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Article: Festive Christmas Stockings for Every Home

Festive Christmas Stockings for Every Home

Festive Christmas Stockings for Every Home

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start planning the hanging of your Christmas stockings and trimming the tree. While holiday traditions may vary from family to family, one thing remains the same: Christmas stockings bring joy and excitement to all. From the moment they are hung to the opening on Christmas day, the Christmas stocking brings anticipation and a flood of memories every year. 
Our family loves planning for the holiday season as much as we enjoy designing holiday décor for your family to enjoy. From beautiful gold stockings to vintage Santa dinnerware, we believe in creating lasting memories through breathtaking tablescapes and holiday home décor the whole family will enjoy. 
Whether you're collecting holiday décor for your first Christmas together, expecting a new addition to your growing family, or simply adding new décor to your collection, hanging new stockings this year is the perfect place to start. Complete your holiday home with our stylish Christmas stockings. From traditional to playful, each one is handcrafted and designed with unique textures and festive features you’ll enjoy for many Christmases to come. 

So, grab a cup of cocoa and sit for a moment. We're about to share our favorite stocking stuffer ideas and tips for expressing your style with the perfect holiday décor pairings. 

How Did the Christmas Stocking Tradition Begin?

The Christmas stocking tradition has been honored for centuries. Even as far back as 1823, some form of holiday stockings has been hung near fireplaces, just waiting to be filled by Santa Claus. 

Every holiday season, families line their stockings on their mantels, creating a Christmas atmosphere for all to enjoy. But how many of us have stopped to wonder where this holiday tradition began? 

While the exact origins are unknown, the Christmas stocking is quite the legend. No matter where you hang them, what styles you choose, or gifts you stuff them with, the heart of the story remains the same across cultures. 
The story of the Christmas stocking tells us of a despondent family. A nobleman was left widowed and poor, raising and providing for his three daughters by himself. Without money for a dowry, he feared his daughters would never have the opportunity to marry. 
The legend says Saint Nicholas heard of their situation and came down their chimney one night to fill the girls' hanging stockings that had been set out by the fireplace to dry. Leaving behind gold spheres in the stockings, the family woke to a bright new future. 

When Did the Christmas Stocking Tradition Evolve?   

As with many holiday traditions that began around the world, the tradition of hanging Christmas stockings did not reach across the Atlantic until around the 19th century. Soon, Christmas stockings became the center of songs, books, and poems, such as Clement Clarke Moore’s 1823 poem “The Night Before Christmas.” 
The festive stories always included the excitement of children opening their presents and diving into their Christmas stockings which hung above the fireplace. The children were always warned to be good, and they would reap the rewards of tiny treasures in their stockings come Christmas morning. 
Today, these decorative stockings remain a classic part of holiday décor in homes across America. Serving as both a festive decoration and the ideal way to give small gifts, the tradition has continued to carry on through generations. 

What Did People First Give in Christmas Stockings? 

While the legend told of gold spheres left for the three daughters, oranges became a traditional symbol of the gift. The oranges were soon accompanied by an array of fruits and nuts that filled stockings everywhere on Christmas morning. 

Traditionally, we’ve also seen Christmas stockings filled with small gifts such as sweets, trinkets, and small toys. Yet, over the years, many people have added much more thought and creativity to their stocking gifts, filling them with incredible surprises. 

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Loved Ones 

Fill any of our festive stockings with endless stocking stuffer ideas for everyone on your list. From trinkets and toys to various nuts and candies, there’s always room to add traditional treats to your stockings. 

But if there’s one thing you’ll learn about our family, it’s our love of gifting sentimental items for any occasion. Personalized stocking stuffers weave our family together, sparking memories and helping us create new ones. As we gather around the tree each Christmas morning to dig through our Christmas stockings, we join in the excitement as everyone opens their uniquely personalized gift. 

Personalizing a stocking stuffer is a unique way to create a meaningful keepsake. It shows your loved ones you value them and want to capture all their meaningful events and passions in time. We recommend celebrating the holidays by filling your stockings with a personalized hand-illustrated ornament. 
Personalize one of our glass ornaments with: 

  • Names 
  • Initials 
  • Dates 
  • Personal interests 

And the best part is we’ve designed many of our stylish ornaments to be placed on display year-round with a lovely ornament stand. From our collection of professions and hobbies glass ornament gifts to thoughtful designs for the pet lovers in your life, we’ve thought of everything to help you celebrate with unique stocking stuffers for everyone.  

Additional Stocking Stuffer Ideas We Love 

Gifting a unique Christmas present to a teacher, best friend, or co-worker is your opportunity to show your unique style and creativity. Use one of our Red Buffalo Stockings as your gift bag and fill it with goodies they are sure to love. From a bottle of wine or flavored coffees and teas to little items that celebrate their hobbies, there’s nothing like adding a personal touch to a Christmas stocking. 

Why is Our Christmas Stocking Collection Unique? 

