Unlock Your Inner Designer with Table Linens

Hosting a big celebration soon? Or a small lunch with friends? No matter the occasion, your table linens will add the perfect touch to any tablescape. It may seem like additional effort to set a full table with linens but trust us, it's worth it for your guests to see the thought and detail that went into planning your gathering. 
At Coton Colors, we believe in celebrating even the smallest moments, and that includes creating an atmosphere that is sure to help create lasting memories. From the curated color palette of your cloth napkins to the perfectly placed centerpiece, every detail will help elevate your gathering. 


Why Should I Use Table Linens? 

Besides the fact that adding cloth placemats and table linens to a tabletop elevates the space, there are some great reasons to invest in unique and thoughtful table linens, including the big ones: 

  • Style 
  • Function 


Table Linens for a Lovely Home 

Table linens are too often forgotten when it comes to decorating a home. Each cloth napkin and matching placemat tie together the ambiance of our homes. A tablecloth has the power to bring attention and appreciation to an average meal. We are not of the belief that table linens are only for rare occasions—using table linens every day boosts the aesthetic and makes our homes feel complete. 

The linens you choose add a beautiful color scheme and texture to your table. We encourage you to layer or mix and match to coordinate with any of your everyday or seasonal collections. Using cloth napkins and cocktail napkins is a simple way to show the ones you love that you put extra thought into their visit. The extra time and effort create an inviting atmosphere and will not go unnoticed. 


Table Linens Serve a Purpose 

Our decorative linens provide additional benefits beyond a beautiful aesthetic. Using our table linens every day will protect your expensive tabletop from harm. Thanks to their washability, they are also made with your busy lifestyle in mind. 
With just a simple laundry wash, your cloth napkins and placemats will be good as new. You’ll also love how much softer they become after every wash. Cloth placemats and napkins can be used time and time again, making them extremely versatile and the ideal way to create a new look with ease. 


3 Additional Reasons to Use Table Linens 

Along with the basics of style and function, there are three additional reasons why you should grace your tables with everything from cloth placemats to cocktail napkins. 

  1. Elevate everyday moments

  2. Create family traditions

  3. Personalize gatherings


1. Table Linens Can Be Used Every Day 

While some families only bring out the table linens for special events, we like to focus on tradition and celebrating the little moments. In bringing out table linens that set the tone and spark joy, every meal feels like a reason to celebrate being together. Sure, the cocktail napkins can wow your guests at a fancier gathering, but our cloth napkins can have the same effect during our intimate, family meals together. 

Caring for Your Table Linens 

A common concern we see is that using cloth placemats and napkins every day will shorten their lifespan. Despite the heavy workload these functional items get, they can be kept in excellent condition for you to enjoy by simply machine washing on a cold setting and tumbling dry on low heat. 


2. Create Family Traditions with Table Linens 

Our versatile table linens are designed to help you easily create a memorable atmosphere. Setting the holiday table together is one small but meaningful family tradition we’ve adopted throughout the years. The classic hues set the tone for the occasion and bring out our holiday spirit. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, our chosen table linens bring a festive feel each year as we design the tablescape together. 


3. Decorate for Gatherings with Table Linens 

We love to personalize every gathering we have to make it uniquely our own, from a themed charcuterie board night to garden parties.   

From entire matching collections to stand-alone table linens, styling with these beautiful additions means your options are limitless. Stay within a color-coordinated palette for a cohesive look or branch out and mix and match various colors and textures with your cloth placemats and napkins to accent your dinnerware. No matter the theme or occasion, we believe in designing a perfect tablescape for all our guests to enjoy, right down to the cocktail napkins for their beverages. 


Coton Colors Designs 

Here at Coton Colors, we take pride in every carefully designed cloth napkin we offer. Each sustainably-focused step of making our table linens is carefully considered to the very last stitch. Made from 100% cotton, our cloth linens are soft to the touch and feature unique color palettes and patterns. 
Each cloth napkin features hand-embroidered accents, celebrating even the smallest of details. In every table linen, like the cocktail napkins, both the patterns and the stitches are chosen with various combinations considered, offering you a world of decorating choices. 


Types of Table Linens 

Whether you use them all or just a few, we have an array of table linen types for you to select from when creating your unique look. Mix and match our linens on your tabletop for an inspired look that showcases your personality and style. 
Cloth placemats can be seamlessly coordinated with cloth napkins in complementary hues to fit your vision of the ideal tablescape. Mix and match or swap out your napkins and tablecloths to bring different textures and colors to your various events and occasions - or simply according to your mood! 

Our table linens include: 

  • Cloth placemats 

  • Cloth napkins 

  • Cocktail napkins 


5 Special Occasions to Use Your Cloth Napkins 

Although every cloth napkin and cloth placemat can be used daily, we absolutely love coordinating and using them to decorate for every special gathering and event. We encourage you to style your next gathering with an assortment of your favorite cocktail napkins. Here are five fun occasions to decorate for: 

  1. Family dinner

  2. Brunch

  3. Weddings

  4. Dinner parties

  5. Holiday meals


1. Set the Family Dinner Table 

We love having our family members over for a memory-making meal. Perhaps, even more, we love getting to use our favorite collections of table linens to make the night feel exceptional.  

