Dare to Style with Deco Collection

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner for friends or gearing up to host an event with a large guest list, owning a dinnerware collection that meets your entertaining needs is essential. Finding the perfect set of dishes for you is a personal choice—these dinner plates, salad bowls, and serving dishes will be with your family for countless memories. If you’re looking for dinnerware that will elevate your everyday life and look beautiful for special occasions, we recommend our stylish Deco Collection.  


The Importance of Everyday Dinnerware 

The dinnerware you curate for your home matters, from everyday utensils to the serving platters used on special occasions. Each salad plate, platter, and hand towel tells your story, so it’s important to select dishes that reflect your style and personality. If hunting down the ideal dinnerware set for your home feels daunting—we can help! Stop your search and explore our carefully designed everyday collections for items that will enhance your home and tablescapes. 
Owning dinnerware and serveware you enjoy will help inspire you to create unforgettable memories for yourself and your loved ones. Celebrate every moment throughout the day, from breakfast with the kiddos to late-night snacks. When you find the urge to host, you’ll have beautiful everyday dinnerware that effortlessly translates to table settings, no matter the occasion. 


Our Deco Collection 

Our Deco Collection was created to inspire you to be creative and set a table you enjoy. Featuring show-stopping shapes and metallic gold accents, these are not your average dishes. This everyday collection is perfect for anyone looking for traditional dinner plates and serving dishes with a modern twist. 
Beautiful on their own and striking when mixed and matched with other basic dinnerware items, the Deco Collection is an elegant way to enhance moments throughout your day, whether you’re enjoying coffee with your spouse or designing an intricate tablescape for a dinner party. 


What Inspired the Deco Collection? 

Art deco styles, the main inspiration for this collection, typically include rich colors, intriguing geometry, and decadent details. Each color, curve, and shape within the Deco patterns are reminiscent of this 1920s style. Enjoy this modern twist on a beloved design and add these items to your dinnerware and serveware collection for a timeless look. 


3 Elements That Make the Deco Collection Unique 

The Deco Collection is not comprised of your average dinner plates and simple designs. Add a little touch of glam to your tablescape with these unique design elements:  

  • Vintage patterns 

  • Unique scalloped edge 

  • Gold accents 

1. Vintage Inspired Patterns within the Deco Collection 

The patterns within the Deco Collection can be mixed and matched for effortless design combinations and work together to make a cohesive tablescape.   

The Empire pattern makes up a large portion of the Deco Collection, from the hand towels to the place settings. Each salad plate and serveware has a creamy white background paired with scalloped edges and gold outlines. These items bring an elegant edge to any dinnerware collection, whether used for a weeknight dinner or to host a large gathering. 

The Swiss dot pattern is featured heavily as an accent to the collection within the utensils and décor accessories. Each design with this historic Swiss Dot pattern features round gold dots scattered around to create an elegant yet playful texture that’s perfect for any tablescape. 


2. Why a Scalloped Edge? 

A scalloped edge adds a defining feature for the designs in our Deco Collection. Each plate, serving platter, and placemat features a unique scalloped edge to bring a bit of style and dimension to your average dinnerware shape. The different shapes add a playful touch to any room in the house, whether it’s the handle of a mug or the butter dish in the fridge. So instead of stocking your China cabinets with the average round dinner plate and serving dishes, enjoy the creative shape of this dinnerware collection!  


3. Metallic Gold Accents 

The metallic gold accents carry through the entire Deco Collection for a touch of glam. There's no law stating you have to use simple plates every day, so why not add a subtle hint of gold to your table? If you've been craving an exciting design choice, look no further than the gold details of the Deco Collection. 


What's Included in Our Deco Collection 

Our Deco Collection brings elegance into your everyday dinnerware, from the beautiful dinner plates to each utensil. When you plan to host, collect the matching serveware for a complete set to create an unforgettable gathering with these entertaining essentials: 

  • Dinnerware  

  • Utensils 

  • Serveware 

  • Table linens 

  • Accessories


    Create a Deco Place Setting with Dinnerware 

    Design a polished tablescape for any occasion with the Deco Gold Scallop Place Setting. The dinner plates, bowls, and mugs feature a daring scalloped edge and metallic gold detailing to add a little flair to your table, whether you use them on their own or as a complete set.  

    Our Deco Dinnerware Items Include: 

    • Mugs 

    • Small bowls 

    • Dinner plates 

    • Salad plates 

    Deco Gold Scallop Mug 

    Start your morning with a cup of coffee in one of the timeless Deco Gold Scallop Mugs. The scalloped handle of each mug gives your dinnerware a creative flair, whether stored at your coffee bar or in your cabinets. Style them with basics for an everyday look, or pair them with the rest of the collection for a cohesive theme.  


    Deco Gold Scallop Small Bowl 

    The Deco Gold Scallop Small Bowls can be set with the matching plates or mixed with other dinnerware basics for endless combinations. The Deco Gold Scallop Bowl is incredibly versatile. Grab a few and use them to serve up side dishes and breakfast cereal, or line them up in a row to hold sauces and dips for a main course. 


    Deco Gold Scallop Dinner Plate 

    Enjoy the inspired edges and add the Deco Gold Scallop Dinner Plates to your everyday collection. With a classic white base and a metallic gold scalloped edge, the Deco Gold Scallop Dinner Plates help pull together a beautiful tablescape. Pair with matching hand towels and serveware for any occasion, and make memories with your loved ones over recipes served on these opulent plates. 


