Designing the Ideal Christmas Table

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re already planning for this year’s Christmas table centerpiece and styling dinnerware sets in our heads. We look forward to the holiday season and the joy it brings to gather our family together for tree decorating, hot cocoa by the fire, and festive Christmas dishes set out to complement our traditional holiday meal. 
Now is the perfect time to get started if you’re not already busy planning away for the Christmas season! But, if the mere thought of the holidays approaching has you a bit frazzled, we don’t want you to worry one bit. From decorating the home with holiday cheer to planning the perfect Christmas table, we’ll share our best tips and plenty of inspiration to help you create a warm holiday atmosphere for everyone who walks through your door. 

Through many years of experience, we know how to make setting a festive Christmas table easy. We'll show you how to go from everyday dinnerware sets to holiday cheer with bright and neutral options to suit your seasonal style. And let’s not forget the delightful holiday home décor pieces that will help bring effortless season’s greetings and style to your home. Finally, we'll help you celebrate your favorite holiday with all the essentials for trimming your tree and home this holiday season. 


How to Set the Tone for Your Christmas Table 

Christmas is the time of year when families come together to honor traditions and create new memories. As the host, you have the privilege of setting the tone for your holiday festivities. From simple details to jolly Christmas serving platters, the thought and effort you put into styling your Christmas table can make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated. 

Envision your loved ones gathering around the dining room table, embracing the company, sharing in the laughter, and enjoying the delicious Christmas dishes you’ve prepared. Then, think about how you'd like to create that mood when they step through your doorway. From bright, cheery hues to sophisticated silhouettes, our dinnerware sets are perfect for creating a festive tablescape. 
Whether you already have one of our Christmas plate sets or prefer mixing and matching plates and Christmas serving dishes, we have the essential pieces you need to help set the tone of your Christmas table. Not only will they help you serve your guests in style, but we'll also guide you through creating an unforgettable Christmas table that creates lasting memories! 


What Do You Need to Set a Proper Christmas Table? 

No matter how large or intimate your gathering will be this year, you can add Christmas cheer to your tablescape with 15 basic essentials for any table setting. But, if you’re anything like our family, the basic essentials just aren’t quite enough for Christmas! In fact, we’re known to mix and match an array of Christmas dinnerware sets with our everyday designs to create new looks to delight our guests all holiday season long! 

Christmas serving dishes and dinnerware to consider adding to your Christmas table may include: 

  • Christmas Serving Platters 

  • Christmas Serving Bowl 

  • Christmas Serving Tray 

  • Linens in festive colors and designs 

  • Christmas plates 

  • Assorted Christmas dishes and dinnerware accessories 

  • Utensils 

  • Drinkware 


Why Select Your Christmas Dinnerware Set First? 

The dinnerware you select for your Christmas table ties everything together, helping you set the theme and atmosphere for your holiday dinner. Whether you plan to layer your decorative Christmas plates with our stylish Signature White Ruffle Dinnerware Sets or stick to one pattern, choosing your Christmas dinnerware first will help guide you as you style your tablescape. 

Your Christmas dishes can elevate your holiday gathering effortlessly by adding merry illustrations and cheerful hues. Fill the room with the joys of Christmas by pairing our Buffalo Ruffle white and red plates with one of our Christmas Dinnerware Set Collections. Or start with a classic white setting and sprinkle in a little holiday magic by accenting your tablescape with festive serveware. No matter which colors or patterns you choose to brighten your holidays, we strive to create dinnerware and serveware that make entertaining effortless. 


How Many Place Settings Does a Christmas Table Need? 

Typically, we recommend starting any dinnerware set with at least 12 place settings. This gives you plenty of options, should you entertain more than the usual small gatherings. Of course, your Christmas plate count will all depend on the size of your gathering and how many courses you plan to serve. Planning ahead will help you determine your place setting needs and ensure your menu accommodates the number of guests. 
As you plan out your Christmas table setting, envision the look and feel you wish to create. From the festive centerpiece to the intricate details of the napkin rings, a host is conscious of every last detail. We’ve compiled a helpful guide to walk you through the steps we take when we make plans for setting our traditional Christmas table. 


Styling Your Table with the Perfect Christmas Collection 

From bright, shining stars to vintage Christmas villages, we have an incredible array of Christmas dinnerware sets and collection pieces to meet your Christmas table expectations. We invite you to look through our four Christmas Collections designed to capture the spirit of your holiday gathering. 


Christmas Dinnerware Collections to Consider 

We have an array of Christmas dinnerware for you to choose from! From Playful Santa illustrations to decorative greenery, we encourage you to mix and match, creating the perfect Christmas tablescape in a style all your own. 

Our Christmas dinnerware collections include: 

All of our Christmas dinnerware collections add a cheery atmosphere to your dining room and will help you create lasting memories. Envision an elegant setting with gold star plates layered with our minimalist classic whites. Or consider a fun, festive dinner with Santa and his reindeer flying through a snowy village scattered across your tablescape. The possibilities are endless for the Christmas tabletop you can design with our vast collection. 


