Iris Blue Dinnerware 12 Piece Set



Enjoy a stylish presentation for every meal with our Iris Blue Dinnerware, 12 Piece Set.

This set includes an Iris Blue Drop Small Bowl, Iris Blue Burst Ruffle Salad Plates, and Iris Blue Drop Ruffle Dinner Plates. Providing service for 4, this set will make every gathering around the table feel like a special occasion.

This delightful set allows you to present each course with the appropriate dish, enhancing the visual appeal of the meal and providing an effortless sense of elegance to any table.

Bring out the designer in you with our Iris Blue Dinnerware, 12 Piece Set.

Dimensions: Item: Plate - 8in Diameter,Item: Plate - 11in Diameter x 1.25in H,Item: Bowl - 5in Diameter x 3in H
Volume: Bowl: 18oz
Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe, microwave safe

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