    Deco Gold Scallop Salad Plate 

    Entertain year-round with matching Deco Gold Scallop Salad Plates, and add an elegant touch to your place setting. Each salad plate can be used for whatever you serve on the menu, from appetizers to desserts. Pair with matching dinner plates and bowls for a cohesive tablescape, and enjoy the striking theme every day. 

    Elevate Your Utensils with the Deco Collection 

    If you want to upgrade your silverware, the Deco Collection has three items you should add to your utensil rotation. Feel glamorous as you eat and set the table with the matching Gold Small Dot Serving Fork and Serving Spoon and enjoy the gold dotted handle at every gathering. When you bring butter, dips, jams, and more to the table, include the Gold Small Dot Appetizer Spreader for a complete set of utensils. 


    Set the Table with Deco Collection Serveware 

    Gone are the days of saving the "good dishes" for when the company comes over. Choosing the right serveware for any gathering will help you celebrate yourself and your loved ones often. Bring each Deco platter and bowl out for any reason, from morning pastries with your spouse to a summer soiree on the patio.


    Our Deco Serveware Includes: 

    • Platters 

    • Bowls 

    • Ice buckets 

    Deco Gold Scallop Platter

    Our Deco Gold Scallop Platter is an unforgettable serving dish to use at any gathering. The gold accents on this large serving platter give your everyday serveware a striking look. When you have guests over, use this serving platter to display the main course, or try out a set of them as chargers under matching or coordinating dinner plates 

    Deco Gold Scallop Bowls

    Serving bowls are essential for anyone planning to host. The Deco Collection has three amazing bowls for mixing and matching with one another and other simple dinnerware options.  
    Present salads and other shareable dishes in the Deco Gold 9" Scallop Bowl and have your guests serve themselves at the table. Display your main course in the Deco Gold Scallop Oval Handled Bowl, perfect for larger recipes. Choose the Deco Gold Scallop Covered Bowl and use its matching lid for any recipe that you want to keep warm. Play around using all three of these together and mixed with other serving dishes.

    Deco Gold Scallop Ice Bucket 

    When hosting, ice buckets can be used in multiple ways – most commonly, to provide ice cubes for individual cocktails or keep bottled beverages cool before they're poured. Our timeless Deco Gold Scallop Ice Bucket brings elegance to any tablescape and makes your guests feel cared for. Bring on the chilled drinks and fun for any gathering! 

    Using the Matching Deco Table Linens  

    After you've replaced your dinnerware collection with the striking gold Deco Collection, it's important to carry those themes and patterns throughout your house to tie it all together. Invest in matching linens for a polished look and a straightforward way to celebrate the little moments throughout your home.  


    Our Deco Table Linens Include: 

    • Placemats 

    • Napkins 

    • Hand towels  

    Set the Table with the Deco Placemat 

    Finding stylish, functional placemats that work for you and your family can be daunting, but the Deco Gold Scalloped Round Placemats have it all! The round placemat brings an elegant touch to your table no matter the time of day, and the linen and cotton combination means each one will get softer with every wash. 

    Deco Collection Napkins 

    Create a stylish tablescape with the Deco napkins. Set individual place settings with the rectangular Deco Gold Napkins that feature the scalloped edge design with hand-embroidered accents on each corner. Introduce these napkins to your everyday table settings, and pair them with the circular Deco Gold Scallop Cocktail Napkins when guests come over.  

    Deco Hand Towels 

    We recommend carrying out a collection throughout the house, so why stop at the dinner table? The Deco Gold Large Hand Towel and the coordinating Deco Gold Scallop Medium Hand Towel add a bit of sparkle to any room, from an accent hand towel in the powder room to the kitchen for cleaning up messes with style. 


    Complete Your Collection with Deco Accessories 

    No everyday collection would be complete without accessories for the table and home! We enjoy sprinkling designs that match our dinner plates and serving dishes around in the home and on the table to enhance the smallest moments throughout the day. 

    Whether you store your butter in the fridge or on the counter, this Deco Gold Scallop Knob Butter Dish is a stylish option. The next time you have guests, the butter dish can be placed on the table, effortlessly matching the serving dishes! 
    The Deco Gold Scallop Salt and Pepper Set is a charming way to bring elegant design into your everyday table setting. Use them during your weeknight dinners with the family, and easily pair them with your serving dishes during your next gathering.   


    Use the Deco Collection to Elevate Home Décor 

    This glamorous collection is too good to store out of sight! Each item of the Deco Collection can double as stunning home décor in any room. Displaying decorative plates, bowls, and other serving dishes is a simple way to appreciate their beauty 24/7. Then, when you need to set the table, simply grab the serving dish, clean it off, and they're ready to be used!  

    Set the Gold Swiss Dot Scallop Ring Dish or the small bowls on your bedside table or bathroom counter for a stylish trinket dish. Use the serving platters to corral TV remotes on the coffee table. You could even hang the dinner plates on the wall for a modern gallery wall! Feel inspired to showcase these items wherever and whenever you please.  


    Pairing the Deco Collection with Other Dinnerware 

    Sometimes we prefer mixing and matching the Deco dinner plates and serving dishes with other dinnerware in our collection. Unlock your inner designer and add contrasting pops of color using bright table linens or interesting salad plates and bowls. For special occasions or holidays, incorporate the elegant Deco serving dishes with other dinnerware items in your cupboards for a creative tablescape. Your options are endless with this timeless collection! 
    If you want to elevate your dinnerware, the Deco Collection is the right everyday dish set for you. Each scalloped edge and subtle gold accent easily brings style to your table. So, celebrate the little things in life, and add the stylish Deco Collection dishes to your home today! 

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