Cozy Coquette

The first hint of autumn is slowly beginning to greet us and what better way to celebrate the arrival of a fresh new season than with a cozy gathering.  
My traditional autumn celebration is always impromptu because Florida weather is unpredictable {besides being hot!}. At the first hint of cooler temperature, I always crave soup. When I make a pot of soup, it instantly turns into the perfect excuse for an open-invitation, impromptu gathering. 


The Gathering 

Is there anything better than making a big pot of your favorite soup on the first chilly night of the season? The first time it dips below 70 degrees in Florida is reason to celebrate. Although sometimes it doesn’t actually happen until late October, so some Floridians {like me!} settle for the first sight of pumpkins at the store. It's like clockwork, I see pumpkins, I’ve got to make some soup, light some candles and put on a spooky movie. 

I invited my sisters and my cousin over for a homemade meal gathered around a set table in my small but cozy dining room. I’ve found even the smallest spaces can provide the perfect setting for a casual dinner.  
Everyone arrived around 7:00 knowing good and well that I would not be prepared before then. As they walked through the door I handed them a glass of wine and we settled in for a relaxing evening. 



The Inspiration 

As I set the scene for my cozy gathering, I wanted the table to come together naturally. With hues of deep red tones accenting the natural acacia wood dinnerware, the casual cozy coquette evening began to unfold. 


The Table 

We gathered around my teeny dining room table, which added to the intimate feel. 

Since each place setting featured a bowl as the main dish, I purposefully added a larger-scale centerpiece and linen napkins to really bring dimension and texture to the look. 

While the soup was simmering, I arranged the colored pumpkins on the center of the table along with a few accents of vintage silver serveware and my favorite Blush bowls paired with our latest Fundamentals Salad Plate.   


The Décor 

When hosting a spur-of-the-moment gathering, I tend to use what’s around my home to decorate the entertaining spaces. 

I pulled leftover apples from ingredients to pile in a bowl, stacked heirloom pumpkins for the centerpiece, and styled my sideboard with a little extra effort. 


The Menu 

Early autumn is the perfect time for a transitional menu. Pumpkins are starting to pop up in the stores, there are still a few summer tomatoes left over, and apple season is starting again.  

Once I settled on making a big pot of soup, I narrowed it down to my go-to Creamy Tomato Soup which fit the transitional seasonal feel – warm and comforting, while still a nod to the flavors of late summer.   

Paired with a seasonal salad, bread for dipping, and a delicious apple crumble. 




Gather your favorite icons of the season and host your very own Cozy Coquette evening complete with a warm delicious soup and festive hues that remind us of why we love this time of year. 


Sara Kate


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