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Article: Mood Board: Laura's Birthday Celebration

Mood Board: Laura's Birthday Celebration

Mood Board: Laura's Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday, Laura!  

Join us as we plan a very special 60th birthday celebration for our mom and fearless leader, Laura Johnson!  

Perhaps in the midst of a particularly busy season at work, or even a creeping sense of a milestone birthday approaching, our mom made it very clear that she did not want a blow-out celebration. She even went so far to say that she would be fine without even a set table. Does she even know us?? 
Ironically, this is the very feeling and excuse we set out to squash! So, we knew better than to take her protests too seriously and planned an intimate, but cheerful celebration with our close family - and yes, there is a set table planned. 

The Inspiration

The theme for this gathering is centered around a classic birthday celebration. Think colorful balloons (100 balloons that is), fresh florals, lively music, and a delicious dinner all prepared by her loving family.    

The Mood 

The cheerful birthday celebration would come to life with blooming florals and colorful glassware as the main focus for each place setting. These accents paired with the crisp linen napkins and the natural wood textures created a balanced tablescape design that would bring the entire celebration to life.  

The Colors  

Our vision for this special birthday was to be gathered in a room full of lively colors and textures. Neutral designs set the foundation for the table setting paired with a pop of vibrant hues to tie the look together.  

  • White 
  • Natural Wood 
  • Yellow 
  • Goldenrod 
  • Amber 
  • Blush 
  • Coral 
  • Persimmon 
  • Pops of punchy Teal 


The Textures

While party-planning for this festive event, we wanted mom’s first reaction when walking through the door to be “WOW” - stunned and speechless!

100 colorful balloons would hover above us and bring a cheerful, bright, and festive ambiance for a birthday gathering she would never forget.  


So, what’s left to plan this birthday fest? 

  1. Invite the family 

  2. Plan the menu: We are thinking a delicious Porchetta as the main course served alongside her favorite bubbly rosé. 

  3. Pull together the visual elements  

  4. Set the table  

  5. Pop the bubbles!  


Stay tuned to see how the birthday soirée unfolds as we gather to celebrate our most favorite person and say ‘cheers!’ to her BIG 6-0 celebration!  



Kyle, Sara Kate, Mary Parker  


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