Make your family events feel special with carefully chosen table linens. Whether it’s an average lunch or going all out for the annual family reunion, using these cocktail napkins and cloth placemats will showcase your style in the smallest of details. 


2. Set the Perfect Cloth Placemat at Brunch 

In our opinion, the key to a successful brunch is a good theme. Try our coastal-inspired Oyster Collection for a visually cohesive tabletop set that pairs perfectly with delicious food and old friends catching up. Or show your friends that you care by planning a wonderful spread of pancakes, bacon, your beloved Aperol Spritz recipe, and matching Oyster cocktail napkins. 


3. Dress Up Your Wedding 

Table linens are among the most important items on the wedding to-do list for creating a cohesive and romantic atmosphere on the special day. Choose cocktail napkins for an engagement party or mix-and-match cloth napkins that go perfectly with the color scheme of the rehearsal dinner to add a special touch. Table linens like your cloth napkins can also be used long after the wedding events are over, sparking happy memories with each use. 
Not sure what hues to choose for your special event? Our cloth placemats can be mixed and matched with the creative shades of the cloth napkins to perfect any color scheme you have in mind. Our lovely Blush Quatrefoil Trim Square Placemats make a perfect neutral base for a cloth napkin to be the pop of color. 


4. Decorate Your Dinner Parties 

If there’s any event we love using table linens for, it’s dinner parties. We find that our guests love to hold their drinks in our cocktail napkins almost as much as we love picking them out. Traditionally, a cocktail napkin should be present when a drink is being served so that your guests’ hands are kept dry from the condensation, and the host’s furniture is protected when the glass is put down. 
But our beautifully designed napkins offer so much more. Bring in a pop of personality and stay on theme with one of our unique cocktail napkins, such as the Palm Print Cocktail Napkins, for all your guests to use in style. 


5. Celebrate with Holiday Table Linens 

The holiday season is full of cheer and family gatherings, and our family loves to decorate the house from top to bottom. From family traditions to new festive décor, we hope to inspire you to get excited about designing your holiday tables. Using the same festive table linens for years to come will mean creating holiday memories to last a lifetime. Our high-quality cloth placemats and napkins will add festive color, texture, and appeal to all your dinnerware and serveware for the event. 
Something as simple as a cloth napkin has the power to transform a table into a merry and bright scene! Rein in the cozy holiday spirit with thoughtfully embroidered Balsam and Berry Napkins to match the Christmas tree glowing in the living room. Or celebrate Christmas Eve by placing Flying Santa Napkins on the table and enjoy watching each child’s eyes light up in anticipation of Santa’s visit. 

Once the kids are fast asleep, images of sugar plums dancing in their heads, plan on setting up the matching holiday cocktail napkins for the rest of your adult gathering. Whether it’s the carefully stitched Flying Santa Cocktail Napkins or the classy Gold Stars Cocktail Napkins, our hands and furniture will stay safe and dry through the entire jolly party! 


Coordinate Your Table Linens with Your Dinnerware 

At Coton Colors, we have every part of table décor covered, from the matching cloth placemats and cloth napkins to the dishes to place upon them. In fact, one of our favorite things to do is coordinate our table linens and dinnerware! 
For a cohesive color scheme, our Iris Blue Collection is a go-to with its modern style, classic colors, and inspired soft design. The matching cloth placemats and cocktail napkins perfectly coordinate with our Iris Blue dinnerware and serveware designs for a cohesive look we love. From the matching butter dish to the pasta bowls, the options are endless with this collection. 

But we don’t let complete collections define us! Our designs are specially made for mix-and-match-ability, allowing everyone to be the designer of their own table. Start with a base layer of dinnerware from our Signature White Collection and create a new look for every single event by exploring each striking variety of cloth napkins and table linens. 

On the other hand, our cotton-blend linens are perfect for a mix-and-match vision! Create your own colorful tablescape when selecting from the varying hues of Color Block cloth napkins, selecting your own colors for your theme. Try pairing the Color Block Brass Napkins with some unique dinnerware, like our Fundamental Wood Ruffle Dinner Plates, for a warm-toned, cozy pop of color on your table. 


Gifting Table Linens 

As a family with a lot of love to give, one of our favorite uses for table linens is to gift them! Next time you gift a bottle of wine, use a cloth napkin as the wrapping. Our cloth napkins make a unique addition to your gift-giving efforts. 

3 of Our Favorite Linens to Gift 


Whether they’re for everyday use or for special occasions (or both!), table linens will add a special touch to your tablescape. With endless design choices, feel inspired to let your style show off a fun, creative, and elevated look at every gathering you host. We love to make memories with our family members around the table, and whether it’s a special event or a Tuesday-night dinner with our table linens, we hope you make the little things count, too.  


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