Brand We Love: Stone Hollow Farmstead

Meet, Stone Hollow Farmstead  

A family-owned and operated business with a passion for producing sustainable and all-natural products sourced from their family farm in Harpersville, Alabama.  

“The Stone family comes from a line of Alabama gardeners and farmers, sharing their history in all facets of the farmstead. Lessons learned from her grandparents, who ran a sustainable farm and grocery store, are evident in the jars of rose petal jam, the hillside of happy goats, the hives of honeybees, and the heirloom herb gardens.”  

From their close family ties to the organic products that inspire gathering, Stone Hollow Farmstead is a Brand We Love, and we are thrilled to include an assortment of our personal favorites in our Flagship Stores.  


About Stone Hollow Farmstead 

Stone Hollow Farmstead was founded by Deborah Stone in 1999 and today maintains a flourishing agricultural business that strives to bring naturally sourced goods to her local community. 

The family-run farmstead brings a variety of specialty foods including jams, preserves, and honey. Each product is sourced from their homegrown ingredients and brings a unique array of shareable foods for every home.  

“We raise our animals on a grass based system and consider ourselves "grass farmers" who practice management-intensive grazing to ensure healthy pastures and healthy animals.” 
Deborah Stone 


A Few Ways to Enjoy Stone Hollow Farmstead: 

  • Present your next charcuterie spread with an assortment of Stone Hollow Farmstead Blueberry Lemon Verbena Jam, Hot Pepper Jelly, or (our personal favorite) Strawberry Jalapeño Jam.  

  • Gift a variety of infused vinegars as a thoughtful hostess present.  

  • Toast to a well-deserved girls' night over wine and a small bite spread featuring delicious Champagne Pickled Okra. 


Where to Shop  

You can find an assortment of our favorite finds from Stone Hollow Farmstead in our Flagship Stores. Visit our stores or contact us to shop for your curated assortment of preserves, jams, and shareables for your next gathering today. Don’t forget to pair with an assortment of utensils and serving boards to complete the look of your spread.  


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Definitely one of our favorite brands too. Great products and owners!

Doug December 27, 2023

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