Fundamentals Dinnerware 12 Piece Set



Add a fresh look to your home and tablescape with our Fundamentals Dinnerware 12 Piece Set. The details in this set add a stylish look to your home and table, serving as building blocks for everyday living and entertaining. Elevate your table instantly with the layered look of natural wood, seamlessly blending with any Coton Colors collection to create a warm welcome for family and friends.

This set includes our Fundamental Wood Ruffle Dinner Plates, Wood Ruffle Salad Plates, and Wood Ruffle Small Bowls. The signature ruffled edge and natural wood material encourage everyone to savor time spent at the table.

Elevate all of life’s special moments with carefully curated designs from Coton Colors.

Dimensions: Item: Plate - 8in Diameter x 1.25in H,Item: Bowl - 6.5in Diameter x 0.75in H,Item: Plate - 11in Diameter x 1.25in H
Volume: Bowl: 8oz
Care Instructions: Clean with damp cloth

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