Estelle Colored Glasses with our Collections  

The collectability of the glasses through mixing and matching colors or collecting and growing a matching set provides the ability to customize your assortment to your style, just like our dinnerware collections.  

One of our personal favorites from the Estelle Colored Glass collection is the Blush Pink Stemware. Once we saw how well the color complemented our Blush Collection, we found ourselves featuring them in a few of our more recent summer seasonal table designs like Kyle’s recent Frond Fête dinner party and our Blush Summer Celebration last year.  


The opportunities for mixing and curating your own custom look are endless due to the versatile color palette and stylish designs each glassware piece brings to the table.   

Here are a few ideas for pairings that we’re filing away for the future:  

  • Pair a statement jewel tone like their Emerald Green or Fuchsia at a table setting with a festive dinner plate like our Gold Star Dinner Plate for a glam look. 

  • Estelle’s Cobalt Blue complements our Iris Blue Collection for a classic blue and white look.  

  • A unique idea for creating a more neutral palette would be to set your table with our Signature White Collection dinnerware and serving pieces, and then add your own collected mix of colored glass. Can’t decide which colors to mix? Estelle Colored Glass makes this easy with their Mixed Set which would be a fun and bright set of hues to linger at the table with.  


Where to Shop the Collection  

We knew our shoppers would love the versatility and intricate designs of Estelle Colored Glass and we are excited to say you can find a curated assortment of glassware at any of our Flagship Stores. Visit Tallahassee, Tampa, or Atlanta today to start your collection and begin designing your custom tablescape. You can also call or text us to purchase for pick up or get them shipped right to your door! 

Estelle Colored Glass instantly adds style to every gathering. Discover your new favorite glassware collection and let the celebrations and “cheers!” begin. 

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Estelle Colored Glass is so beautiful! Absolutely love how you all paired the glasses with the plates!


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