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Article: Johnson Family Annual Ornaments

Johnson Family Annual Ornaments
Family On...

Johnson Family Annual Ornaments

The Tree Tells the Story of Your Life 

There is always a sense of joy and excitement that surrounds the holiday season. The cheerful tunes, the festive décor, and the many celebrations that encompass the holidays are something we always look forward to.  
Although this time of year may sometimes look different than years prior, there is one thing that remains constant and is an important part of our family’s traditions – trimming the tree.  


Each year we celebrate new milestones, big or small, and find a way to commemorate these special moments through the ornaments on our trees. Something we are most thankful for as a family is being able to share in the milestones that occur throughout the year. Whether this is a new engagement {we’re celebrating two of these this year!}, buying a new home, or simply celebrating another year well spent, each ornament brings cherished memories and tells our story on each of our Christmas trees.  
This year we’ve all selected the ornaments to commemorate 2022 and are sharing our own personal picks!  


“Our family is celebrating not one, but two engagements this year! My youngest daughter, Mary Parker and her fiancé are getting married next spring, so I’m commemorating my time as ‘The Mother of the Bride’ and adding this personalized Mother of the Bride Glass Ornament to my tree this year.” 

Founding Artist & CEO 

Laura's Pick: 



“I design our ornaments so far ahead I tend to lose track of which designs are the newest by the time the holidays arrive. Though, this year is an exception!  
Ever since we received the very first sample of our brand new Merry & Bright Glass Ornament, I’ve been counting down to the day I could add it to my collection because I just love it so much.” 

Creative Director 

Kyle's Pick: 



“WE'RE GETTING MARRIED! My fiancé Whit and I personalized this ornament to share our official wedding date and location {a loaded decision for us!} with our family. We are so thrilled to add this very special Next Stop Happily Ever After Glass Ornament to our {now joint!} ornament collection this year.” 

Mary Parker 
Merchandising Manager 

Mary Parker's Pick: 



“Having purchased and moved into my very first home this year, I am celebrating by personalizing our Home Sweet Home Glass Ornament with my new address to commemorate this major milestone in my life. I can't wait to decorate and spend my first Christmas in my new home sweet home.” 

Sara Kate  

Sara Kate's Pick: 



“Between juggling work, keeping up with three young kids {and the germs that come with them!}, preparing to move into a new home, and generally just feeling like we’re constantly ‘on-the-go,’ 2022 has been quite a year for my family! I’m celebrating this busy season of life by personalizing ‘What a year!’ on the 2022 Glass Ornament.”  

Atlanta Flagship Store Owner 

Taylor's Pick: 



“As we anxiously anticipate the complete renovations of our new home, my son Parks and I have felt a little like nomads this year. Moving to and from various family members’ spare rooms prompted me to commemorate this year with our Home Is Wherever I’m With You Glass Ornament.” 

Finance Director 

Courtney's Pick: 



“After two years of celebrating the holidays from afar, I am celebrating my husband, René officially being home for Christmas in Tallahassee, Florida with our Warmest Wishes Santa Glass Ornament.” 

Facilities Director & Flagship Store Owner 

Marcie's Pick: 



How does your tree tell the story of your life? Tell us about your family’s holiday traditions and the ways you are commemorating 2022 below!  


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Hi, I purchase 2 ornaments from you every year at the Houston Nutcracker Market. I notice last and this year you did not have a booth. Every year I customize them for my 10 year old twins and would like to continue with you. How do I order ornaments from you for children?
Thanks so much!

Christin Taschery

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