Styling Your Holiday Table with a Dinnerware Staple 

You can never go wrong by pairing a joyful Flying Santa Dinner Plate with our Signature White Collection. A minimalist salad plate adds an sophisticated touch with our beloved ruffle, while Santa stays center of attention at each setting. The jolly Christmas colors will dance across the table, seamlessly coordinating with the serveware and linens you’ve chosen for the special gathering.  

Be sure to have plenty of plates on hand! We like to end our holiday meal with a Christmas platter filled with delicious desserts, providing each guest with a decorative holiday salad plate to fill. The festive hand-painted illustrations help carry our Christmas spirits into the tree trimming phase of the evening. Don’t forget to coordinate with coffee mugs for hot tea or cocoa, then glance around at the smiling faces you’ve helped create. 


Add a Splash of Color with Linens 

Coordinate and accent your tablescape with holiday hues when you select your table linens. Whether you choose to pair your Christmas-themed plates with Flying Santa Napkins or add a two-toned color block linen to the mix, you’re sure to create a bright atmosphere for all to enjoy. 

And don’t forget to accessorize your napkins with personal touches! Get creative with your holiday designs by making your own napkin rings. Use a fun, curated collection of ornaments to tie around each napkin. Then, sprinkle the surrounding areas of your room and home with additional ornaments, so guests have the full experience of your decorated home for the holidays. 


Make Decorative Place Cards 

You may also wish to use your holiday ornaments to create unique place cards for each table setting. Imagine your guests’ surprise as they sit down to a personalized Christmas ornament they’ll take home as a keepsake. It’s the perfect way to make them feel welcome while sending them home with a memorable Christmas party favor with a personal touch. 


What Serverware Do I Need for My Christmas Table? 

Preparing for your gathering with the essential serveware, from Vintage Santa Christmas platters to festive Appetizer Christmas Serving Bowls, will ensure your Christmas meal is served in style. In addition, you’ll create a cohesive look and joyful feel with an array of Christmas serving trays and necessities for your guests. 

We recommend collecting plenty of Christmas trays, platters, and serving bowls to accommodate the largest guestlist you anticipate. Ultimately, you can never have too much serveware! 

Utilize your serveware for your main course, side dishes, sauces, and dressings. We encourage you to mix and match, adding texture with our Wooden Fundamentals platters and coordinating colors and patterns to enhance the tone. 


Serveware for Your Buffet Table 

If you’ll be serving your guests buffet style, serveware is a must! From platters of every shape and size to stylish serving utensils, your buffet table should be just as stunning and festive as your dinner table. Mix and match your colors while incorporating holiday cheer. Your guests will marvel at the spread but swoon over the thought you’ve put into the serving details. 


Why Add a Christmas Centerpiece to Your Tablescape? 

Your Christmas centerpiece is the focal point of your table and can enhance the holiday theme. However, creating your Christmas centerpiece doesn’t have to be a daunting or expensive task. In fact, we have suggestions on how you can deck the halls and spread the cheer across your tablescape with our merry ornaments. 
Add a festive Christmas platter to your table and line it with our gorgeous Balsam and Berry Glass Ornaments. Or place a mini Christmas tree as your centerpiece and add our O Holy Night Ornaments to complete your look. You’ll bring your tablescape full circle with delicate nativity scene décor at the heart of your gathering. 


Extend Your Christmas Décor Throughout Your Home 

Many of our serving pieces are ideal for displaying throughout your home to enhance the holiday décor and cheer. Add a Christmas serving bowl with chocolate treats to your coffee table, set candles on a Christmas tray on your mantel, or use serveware pieces in the guest bath, kitchen, or as part of your entryway’s Christmas centerpiece. The options are endless. 

This year, you can easily spread holiday cheer with your festive handmade glass ornaments, both on and off the tree. Bright colors and jolly illustrations will add a colorful embellishment to the Christmas tree and make lovely holiday décor when placed creatively around the home. From lining the mantle to gracing the dinner table, these beautiful ornaments add holiday spirit wherever you decide to display them. 

Enhance the guest experience with festive decorations in every room, effortlessly tying your theme together. Place Christmas hand towels in the guest bathroom and small Santa serving trays for presenting a few delicious appetizers to your guests.  
Fill a decorative Christmas serving bowl with hand-painted glass ornaments, or line your mantel with our darling selection of Christmas stockings. If your home has a staircase, we suggest wrapping it in garland, intertwined with our shimmering Gold Star Garland décor. 
Finally, don't forget to add your favorite Christmas tree skirt as you gather around the tree after dinner to decorate. As you unbox personalized ornaments and travel down memory lane, take time to enjoy these moments. Creating new memories with a house full of loved ones is what entertaining is all about. 


Remember to bring your unique style as you plan your festivities for the Christmas season. Your loved ones will appreciate the smallest details, from a beautifully set Christmas table to a lovingly trimmed tree. As you begin to plan your holiday tablescape, we invite you to mix and match our incredible collection of Christmas and everyday dinnerware and serveware for all your needs. 


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