Set a Table You Love with Gold Dishes

Whether you're looking to set a table fit for royalty or for ways to add a little glimmer of gold to your everyday tabletop, you've come to the right place. The dinner plates and serving platters you collect should be as stylish as you are. Luckily, a simple answer for almost any tablescape debate is gold dishes.

Learn how to style our Deco Collection for any gathering and find inspiration for adding glittering gold throughout your home with our step-by-step guide to setting a table with gold plates.  

Why the World Loves Gold Dishes

The fascination with gold dishes can be found all around the globe — and for good reason. Gold plates can be dressed up and down to go with anything, making them one of the most versatile designs in a collection. We love to think of gold as a neutral with a little something extra. 

Gold dishes look and feel luxurious. A few white and gold plates can add a touch of formality and elegance to any ensemble, instantly elevating your table setting. Since gold itself is a symbol of wealth, glamor, and luxury, having a few gold plates within your own collection can reflect the same allure and adds an upscale touch to your dinnerware collection.  

Much like the impact gold jewelry and accessories have on an outfit, the metallic finish on a gold plate can make your tablescape pop. With gold dishes, you can add new textures and depths to your home, table, kitchen, and décor. Since gold can complement almost any color, your layering possibilities become endless. Gold dishes give your dinnerware collection a vibrant, warm, and sophisticated feel. 

Gold Plates are Beautiful for Any Occasion 

Our Deco gold plates add a touch of elegance to any gathering, whether it's an intimate dinner party with our close friends, a lavish holiday feast with family, or a formal event celebrating life's biggest milestones. From everyday indulgences to laid-back brunches and more, white and gold plates infuse every moment with a sense of luxury and glamor, so they're perfect for {almost} any occasion:

  • Wedding celebrations
  • Engagement dinners
  • Bridal showers
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Sunday dinners
  • At-home date nights

Introducing: Our Deco Collection

Create a timeless look for your table with our Deco Collection. Inspired by a twist on classic Art Deco designs, this everyday collection will add a little glam to your home with modern styles and metallic golds. 

Our Deco Collection was created to inspire you to set a table you love for any occasion. Whether you want to set a matching table or mix and match with complementary collections, our Deco gold designs add a touch of refinement to every table setting, turning ordinary meals into extraordinary occasions. 

With its striking beauty and timeless silhouettes, this collection embodies the essence of indulgence, making it a cherished staple in kitchens around the world — in ours, specifically. From setting a table with gold plates and bowls to serving a favorite hot beverage in a gold mug, each design elevates the look of your home and table. With its striking beauty and timeless silhouettes, this collection embodies the essence of indulgence, making it a cherished staple in kitchens worldwide — including ours.

The Color Scheme

Whether setting the table or sprucing up home décor, white and gold is a pairing that complements any style. Our Deco designs combine a timeless white hue with glittering gold accents to create lavish pieces perfect for any gathering. The metallic gold details add a striking element to ceramic dinnerware and table linens alike. 

The Pattern

Our Deco Collection is filled with a few patterns, from the playful gold dot design found on our appetizer spreaders and ring dishes to the vintage-style pattern seen in the gold plates and serveware. 

The main design, also known as the "Empire" pattern, is loosely inspired by the formal white scalloped collars (or ruffs) worn by upper-class socialites in the mid-16th century. After looking at the frilly formal collars worn once to signify status and style, the idea for our swooping petal shapes was born. The intricate designs and special symbolism come through in many Deco products. 

Our whimsically polka-dotted Deco designs feature a Swiss Dot pattern. With subtle gold dots scattered around each piece, these elegant and playful styles are perfect for everyday dining and adding a special touch to your home décor.  

The Shape

If you're looking for soft yet modern-shaped dinnerware that instantly elevates your home, the Deco Collection is perfect for you. The noteworthy scalloped edge sets the tone for your everyday table and special occasions alike, adding a feminine flair to every tablescape. 

The rounded border creates visual interest, working as a unique layer for balancing out the common round, square, and rectangle shapes that are so often seen in entertaining pieces. With this stylish shape, you can design a decorative table with white and gold plates with minimal effort — and a beautiful payoff. 

What's Included in Our Deco Collection

From white and gold plates to pieces perfect for adorning your vanity, there are plenty of designs to choose from in this glittering collection:

  • Dinnerware
  • Serveware
  • Table linens
  • Utensils
  • Table accessories
  • Ice buckets
  • Mugs

5 Steps to Create a Stylish Gold Table Setting

Setting the table for your loved ones is a chance to show them how much you care, so take this chance to pull out your showstopping gold plates and linens. Whether you're looking to set matching place settings or wondering how to feature a gold plate with designs from another collection, follow along as we guide you step by step.

Step 1: Choose a Type of Table Setting

The first step to setting a table for any occasion is determining the overall tone of your event. Since our gold plates were created to suit any level of occasion, they can be used for basic, casual, and formal table settings. It's just a matter of picking one that works for your gathering. 