Each of our Christmas stockings are created with you and your family in mind. We want to help make your Christmas decorating a moment worth celebrating. That’s why we carefully craft each design, from our home décor collection to our dinnerware collection, and create stockings meant to pair seamlessly with items from all our collections. Our Christmas stockings are designed to fill your home with joy and are made from high-quality materials that will last for years to come. 

So, whether you’re in the mood for a vintage aesthetic this year or can’t wait to fill your home with the traditional Christmas hues, we have a Christmas stocking that will stylishly accent your holiday theme. 

Our Favorite Christmas Stocking Pairings 

While we encourage you to explore your options and create a look unique to you, we love offering inspiration to help you create your ideal tablescape paired with holiday décor.   

Our favorite Christmas stockings to incorporate with our ideal Christmas table settings include: 

Pairing Pom Poms with Our Christmas in the Village Collection 

Our Christmas in the Village Pom Pom Stocking was made to pair seamlessly with our Christmas in the Village seasonal décor favorites. From the hand-illustrated dinnerware inspired by 1950s and ‘60s holiday décor to our vintage-inspired holiday home line, you’ll spark joyful Christmas memories throughout the season. 

Our fun and festive pom poms sprinkled across the red knitted Christmas stocking coordinates with the vintage color palette. The pom pom stocking is a favorite of children and adults, hung by their chimneys with care for the holiday season. 
Our cream Knit Pom Pom Stocking also ties the vintage theme together nicely when paired with our Christmas in the Village collection. The colors are sure to pop against the neutral background, completing your vintage-inspired holiday home.  

Pairing Buffalo Stockings with Our Pastel Petite Collection 

Our sweet Buffalo Stockings are the perfect addition to any home that has just welcomed a new bundle of joy. In your choice of blue, blush, and ecru, you can create a serene Christmas atmosphere with ease. 

Our Buffalo Christmas stockings were designed to pair with anything in our Pastel Petite collection and make a thoughtful gift to celebrate the new parents. From matching Blue Gingham Crosses to the neutral Ecru Gingham Swaddle, you can fill or pair one of our pastel stockings with an array of first Christmas gifts to help the new family celebrate in style. 


Pairing Velvet Christmas Stockings with Our Balsam and Berry Collection 

For the fans of traditional Christmas colors, we invite you to take a peek at our collection of velvet Christmas stockings. These holiday favorites feature a festive trim and pom pom in your choice of rich red or green. 
Pair these lovely velvet Christmas stockings with our Balsam and Berry Collection and spread cheer throughout your home. The bold and classic hues of the season are sure to bring a smile to the faces of all who attend your holiday gatherings this season. With mixed patterns of winter greenery adorned with rich red berries, a row of coordinating velvet Christmas stockings is just what your fireplace needs. 


Pairing Gold Star Stockings with Our O Holy Night Collection 

For a holiday dressed in metallic wonder, pair our star-sprinkled gold stockings with our beautifully illustrated O Holy Night collection. Fill your home with our nativity scene pieces and accent your tablescape with Gold Star Plates designed to mix, match, and layer with any of our dinnerware collections year-round. 

Pairing Our Signature White Collection with Any Christmas Stocking 

When it comes to tradition, you can’t go wrong with our classic white ruffle design. Our signature collection offers the most versatility, allowing you to design your unique tablescape for any celebration. Our Signature White Collection features an elegant ruffle edge design that adds grace, style, and texture to your settings. 
Our Signature White Dinnerware is designed to be a foundational collection, serving all your special events, themes, and year-round needs. It can be easily coordinated with anything from our holiday, dinnerware, serveware, and home décor lines. You’ll have endless possibilities to mix and match, especially with our colorful Christmas collections.  

Where Should You Hang Your Christmas Stockings? 

Traditionally, the mantel above the fireplace is the reserved spot for your Christmas stockings. Once Santa comes down the chimney, he’ll know exactly where to find them, right? But for those without a chimney, let alone a mantel, a little more creativity is in need. 

So, how do we find creative ways to hang our Christmas stockings while enhancing our festive theme? We suggest incorporating the décor pieces you already have throughout your home. Whether it’s a unique, vintage coat tree or a farmhouse-style coat rack, there are many ways to hang your stockings when a traditional fireplace isn’t an option. 

Additional ideas for displaying your Christmas stockings include: 

  • sofa table 

  • bookshelf 

  • mount a tree branch on the wall 

  • mount hardware, then conceal them with garland 

  • staircase 

  • piano 

  • windows or windowsill 

  • the foot of each person’s bed 

  • bedroom doors 

  • hang your own wall hooks, whether permanent or temporary 

As you prepare for the holiday season, we encourage you to envision the feelings you wish to evoke throughout your home. From fun and festive to sweet and serene, select the holiday pieces that will create the Christmas gathering you’re hoping for. We invite you to browse our festive collections and coordinate an array of Christmas cheer. You’re sure to find the perfect Christmas stockings and pairings to help your family create new memories around the tree this year. 

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