A basic table setting is just as it sounds — only set out the gold plates and utensils that are necessary. For more casual or spontaneous parties where you may not have much time to fully plan a gold-plated dinner table, feel free to skip the extra bells and whistles and let the beauty of the Deco Gold plates speak for themselves. When we host a casual gathering, we find that simple place settings of gold plates and bowls with slightly elevated touches here and there are key. 

If you're considering setting a more formal table and serving a plated menu, each course will be brought to the table in a new dish. Formal gatherings tend to demand extra dishes, so add any extra bread plates, dessert plates, and utensils your delicious menu requires. Feel free to go above and beyond with intricate layers and added accessories for a gold table setting your guests will never forget. 

How Do You Set a Basic White and Gold Plate Setting?

With Deco gold essentials, you can create a basic plate setting for any gathering. Start by setting down a white and gold plate as the bottom layer, then add a matching salad plate and bowl to create a beautiful stack. If you have time, or you're setting up for an upscale affair, try adding touches of gold to the flatware to tie everything together.

Step 2: Set Your Gold Serveware

When designing a table setting, you can't forget about the serveware. Will it be placed on the table and match the gold plates and placemats? How many platters and bowls will you need for your menu? With all these questions {and more}, deciding on which serving dishes to use for each recipe and where to place them during the event is key.

Luckily, our serveware is as stylish as it is useful. After creating your menu, look at your collection of gold plates, platters, and bowls to determine if you have the right type for each recipe. If needed, mix and match our Deco designs with another of your favorite everyday collections for a personalized look. 

Deco Gold Serveware:

Our Deco serveware dishes, complete with the iconic scalloped edge and metallic rim designs, can be used to serve just about anything:

Where Does Serveware Go for Each Serving Style?

For family-style events, your serving dishes will sit in the middle of the table so that guests can pass each recipe around and enjoy the meal together. For buffet style, all of your gold plates, platters, and bowls will be kept in a separate serving space for line-up self-service. With formal dinners, the beautiful gold serveware will not be seen by the guests, as the serving dishes are kept out of sight in the kitchen. 

Step 3: Find Complementary Table Linens

There are endless opportunities to elevate our Deco gold plates with beautiful table linens — it’s just a matter of finding the perfect fit. When pairing these pieces with coordinating or matching linens, every meal becomes a memorable occasion where cherished moments are savored and shared. 

To create a complementary, cohesive tablescape design, use the linens within the collection. Match the gold plates in shape and color by setting a Deco Gold Placemat in front of each chair with folded Deco Gold Napkins to the side of each gold plate. Don't forget to put out a stack of Deco Gold Cocktail Napkins near the bar for grab-and-go use throughout your event. 

For a more neutral foundation, we recommend our Ecru linens. But don't forget — gold goes with just about anything. Dare to go big and bold and use any of our two-tone Fundamental Collection linens to create an eye-catching, punchy tablescape jam-packed with stunning hues. 

Step 4: Consider Silverware

Don't be afraid to mix metals {or color block} when it comes to setting a gold table. The combination of silver and gold can lean towards a playful contemporary look. Mix your gold plates with a rustic pewter set from one of our favorite brands, Julie Wear, or a contrasting copper set from Arhaus. You could even showcase cherished heirloom utensils of any metal for a one-of-a-kind look and homey feel. 

For an organized and unique look, an all-gold fork, knife, and spoon set feels luxurious at any event. Highlight the metallic accents in your white and gold plates with the two-toned Cambridge Silversmiths flatware or vibrant Anthropologie gold flatware.

To town down your white and gold plates, consider using wood utensils. Our Fundamentals appetizer utensils give any serving space a rustic feel, providing a striking contrast to the metallic hues in our gold plates and bowls. For a bold impact, add more color to your table with a rainbow assortment of brightly hued flatware from our go-to brand, Sabre.

Step 5: Design a Cohesive Centerpiece

Once your linens and main place settings are set, it's time to add the finishing touches with the centerpiece. Whether creating an elaborate tablescape or a simple and subtle everyday design, adding accent pieces with table décor and accessories is the crown on top of a gold-inspired tablescape. 

You can use the following to add a pop of style to your table:

Pairing Gold Plates with Other Collections

While we love using the Deco gold plates independently, there's always room for mixing and matching pieces within your own home collection. We particularly love to blend our Deco styles with fine China and vintage finds. Many older pieces or classic patterns feature gold metallic details, making them a lovely pairing. The juxtaposition of the more modern look of the Deco Collection and the intricacy found in many vintage dish patterns create a unique aesthetic and give us endless opportunities to customize countless different looks. 

Within our own Coton Colors Collections, some of our favorite combinations are: 

From choosing complementary utensil tones to deciding on a serving style and everything in between, setting a gold table doesn't have to feel daunting. Make each moment around your table shine with stylish white and gold plates. 

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